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Le porte del silenzio

Worst of Licio Fulci's movie
I am a B-Movie fanatic. So when I saw this on my screen tonight with Lucio Fulci's name attached in my favorite city NOLA. I was thrilled. What I got. A movie with little dialogue. Obvious characters that were suppose to be "mysterious", a car chase (no really the whole movie is a CAR CHASE-THE WHOLE MOVIE),and a cliché ending. Now Fulci is the king of B-Horror. This however is not anywhere near his standards. Missing all his signature blood work. Definitely missing his love of the female form. A lot of his violence and fight work. It is so far from what Lucio Fulci is known for that I am still queasy as to how this even has his name on it. If you want to delve into Fulci start with his zombie movies skip this entirely. I think you're smarter than this. So was he.

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