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The Heiress

I love it, but some of you people apparently don't 'get it'.
Some viewers are puzzled as to how and why our heroine stayed so browbeaten, ignorant, homely, and timid. Some viewers are looking through a 21st century lens and don't realize this is how so many women were treated back then. The father pretty much despised her (as his beautiful wife died in childbirth) and though he felt responsible for raising her as the heiress to a rich man, he never forgave her for that. She led a sheltered, suffocating life, home with servants and her father all her life. The most she went out was to the market once a week, with her maidservant! She had no social skills, no friends, there were no happy hours back then, no hooking up, an occasional social occasion like the dance she went to. And even then, she wouldn't, couldn't dance!. This was not 'all her fault' - women then were under the thumbs of men - husbands, fathers, relatives. She was a sad, silly woman, who nonetheless yearned for romance, and if only the stupid beau decided he could live with a 'big' fortune instead of a 'vast' fortune. Idiot. .... I am unhappy with the ending. Yes, we see she has turned into a bitter old maid, clearly - her voice and body language! But letting him stand out there pounding on the door....silly, not at all satisfying. She should have twisted the knife in a much more dramatic fashion instead of locking the door and going to bed. (what if he went home and kept showing up, stalking her, for days on end? Would she call the police?' A.

Magic Mike

Sorry...no bueno
Dumb-azzz 'male stripper' movie with supposedly attractive men shakin' it ftica. Or giggling blushing wimmen. How stupid. Trite. 'Girlz Nite Out' has been a th Ating for decades, tee-hee, bachelorette parties have been a thing for decades, tee-hee. No naked dancers here, I wonder if they all moonlighted for REAL money in front of gay audiences. I can kind of appreciate their efforts, but frankly, they look like a bunch of steroided prison lifers pumped up and putting on a Christmas show at Attica. I would be terrified to meet any of them in a dark alley. :-p.

ER: 9 1/2 Hours
Episode 8, Season 1

An Early 'Table-Setting' Episode
I'm strolling down memory lane watching re-runs of ER from the beginning. Interesting to see a young George Clooney, a child version of Rachel, in fact everyone is young and so dramatic! You can see Carol is still stuck on Doug. You can see Susan is in for a world of hurt with her crazy sister Chloe trampling all over her. (You can foresee Carter falling in love with Susan, too.). Mark Green and wife are headed for splitsville down the road, both so enmeshed with their careers...Acting is a bit hammy and heavy-handed with some of the characters. And we all like and admire Mark Greene, but really, all that rolling-around sex-a-thon with his wife got pretty icky really fast. He is not sexxy.

ER: Old Times
Episode 19, Season 15

Worth Waiting For
I'm watching re-runs of ER on cable every day, and have suffered through the last season or two, when Gates, Sam, and Neela have taken over. Abby and Luka have bugged out. Morris, the clown, much as I like him, is annoying....but this episode, OMG, Ross, Carter, Benton, and Carol, the old pros, the reason we loved ER, are all in it. Susan Sarandon is a guest star. I think ER went on a couple of seasons too long and they ran out of steam, but they did a good job of winding it up. One of the best tv series ever.

Viva Las Vegas

It's Just OK
A tad better than the usual Elvis bilge, and Ann Margret is notable. I have nothing against Elvis, he could have been a huge star on screen, but his movies were mostly terrible.

ER: Forgive and Forget
Episode 16, Season 10

Despite the Pandemonium...
....I am getting so irritated with 'Sam' and her kid, and her wavering over a relationship with Luka, the whole episode was just too much. I really dislike Sam's storyline, she is hogging too much airtime with her endless dysfunction and her irritating kid. Oh, she gave birth at 16! Oh, she moves around all the time! Oh, she's had endless nursing jobs she left! Oh, she's insecure! ... She's not fit to be in a relationship with anyone on this show. I understand Luka's need for a family and security, but he and Sam aren't a good match.

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Exile on Lame Street
Episode 11, Season 1

No reviews for this hilarious episode?
I'm kind of surprised, though I know the show was not a 'big thing' when it was on (only 4 seasons). I found the show somewhat annoying, due to the wonderful characterization of Old Christine by Julia Louise Dreyfuss as 'somewhat annoying', LOL. And the wonderful Wanda Sykes often seemed like she wandered in from another show altogether....I digress. This is the episode where Christine and her brother think her ex-husband took 11 year old Ritchie to a Rolling Stones concert. Christine objects to this strenuously, feeling their son is too young and will 'get lost going to the bathroom there alone.' Seriously, that is her main complaint, that her ex-husband won't do good enough parenting! (and he has shown to be a very good father, always)....So she and her brother go downtown to the concert venue and try to get in so she can find her ex-husband and son and keep an eye on them (the son, of course). They don't have tickets and the scene where they try to buy them at the cashier window is so funny, I was laughing out loud! The man at the cashier window was hilarious! 'Oh, you want tickets? We've been sold out for weeks - IT'S THE ROLLING STONES!' and there is even more, lol. All of it is so funny, exactly what you would expect from a couple of ditzes like Christine and her brother Matthew.....There are a handful of really funny laugh-out loud episodes in this series, mostly it is fair to good, but has moments where you just have to laugh at the poor woman's messy life.

Star Trek: Miri
Episode 8, Season 1

Stupid and annoying. I don't like kids horning in on a dramatic show, let them stick to big stupid Brady Bunch ha-ha- sit-coms. Michael J. Pollard is annoying, the kids are all annoying, and Kim Darby looks waaaay to old to be a 'kid'. More like their nanny.


It's on tv cable channels for hours and hours and hours all week long, and I watched a few episodes when I had insomnia. What a pile of dreck, it was a rehash of every. single. tv. sitcom. ever made. I suppose Reba is revered as a great country artiste and has a built in fan base. But I don't understand what makes her a 'survivor', according to the theme song. She lives in a big honkin' expensive house, surrounded with wacky-but-loving family, a nice ex-husbands, and she looks like she wears a size zero, and so on. REAL life people like that are obese, their kids are meth-heads, the mom has to work at Walmart - typical trashy southern livin'. 'Roseanne' made the lower classes funny and touching. 'Reba' is just trash. I would rather watch the program guide than this dreck.

House M.D.: Joy to the World
Episode 11, Season 5

NOT a happy episode. IMO.
Even though it's set during the Big Fat Holly Jolly Merry Christmas season, even though there's some cleverness about House and 'Irene Adler' and the antique medical book, it is not an episode with a happy ending. (for Cuddy, yeah, sure). For the patient? Bullying by mean beeyotches and ending up dead, not so much. I felt so bad for the girl. I never knew the condition could kill you much later.

Made in Paris

Hilariously dated, but kind of fun as such things are
This thing was made in 1966, there were social changes a' coming. Heck, the Beatles and dozens of other Brit bands were here; fashions/makeup and social mores were changing fast. And here is our darling young gorgeous naive Ann Margret in the Gay Paree fashion world, fending off several inexplicably straight men dying to get into her lacy undies. Everyone wearing already dated huge Dairy Queen ice-cream-cone hairdos. An eye-goggling endless fashion shows of amazing, though already dated, 'Paris Fashions' (including a hideous hideous wedding gown at the end of the fashion show). And enough dead skinned animal fur to taint the Seine blood red for a year. Every other gown/coat/pantsuit was festooned with fur. Everyone smoking like MAD (and all that fur and expensive clothes worn in nightclubs so thick with nicotine you could hardly see them). Lots of I'm-not-that-kind-of-girl slap and tickle, lots of groovy and not dancing, some OK music of the time - this was made for ladies like my aunt, about 40, and still in love with Elvis years after he peaked. Long gloves, lots of up-do hair, amazing colors, exquisite set decorations (her hotel room - to. die. for.) Just watch this silly dated thing for the eye candy. It plays, and sounds, exactly like something Doris Day would have starred in (she turned it down, wisely, being a bit long in the tooth to play a beautiful young naive virgin being solicited by the three straight men in all of the fashion world.). A lovely Sunday afternoon time-filler. Not good, but not horrible.

Village of the Damned

WAY too well regarded : terribly miscast
This was made after George Sanders made 'All About Eve' - the high point of his career. Maybe he needed the money for a Sure Thing movie, after his divorces from two Gabor sisters (at different times, mind you). But his role in this is so ludicrous, it's sad.... With his effete persona, his plummy Brit accent - who could possibly believe he married a nice woman and sat drinking tea in the garden, and was overcome with joy at becoming a DADDY!...I picture him swilling down gin all day and mourning his past, until wife/mommy brought him High Tea out in the garden.....Now, I am not throwing aspersions on Mr. Sanders. His life could turn out like that. But he is WAY too old for the role, just all wrong. It's like ...ok, it is like he suffered an accident in NYC after All About Eve, and was sent home to England, and he recovered and married a nice woman who would take care of him....and there he is, dealing with the Village of the Damned children? No. Just No. I can hardly notice the glowing eyes and white wigs of the Damned. too focussed on poor old George Sanders.

Fashions of 1934

Pretty Good Film of Its Kind
Sometimes, I would rather watch a creaky old black and white pre-code movie than just about any of the stuff they turn out now. This one has it all, notable actors, elaborate musical numbers, and drop-dead gorgeous 30's fashions. It has one big, glaring flaw: with all those elegant fashions, the whole movie is in black and white. I realize color films were rare or non-existent then, but if the fashion show part at least was colorized, this movie would have been so much more enjoyable. As it is, it's like looking through a box of black and white postcards, wondering what colors those wonderful old pictures might have been.

Once a Thief

I don't buy it, sorry
The delectable Alain Delon as a San Francisco thief in a grim black and white caper film? Ridiculous, with his sleepy bedroom eyes and beautiful thick hair blowing in the breeze, he belongs in a speedo on a bright and sunny beach, gazing moodily out to sea. He's as out of place as a peacock in a henhouse. Ann Margret chews scenery as an equally unlikely wife (and mother). Both these people are sadly miscast.

House M.D.: Broken
Episode 1, Season 6

Pretty good, though cuckoo-ish
I watched this episode again, on cable tv all-day 'House' reruns :-D . 11 years since I first saw it. The first time I really enjoyed seeing House finally sent (though he went voluntarily) to get straightened out. This time, it was interesting to see Lin-Manuel Miranda of 'Hamilton' fame in an early acting job. I do, and did think, it really was very 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. In 2009 I remember expecting ... more, and it is even more obvious today how much they just assembled a lovable group of goofballs with House being a McMurphy to them...I also did, and still do think the sexxy scene with the lady in the empty room was one of the hottest sexxy scenes I've ever seen on tv. <3 <3 <3. I adore Hugh Laurie - and who could blame her, though she conveniently remembered wife-and-motherhood and House lost her. (probably for the best.).

Adventures of Don Juan

Wonderful Eye Candy of a Certain Flavor
I've read many disparaging reviews of this film, some saying Errol Flynn is 'way past his peak', and it was a big flop when it came out. But if you enjoy sumptuous colorful costume adventures (pirate movies, knight of olde movies, swashbuckler movies), you can't do better than this one. The music, the settings, and the amazingly beautiful costumes (the movie won an Oscar for the costumes!) which look like they were cut from the actual cloth of the period - all combine for good entertainment. The storyline is not that important, nothing that hasn't been seen in the past. Just the perfect movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon, soaking up the noise, spectacle, and color. There are worse ways to kill an hour or two.

The Voice of the Turtle

Not much to get excited about
A product of its time, indeed. This was a play and it has fairly good reviews, but I find it a bit annoying. I liked Eve Arden, playing the Eve Arden role!....Ronald Reagan is ok. Eleanor Parker wears the stiffest, most absurd wig, never a hair moves. And she speaks in a high, breathless little voice, like an innocent widdle girl. Another war time movie about the housing/apartment shortage! Must have been a big deal back then, there have been other movies about it.

Ford v Ferrari

Picked this up at the Redbox because it has such great reviews. Good cast. It's OK for some, but I was bored. to. death. I really should have known better.

It's just car racing like the trailer trash flocking in the red hot sun at NASCAR, hoping to see a flaming horrific accident. ' Meh!


Pretentious to The Max
Oh, give me a break. an Ingmar Bergman tribute? I dont like Ingmar Berman movies and I didn't like this dipsheet trying to ape one. ....I will tell you this, for normal people back in the day out on a date and they come across this thing??? We walked out of the 'art theater' and across the highway there was a drive in with a women in prisons movie, and a dozen naked women doing jumping jacks out in the Yard. My date and I looked at each other and thought, well, what was a stupid waste of 2 hours. .

9-1-1: Lone Star

I really ! liked this . <3
I mostly liked it because so many knuckle-dragging yahoos out there hated it, because there weren't enough straight white macho buuttholes in it. I loved the gay guys, loved Rob Lowe, Liv Tyler. ...all those jerks who protest against librul stuff being 'shoved down their throats' - I hope someday they unclench and find what it is they yearn for. shhh... no one will tell. I hate Texas, macho men, and sportsball. LOVE this show.

Every Which Way but Loose

Just Grotesque
Back in the 70's, I imagine this was hiii-larious to certain segments of the country, but looking at it today, it is just sort of weird, stupid, and ugly. I am not a fan of country dullards putting their snooty betters in their place, though I can imagine a movie theater erupting in guffaws. The fruit stand girl getting into that truck cab with those two?? The fighting and brawling, ridiculously ugly. The insufferable yee-haw soundtrack. Ick. Both the orangutan and poor Sondra Locke (in her real life with Clint) suffered (separately) awful abuse, IRL, not the movie. Slack-jawed and mean-spirited 'humor' at times, 'the lower classes at play'. Cooter shorts at the bowling alley! But Ruth Gordon was a hoot. I'm not meaning to diss this movie too much, I can kind of see why it was popular, and it is fair entertainment for many who yearn to go down south and live that lifestyle. A time capsule of wish fulfillment for the trailer crowd.

The King of Queens: Pour Judgment
Episode 11, Season 7

TERRIBLE episode
I will give it two stars, one for the sight of Kevin James destroying a bar (by accident, of course) and one for the alway amusing Arthur Spooner side story (trying hard to be a big shot at the senior center). Doug decides to become a bartender, goes to school, graduates, and becomes a star attraction for some mysterious and unstated reason at a pricey NYC bar. A la Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail'. This fat dullard no only gets the job but makes a lot of money in tips (which I suppose is par for the course when you work in a bar where a beer is $15. A work of total fantasy. Dumb fatso would be lucky to get a part time job mornings at a dive bar down the street from his house. With all the competition from younger, hippier, sexxier, connected young guys working in hot spots, why would any establishment hire this clutzey, homely dork?

Carol's Second Act

awful, the kind of time waster you have on for background noise
I like 'medical shows' but this is more of a tired old sitcom with raucous laughter. 50 year old bundle of energy decides to go for it and be a doctor...good luck with that.... I really loathe laugh tracks, telling the audience when to laugh. Kyle McLachlan must need a paycheck. Patricia Heaton, an awful woman IRL, has messed up her face with bad plastic surgery. This dog of a show will either drop out of sight after one season or will be regarded as a cheap stupid time-filler. I've seen even worse shows on for years. If it gets any ok ratings, well, ok ratings are as good as making the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

When the Boys Meet the Girls

Bizarre! Hilarious and cringe-y.
This was made in the mid-60's when Elvis movies were still a big thing, 'teenagers movies' were an uneasy mixture of chubby beach bunnies chastely doing the frug on a Hollywood beach, but movie producers were about 5 years behind real life and felt moved to toss in some oldies but goodies for the older folks - 'insurance'. Meaning people like my aunt, a big Elvis fan (and I was no huge fan, he was passe as soon as the Beatles, etc. came along) would go see Mr. Harve Presnell, Miss Connie Francis, and...omg...Liberace! (It's almost like the Ed Sullivan Show here as far as casting!) . There is a tiresome old vaudeville act with a boxer for grandpa! oy! ... Herman's Hermits do a couple numbers. (Mr. Peter Noone, was JUST here at the NYS fair performing for the hundredth year in a row (beeyotch don't age) and he is THE big attraction in this for the youngsters out there, a bone thrown out for 'the teenagers'. (oh, and groovy Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, for all the parents to point and laugh at.) .... Movies were slow to change in the 60's. One foot in the 50's, fear of those damm hippies and those new-fangled Englishmen bands. So you got odd mixtures of 50's frump and morals, and a token of the 60's freedom - but only a token! Little white gloves. A nightclub act with a song by a woman, 'Treat Me Rough', applauded approvingly by the audience...LOTS of warbling of old standards by Connie Francis...Liberace hamming it up in a gold glittering number; , Harve Presnell (with a nylon toupee) , and busty Miss Connie Francis were the BIG stars in these things. And tired old dogface Fred Clark, who has been in one billion movies and tv shows! - he looks the same age forever, never ever changing a single bit! ....kind of fun to watch, a real curiosity, not seen often.

Two and a Half Men

I'm giving 5 stars: right in the middle
Since this show is on (re-runs) at LEAST 8 hours a day, I can't help but to have seen it a few times, and of course I fell down the rabbit hole and became hooked, absolutely hooked. At least for the first seasons with Charlie Sheen. It was rude, crude and in bad taste - poop, fart, and blatant sex jokes, immoral behavior by all, and non-stop humiliation of Jon Cryer. It was hilarious! Very very funny, sometimes a little touching, funny acting by all, even the unspeakable mother. As time went on, it got less funny, and though Ashton Kutcher is adorable, when he came on the whole show just went to seed. It turned into non-stop shows about getting laid, 'polishing the knob', more getting laid. A...daughter of Charlie's? ... was brought in and I immediately hated her. The joke is she is a raging aggressive lesbian with the same voracious appetites of her father, only for women. She, like Charlie, sets her sights on anyone and everyone, just about every female on the show, who eagerly drop their drawers! (I have despised Rose ever since she first poked her head up over the railing the first time, I don't think she is cute or funny and as it turns out, was an extremely sick individual.)....Now I loved Berta, who has no F's to give and says what's on her mind. I've known a lot of Bertas in my life, hard working, struggling, but still a grim sense of humor. I loved the young Jake, till he turned into a Bevis and Butthead teen, and then...not so much. Charlie Sheen was always funny, bumbling about in his own drunken little world but collecting so many notches on his virtual bedpost it was probably whittled away to a virtual toothpick. Alan, fussy, annoying, envious Alan was the straight man....But then Waldon (Ashton Kutcher) who was as cute as a bug but not quite as funny. And unbelievable. And his wife who knew him back when couldn't find it in herself to live with a billionaire big fat BABY? Whut?? ... I haven't watched the final season, it sounds like a mean, unfunny, stupid fustercluck....And I often wonder, is this a parody or are the people in California (especially the women) such pushovers as depicted here? Perhaps so, it isn't set in bible beater country! And I'm not judging, for heavens sake, it might very well be normal in a town where looks and ambition and looking hot is common as can be. Very superficial. but early seasons, very funny! My 80 year old mother both trash-talked and adored the show, for some perverse reason - maybe envious of a lifestyle she certainly never had!

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