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The Marine

Le Marine: Not for the Critics
Lemme just say this. For all of those people who are comparing this to "good" movies, remember that tastes for such things vary from person to person. I personally liked this movie. Yes, it was corny. Yes, it had 15 explosions (I counted). YES it was unrealistic, but, well, it made a nice get away. John Cena is very funny, very good at being macho, and is very wooden. I wouldn't suggest watching this movie if you're looking for something to pin a blue ribbon on. It's a funflick. No questions asked. As for Robert Patrick. I heard he enjoyed doing this movie. Who wouldn't, it would be fun.

I'd wager WWE made the thing in the first place because they had extra money to spend.


Better than "Man on Fire", that's for damned sure.

Martin Mystery

Scooby Doo-ish Classic
I used to watch this show, and I am personally very happy that the people at the Nicktoons Studio decided to stick it on Nick Toons Network. I think that it has all the makings of the classic Scooby-Doo episodes, except the monsters aren't guys, in rubber masks messing with people.

This show invokes creativity and tickles almost any cartoon lover's fancy. Unless of course it isn't your thing.

So watch Martin Mystery and give it a chance. Unless of course, narrow-minded-ness is your thing...

Then I'm gonna be wondering why you're even WATCHING cartoons.

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