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  • This is a Troma movie in its truest form of over the top gore, sleeze and comedy. Mix them all together in a giant melting pot and it throws up the movie called Father's Day. This film (if you can call it that) is about a serial rapist who goes around only raping fathers. Our main character, Ahab, was victimized by this killer when he witnessed his dad get killed when he was a young child. Now he is on a quest of vengeance sworn to kill this daddy killer.

    This film was only shot on a budget of 10,000 dollars and you can't even tell because of how sharp looking this film is. This movie definitely is style over substance with its killer soundtrack and awesome lighting, a bunch of red and blue hues throughout the film make it look like one of those old Italian horror films.

    This film is very graphic, there is one scene in particular that I had to turn my head because it was so gross I couldn't watch it. I have seen tons of gross out movies and i had never seen anything like this. So if you get offended easily and are a little squeamish when it comes to gore then this is not the film for you, but if you are unfazed and dead inside like me, then you will love Father's Day.

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  • The remake/sequel era continues. Will it ever end? Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Hills Have Eyes, are any horror franchises safe? With the latest remake opening today, is this the new normal and are we ever going to see original horror films again? The Evil Dead remake has a lot going against it. For one, it is a remake, and two, the original has such a strong cult following they are sure to cry foul no matter how good the film is. I loved the original, loved it, loved it, loved it and I was unsure about this release. This film actually was very entertaining and I took it for what it was - a horror remake. And based off of that criteria, it was an enjoyable, blood soaking movie that is better than the average horror flare. This movie has its flaws, which are many, but overall it was a good little horror film and will be in the top 5 for best horror in 2013.

    Some of the problems I had with it were that this time around, instead of having carefree kids go to a cabin for fun, we have a heroin addict trying to go cold turkey and under no circumstances will they leave the cabin. There is no reason why we need such character development in this type of film. All of the sudden, we know the back story of all of the characters whereas in the original you barely knew their names let alone their occupation, status, whether or not they where a drug addict or if they have abandonment issues. This type of character driven movie slowly takes away from what really is important, the deadites obviously.

    There are, however, cool self mutilation scenes, very cool kill scenes and a somewhat satisfying ending to the film, so it is not a totally drag. There is some CGI but not as much compared to others in the genre, which is a good thing because we can only take so much fake blood. CGI just looks cheap in other horror movies and really lessens the impact of the violent scene we are watching. And speaking about those violent scenes, they are really violent and it's nice to see the fake blood splash into the actors' faces rather than to digitalize the blood where it would look just like a cartoon.

    We have the burden of living in the Remake/Sequel Era of film and it sucks because instead of getting original material that could be mind blowing and would add a fresh new take of the genre we are left with these glossy, sharp looking remakes that just adds staleness to the genre. Why would they even remake Evil Dead anyway? It wasn't even that popular of a film, even its sequels were considered minor successes. The whole reason why Evil Dead struck such a cord with its audience is because it was so over the top. The axe chopping, the claymation foolery, the deadite eating off its own hand, these are the things that made the original awesome. While there are some scenes in the remake that do remind you of the original, the overall craziness factor seems to be missing. In the original trilogy, you couldn't guess what was going to happen next whereas in this remake, you didn't only guess, you knew what was going to happen. However there was a nice of enough twist at the end to remind us that there is some originality in this film to make it stand alone, standing alone 10 steps behind the original of course, but alone nonetheless. This movie was entertaining and it had a few jumps here and there but it is a remake and a remake has rarely ever been better then the original. But behind all of the glossy feel there is some fun to be had here. I recommend this film, especially for the people who haven't seen the original because their expectations wont be so high.

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  • This episode is from the hammer house of horror which was a series on the BBC and lasted around 13 episodes. This was a pretty boring story and like most witch stories, it has a very simple plot. A witch appears in the modern day saying she escape from a burning in the 17th century and now she is here to wreck havoc among the innocents. Or just chill out at a house in the country because the entire movie was filmed at this one house. Yeah, its one of those movies. Super cheap, acting pretty bland and just not very interesting. It could be because of the subject matter why this episode comes across weak. Towards the end it was hard to pay attention even though there were burnings, drownings and voodoo dolls because the beginning was soooo slooow. From what I've heard is that this episode is the weakest of all of the Hammer House of Horror, so if only to complete watching all of the episodes then you should watch it. But don't go looking for it because it is a real drag.

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  • Our hero Jack Deth is still stuck in the other dimension playing dungeons and dragons, but this time he is trying to find a way home. throughout the movie he is on a quest to retrieve a jewel to help him get back home. This film plays better than the previous one because they do not have to set up the story of Jack going to the Dark Ages and fighting noble Trancers with swords and magic. This one was more of an adventure film because they are on a quest whereas the one before they are just trying to fight Trancers. This movie is bad, do not get confused with that, but it is more entertaining and the story did not drag as much. This is the last Jack Deth Trancers movie and instead of going away with a roar he goes away with a whimper. Do not even bother watching the 6th Trancers movie because Jack Deth isn't even in it. Indstead his daughter is hunting Trancers. That movie is awful to the point of unwatchable, but as least you can watch Trancers 5 and not feel so bad for yourself because it is just a little waste of your life, unlike the 6th one. Avoid this movie.

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  • Terrible, terrible, terrible. This film really has nothing to do with Trancers. Trancers is a sci-fi film noir that is cheesy and has great one liners. This film has only one of those things and that it is cheesy, in a bad way. It is OK to be a cheesy movie but you have to have redeeming factors. This film has no redeeming factors whatsoever. Tim Thomerson looks and feels like he does not want to be there and who can blame him, they are filming in Romania while his co star from the first Trancers, Helen Hunt, is sipping champagne at the Oscars laughing to herself, man, that could of been me, hahahaha.

    Jack Deth goes to the Dark Ages in a different dimension accidentally and all the nobles are Trancers. The Trancers in this movie are more like vampires draining the life energy from the humans/peasants. It sort of has an Army of Darkness vibe to it with Jack Deth coming from the future and going back to play dungeons and dragons and helps to rescue the peasants from the evil nobles. Jack Deth just comes of as rude and is throwing F Bombs everywhere and just doesn't seem like the same Jack Deth we have all grown to sort of like. These last two Trancers films are a disgrace to the Trancers franchise which was a likable franchise before these two gems. Highly avoid at all costs!

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  • It is hard not to love this film. It is by far the most endearing of the "so bad its good" category. You got high kicking ninjas, an awesome 80s rock band (who has some of the catchiest music I have ever heard about friendship), and blood spattering death fights. What is not to love. You can tell that this project meant a lot to our hero Y.K. Kim, the leader of the rock band Dragon Sound. He was the writer director and star of the film. Even when money fell through during the picture he put up his own funds to finish the film and aren't we glad he did. The band Dragon Sound has to fight drug dealers and ninjas, the two worst things in the world. And how do you fight them. Material Arts of course. Besides the awesome fighting and death scenes, is the great 80s atmosphere and attitude. This movie is dripping with nostalgia and it rules. This film is the new Troll 2, which all so bad its good movies will always be compared to. Writing this review makes me smile just thinking of their coolest song in the movie, Friendship Forever. If you do not love that song you do not have a heart. Highly Recommended!!!

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  • This film is one of the greatest pieces of trash cinema out there. The latest trend of "its so bad its good" films have been popping up for awhile now and this masterpiece is most definitely in the top ten of that category. The opening scene has our main hero posing on top of a hill, epically I might add, and you know you are in for a real treat. Basically our muscle bound hero gets kidnapped by a group of mercenaries who need live hunting practice. So the rest of the movie is basically killing scene after killing scene. Some are epic, some are just good, but the final ten minutes makes this film legend. What the director was trying to do is to have a mixture of The Most Dangerous Game and Rambo, what turn out is a nonsensical epic bloodbath that is so bad there is no way you are not laughing. Bad acting, bad script, bad editing, bad directing, highly entertaining, this is the perfect combination of creating a "So Bad its Good" masterpiece. Just the fact of you reading this review makes you supercool in more ways then one. So have a couple of beers, invite some friends over and enjoy the awesomeness of Deadly Prey.

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  • A good attempt of a sequel to Trancers and Trancers 2. In the beginning of the film Jack Deth is having relationship problems with has wife Helen Hunt, who makes a brief cameo in this film. She is maybe in the film for a total of six minutes but that is enough for her because she was all ready a star and probably was just being nice to the director even appear in this film. Jack is sent on another mission trying to stop the origins of the Trancers. There is more of a military aspect to this film which I like and prefer over the second one. There is more action and a better story that even has an unstoppable android who looks like a shark as Jack Deth's sidekick. You notice the lack of Megan Ward and Helen Hunt in the action and that does hurt the film. It seems like the two Trancers sequels reverse there weakness and strengths. Trancers 2 was lacking a good story but had good characters to make up for it (Helen Hunt and Megan Ward). Trancers 3 has a good story but is lacking those essential characters. It is a toss up between 2 and 3 but if you enjoyed the first two there is no reason why you wont enjoy the third. I recommend it.

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  • Dark Angel is a Top Tier straight to video film. It is about a demon escaping hell for our modern world and she runs into a handsome doctor. Will she find love??? It is like the little mermaid FROM HELL. What really sticks out is the Hell sequence. You have to respect how the director shot Hell with such a low budget, it had a very nice Gothic atmosphere which is what you would think of what Hell should look like. You also have to respect their interpretation of hell. The demons below worship God, not Satan, and they believe they are God's servants just doing their job, which is to torture sinners. It is a subtle twist of hell but it was a nice surprise to me because I never thought of hell like that. If a movie makes you questions certain beliefs or imaginings, I feel it has done its job and that is only in the first 5 minutes of the film. The movie also does a good job by being a classic fish out of water story. What is normal in Hell is definitely not normal in the real world. The movie is really cheesy but in a good way and there are faults to the movie but you have to forgive them, mostly based on their low budget. Overall a pretty good showing of classic love story. Highly recommended!!

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  • This is one of the worst full moon films. It really is hard to hate movies that have such a low budget you feel sorry for the people who work on the film and the actors that have to say the lines in the script. But hey, when full moon keeps cranking out such junk, there tends to be uber junk and this is that film. Basically, two scientists build a android that they can control with a helmet and hand controls because they are working on super toxic mushrooms and need this mandroid to handle the mushrooms. One scientist is trying to save the world and the other wants to make mandroid into military units. A lot of talking and only a couple of sets to film on, it gets pretty boring until the end where you are rewarded with some decent action. There is a sequel to this film, and I have no idea why because Mandroid could not have been that popular, which is even worst. If you bought the full moon classics volume 2 set like I did, you probably are going to watch this and say to yourself, why do I do this to myself? the answer is "I can't control myself" This film is almost so bad its good type film but it gets a little too talky to make it not.

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  • This movie has buried treasure, gangsters, monsters under a town, is based off of an H.P. Lovecraft story, and stars Jeffery Combs (Re-Animator). Sounds fun right? Wrong. This movie has everything going for it but it fails miserably. The lack of execution is pretty blatant, from the editing, directing and acting, it all falls flat. Even the great Jeffery Combs could not rescue this pile of not so pleasant things. Our main character is probably the worst actor in the film but hey whatever. His character is just released from prison and is in search for his Dad's long lost buried treasure that just so happens to be buried in a town with a bunch of monsters hiding beneath the local cemetery. Eventually are Hero, a bunch of gangsters and some locals barricaded them selves in a church trying to survive from the monsters. This movie should of been Night of the living dead mix with evil dead, but instead we get a boring snooze fest. The reason why it fails is because its trying to be an action horror comedy, but fails at all three. At first glance the film seems interesting but it gets bogged down by its convoluted plot in the second act and you don't even care how this movie ends by the time you get to the third act. The only entertainment in this movie is Jeffery Combs. He is plain awesome. This movie is for Jeffery Combs completist only.

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  • This is not a sequel to Robot Jox. Repeat. This is not a sequel to Robot Jox.

    In the future, there are warring factions that use robots for transportation because there are terrorists that attack them. A bad guy from the other side takes over the transporting robot and our hero has to fight him with a older robot. Other stuff happens but you really don't remember because the main character's acting is so distracting and the plot is so muddled its hard to figure out the who, what, where and why. This movie was trying to be more complicated then it should and the whole time we are waiting for robots to fight. The robot "fighting" is maybe seven minutes throughout the entire film. You see them walking around here and there but i needs that robot action. Once you see the action, you think to yourself, that was OK, I guess.

    It was a pleasure seeing Barbara Crampton in this film. You might remember her from Re- animator and From Beyond, two of her earlier better films. Even her acting dragged and fell flat just because she was playing opposite Don "The worst actor ever" Michael Paul. His machoness and blatant harassment of Barbara Cramptons character is very awkward and uncomfortable. If there were classes about overacting, I am pretty sure "Robot Wars" would be on the final. Don Michael Paul is simply bad. This film is boarder line "so bad its good". Good - no, bad - yes, Entertaining - kind of.

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  • If you have seen the original and liked it and said to yourself Hey, there are a bunch more of them. sweet. I'm pretty sure they are going to be as good as the original. Nah. You can tell that this sequel even has less money then the original because most of it was shot in and outside of some mansion and "The Future" looks like an empty warehouse. But anyways, this time around Jack Deth has to stop Whistlers ?brother? from making trancer soldiers and taking over the world. The only redeeming factor in this one is that Jack Deth's long lost dead wife returns (played by a very attractive Megan Ward) and that causes problems with Jack and his current wife (played by Helen Hunt). The love triangle is funny and Tim Thomerson was a stand up comedian in his early days and you can tell because he has good comedic timing. The ending is kind of ridiculous but you do not hold it against them because the type of movie it is. It is a low budget B movie straight to video sequel from a low budget b movie film. For what it is, it is a solid B film with a solid B cast (even though Helen Hunt is about to get huge). Good action, simple story, enjoyable time, what more could you ask for.

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  • Trancers was a pretty decent go around for Charles Band, the director of the film. It has action, chemistry between the leads and a decent enough sci fi idea that could be seen as original. Our hero Jack Deth (played to perfection by Tim Thomerson) is a detective from the future who kills mindless trancers (zombies) and he has to go back in time to stop Whistler, the man who is turning people into trancers and is also trying to kill the high councils (the leaders from the future) long lost relatives so the high councils never would of existed at all. Sounds like a ripoff from the Terminator right? Right, but it is effective and highly entertaining. This marks the first movie staring Helen Hunt who plays the romantic lead opposite of Jack Deth. She plays a punkish girl who works as an elf for a mall Santa. The Science part of this fictional story is a little fuzzy but you overlook it because the acting is good and you believe in the characters and root for them to win. This movie produced 4 successful direct to video sequels with each one getting steadily worst. You can't compare this movie to Terminator or Blade Runner because it was filmed with a very low budget, but it did succeed in being highly entertaining for what it is, a low budget sci fi movie.
  • If you are looking for bad acting, bland storytelling and explosions. Look no further. You found it. Are main character (the guy from blade runner that wasn't Harrison Ford) is a bounty hunter who has a mark on his head from a terrorist played by none other then Gene Simmons (you know it is a winner if you have that weird guy from Kiss as one of the main characters). Explosions, people die, more explosions, more people die, and on and on. You never really care for any of the characters through the entire film and you do not care if they die or succeed. I like Rutger Hauer (the guy from blade runner) in other films such as LadyHawke and the Hitcher, but he is not a action star so I do not know why he tries to be. Actually I do know, its because he was trying to be the next Harrison Ford and failed miserably. The sad thing is is that Hauer is probably a better actor then Ford but once again it all comes down to connections and Ford was friends with Spielberg so instead of having a Boulder, Nazis and snakes be your enemy you have Gene Simmons with his terrible acting and trademark tongue as your arch nemesis. If you like explosions and mediocre storytelling with Gene Simmons as your bad guy then you will love Wanted: Dead or Alive.

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  • Probably the best action prison movie around. I am not talking about escape thriller type films. I am talking about high kicks, jump kicks, face punches, and people getting lit by fire. This was filmed during Van Damme's glory years with such classics as Kickboxer, Bloodsport and Universal Soldier (MY personal Favorite). Death Warrant is Top Tier Van Damme and he knows it. He has that early cockiness about him that he seems to lose as he gets older and his films steadily get worse and worse and eventually he only makes straight to video type films. Interesting tidbit, Death warrant was written by David Goyer, who has also written Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, for those starving Batman fans who need more. This film is dark and gritty but still has that 90s flare which I think brings a nice balance to the movie. If you are in the mood for some Van Damme Spilt kicks and don't want to think to hard then this is the film for you.

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  • The Collection is what you expect from a guy who has written Saw 4 through 7. Crazy death scenes. Over the top violence. Shoddy plot. At least we do not have to see all those flashback scenes the Saw movies had, I digress. The Collection is the sequel from The Collector which is made from the same writer director of this little piece of torture porn cinema. This film has its moments but it feels like a straight to DVD film. The villain is great because he has one of the best masks ever and his dark eyes just bulge out like they are staring into your soul and they tell you that you are about to descend into the greater depths of hell. The slasher and torture porn fans will love this film because of the large body count but if you are expecting this film to be like the original, you are mistaken. The original, The Collector, was a suspense thriller that led you hanging from the edge of your seat whereas this one is a much bigger guns a blazing type film. Since we live in the Golden Age of Sequels, everything has to be bigger and better than the original which often times fails. So is the case with this film, it is basically just OK.

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  • This film is very similar to A Nightmare on Elm Street. It has a burnt villain who comes back from the past for revenge. If it wasn't made so well, it would be one of the biggest ripoffs ever. But luckily, the film has a great dream-like atmosphere that more than made up for the blatant copy that it was. The film's ending is exactly what you are expecting, a satisfying final showdown at the prom. Another great attribute in the film is a solid performance from Michael Ironside, who stars in other B film classics such as Scanners, Watchers, and Starship Troopers. Prom Night 2 is top tier B Movie with all of the 80s attitude that we have grown to miss. The film should be a cult classic and have a hoard of loyal fans. I believe that over time this film will grow more popular and deserve its place within the cult universe. Well, if not then it will be enjoyed by the select few who discover it.

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