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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Unexpected Brilliance!!
For me this movie is the biggest surprise of 2013, I had no hopes for this movie. I presumed It might be just another romance comedy and oh boy! wasn't I wrong. Honestly I've never been so happy to be proved wrong. Ranbir Kapoor is THE STAR of this film, he gets to show off his acting skills. Technically He is the best thing about the movie. This movie is something more than just being a story about how a guy finds love. It approaches the younger viewers more closely and gives away the secret that I've spent my lifetime searching-"How to live your life?". Alright! Lets put the message aside and judge this movie as a form of art. The Dialogues are perfect, Ranbir Kapoor Stoles the show like stealing a candy from a f**king baby, Deepika Padukone is there to represent us as a character to reproach Ranbir Kapoor's character ans she did a good job. Overall I think this film would approach more to the younger audience as compared to the elders because they're about to start their life and they get too emotionally attached. I give this movie 7.9/10.


Family Drama
Thor was a unique film. Though people expected more action sequences, As for me I loved the chemistry between characters. It revolves around families and kingdoms. At least it stood way above Green Lantern. Thor is one of the most investing superhero films, where you are curious to find out more about these characters. The performances were great, All the actors were very good. It was kind of a Drama which was enjoyable. This is Kenneth Branagh's baby which wasn't disappointing or bad. Iron Man 3 on the other hand was a disaster, I'm not a fan but I was disappointed. Though It isn't action packed but Thor was entertaining, fun, watchable, popcorn movie.

Spider-Man 2

A Lot Of Childhood Memories
Spiderman is one of my favorite characters. Even though people prefer Andrew Garfield's Spiderman, But for me Tobey Maguire is Spiderman; Nobody can replace him and I mean Nobody. I think Spiderman is the most likable character for kids. Like The Dark Knight Rises this movie also focuses more on Peter Parker, It makes the character more human. It's a very enjoyable movie. All the actors did their job, I think they were great. According to me this is both Sam Raimi's and Tobey Maguire's best works. This movie is so enjoyable, Everyone can enjoy it, people of all ages would love it. This is a kind of movie, that makes you feel like a kid again.

Iron Man

Another surprise for me, I had no hopes for this movie and boy! wasn't I impressed. Iron Man was great storytelling. I think without Robert Downey Jr this movie wouldn't be impressive. RDJ nails it, He is Tony Stark. Jon Favreau did a great job with the writing. He is really good at making lovable characters. The dialogues, The One liners, The Action are great. This movie had a great origin story. Iron Man was a really good entertaining, enjoyable, watchable, fun, fantastic, popcorn movie. I could watch this movie a million times and never get bored. The acting, the writing, the humor works perfectly. It's always fun to watch Tony Stark build a suit out of scraps. Overall I give Iron Man an 8.4/10


Kick Ass is my favorite movie revolving around teenagers. It reminds of me of my childhood and it's one of my most favorite comedies. All these characters are so likable and MY WORD THIS KID STEALS THE MOVIE. Usually I hate kids in movies but this one, Hit-Girl steals the show WoW!! She was great. A 9 year old can kick serious ass!! Kick Ass could've been bad, I mean it had Nicholas Cage in it. Hopefully it wasn't, It revolves around a major situation- The impact of movies on people. It covered it brilliantly. The chemistry between characters worked perfectly. This is one of my favorite superhero movies. Simply Brilliant!

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight wasn't just any other superhero movie. It was a Crime/Thriller/Drama with Batman in it. It's arguably one of the best movies ever made in fact it's my favorite film of all time. The realism Christopher Nolan creates with this film and the dialogues are fantastic. Not to forget the performances, Specially Heath Ledger. Hans Zimmer is a genius, the way he writes the score of the film is to improve the storytelling. It's such a shame Christopher Nolan wasn't nominated for an Oscar. Every time I watch this movie, I have a huge smile on my face. One of my favorite movies of all time. Rest In Peace Heath Ledger.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises was a perfect sequel to a masterpiece. Christopher Nolan took a different direction and focused more on Bruce Wayne/Batman. This movie is filled with lots of emotions. It has such great characters and of course the dialogs is so good. The performances are incredible. It was my most anticipated movie of the century. The more I watch it, The more epic it gets. Personally, I think The Dark Knight Trilogy is the greatest Trilogy of all time and this movie gives the greatest ending of all time in the movie history. I remember seeing it thrice and the more I watched It the more respect it earns. Thank you Christopher Nolan, You Sir Are A Master.


Childhood Memory
I have a lot of memories with this movie. It was my favorite childhood movie & Superman is my favorite superhero of all time no matter what problems did people had with him. First of all, Christopher Reeves didn't play Superman; He is Superman. I cannot think of any other person playing this role. Christopher Reeves nails it. John Williams score for the movie is genius, The song screams Superman. I agree after Superman 2 they were some really bad Superman movies. If Man Of Steel turns out to be bad then I guess Superman movies will just end. But I have a lot of fate on Zack Snyder, he's made some really good movies like 300, Watchmen, Dawn Of The Dead. Superman made me believe that "A Man Can Fly". They were getting Arnold Schwarzenegger for the role, imagine how bad it would've been.

The Avengers

I believe that The Avengers was the most riskiest project ever. Marvel took 4 years to bring The Avengers to the Big Screen. It is not an easy job to make a movie with such iconic characters. Joss Whedon did a perfect job with these characters. Loki is my second favorite super villain of all time, next to Joker Of Course. After The Avengers I'm looking forward to all the Marvel Phase 2 movies. They are doing a great job not to mention Iron Man 3, It was a disaster. It is so much fun to watch these characters interact and Hulk steals this show like taking a candy from a baby. The dialogues were perfect and Yes The Avengers is Awesometacular!

Batman Begins

Kick A$$ Reboot
Batman Begins is without a doubt, The best origin story of a superhero. The dark tune fit's perfectly in this universe. I mean after Batman & Robin, Batman was a disaster. Who would have taught Batman would've taken such a turn. I remember seeing it with my parents, when I was in 3rd grade. This was my first intense/serious movie and I loved it. Christopher Nolan made Batman in the most realistic way possible. It goes a long way from Bat Butts and Bat Nipples. The first car I ever wanted was The Tumbler and boy It kicked a$$. The Acting, The Action, The Emotion, Everything was amazing. I've never seen anything like this. WoW!! Batman Begins was a great movie.

X: First Class

Blistering Barnacles This Movie Is Good
It was great to watch the origin story of Professor X and Magneto. It took turns in unexpected ways. First of all, The characters and the performances are so good. It was fun to watch these mutants get together and save the world. X-Men First Class is the the type of movie you could again and again without getting bored. It is my favorite X-Men movie and I'm super excited for X-Men Days Of Future Past. The best thing about X- Men movies is there characters. They're so lovable, funny and have a great chemistry and Hugh Jackman's cameo as Wolverine; Just speechless. It was so so good. X-Men First Class was a great enjoyable fun origin movie. I loved it.

Furious 6

Mind Blowing
For those of you looking for any Oscar nominations in this place, Fast 6 is not your type of movie. The name of the movie is Fast & Furious 6 and you must know what to expect from it. If you want to get your mind blown with some intense action sequences Fast 6 is here to entertain you. Intense Fight Scenes, American Muscle, F1 Cars, Tanks, Planes you name it. This movie has everything and all thanks to director Justin Lin. This movie comes up with everything you expected and unexpected. Very well directed action sequences and extremely hilarious comedy. Usually it's very difficult to make me laugh and sometimes I reply it with a giggle but Fast 6 really got me laughing out loud. Take a suggestion, leave your brain and facts at home and you'll have great time with this movie. Fast 6 well deserves 7.5/10

Student of the Year

The film is unbearable. Stupid Plot, Senseless Comedy, Ridiculous Student of the Year Concept, Annoying Characters, Awful Storytelling. Easily one of the worst films ever. It's like the twilight of bollywood without vampires. It is clear that Karan Johar left his brain at home while making this movie. No matter how popular it is, It is still an awful movie. It's made for stupid teen girls and boys. Johar is forcing the actors to be the next superstar for the future generation. Just like James Cameron was trying to do with Sam Worthington in Avatar. Rishi Kapoor did a great job in it. Nothing makes sense in this movie. I'm offering you the truth and nothing else. It depends on you whether to chose the blue pill or the red pill. I can't even rate the film 0/10, So I guess 0.1/10 is fare.

Jolly LLB

One of the best films I've seen in a very long time. The movie grabs you from the first intense car chase scene and never let's you go. The movie is full of realism drama. The performance were great. The movie get's you involved, It's gets you to think. Revolves around the biggest problems of our nation- "Justice". Brilliant Storytelling, Investing Characters, Great Dialogues. It delivers everything that an audience expects. Some performances deserve a filmfare. Thanks to Subhash Kapoor's directing that he delivers one of the best films of the year or maybe all time. Quite shocking that the government didn't cut out few scenes. I guess in a way the government is accepting that these practices do involve in our society. Overall Jolly L.L.B. deserves 8/10.

Iron Man Three

Iron Man 3 Review Iron Man 1 was a brilliant origin story of one of the most lovable characters in the world. It was fun, entertaining and had different way storytelling. We saw him fight terrorist, making an iron man suit with bunch of scraps in a cave. The second was not as attractive as the first one. It wasn't the director's or the writer's fault. The studio demanded a lot from them in such a little time. But this movie was made intelligently. Even in dark moments it found comedy. The performances were great. Everyone was having fun with their roles. Robert Downey Jr was as usual being himself you know perfect. This was the best use Pepper Potts. Ben Kingsley was awesome but a little underused. Guy Pearce and Rebecca Halls character were a little overused and under develop. Now this movie wasn't made for everyone, specially some fans would be a little disappointed. The action, dialogues, thriller, comedy fitted perfectly. Now this is a very different superhero movie. Just like The Dark Knight Rises, It has more Tony Stark than Iron Man and needs to be enjoyed as an individual movie. Over all Iron Man 3 is a great movie and deserves 7.5/10.

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