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Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach

Just saw this yesterday and man, I gotta say I want 90 minutes of my life back. I mean everything was horrible about the movie, none of the jokes made sense to the scene, the plot was moving every which way, and very crude jokes that don't make any sense. And I like crude jokes! I generally like watching stupid comedies every so often, but the only laugh I got out of this was how horrible it was made. The acting was SOOO bad in this movie it was laughable. If you keep wondering why the movie hasn't come out yet, it's because it should never see the light of day. I actually feel dumber from watching this movie. Where do I sign up to get my 90 minutes back?

The Zodiac

Very well made!
I think that this movie portrays the Zodiac Killer very well. Not allot of violence, just a very well made movie. David Fincher is going to have fun topping this one. The acting was great, the story was almost dead on to the real story. They didn't over-dramatize the killer or anything on that matter. When I first started watching this I couldn't leave my seat, I had to finish watching it. I have read allot on the Zodiac Killer, and every time I thought of something that wasn't put in, it came. Very historically accurate, put together very well, just flat-out very well made. It was good from the beginning to the end. This is by far the best serial killer movie I have seen, ever.

Superman Returns

Very well made.....
Brian Singer did an excellent job once again. The characters were on cue, the acting was superb, and the effects were incredible. He did a very good job at keeping the original theme. Kevin Spacey was excellent, Brandon Routh was just amazing, the whole movie was just incredible. It's like they continued from the other four movies, and Routh was just as good, if not better than Reeves. I don't think anyone could have pulled it off as good at Routh. It is the Batman Begins of Superman movies.

Even the Trailer for Spiderman 3 before the movie was worth the cost of a ticket.

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