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The Fourth War

Disappointing Cold War Chiller
Never heard of this movie but being a fan of Frankenheimer, Roy and Jurgen thought it would be an interesting film. Other reviewers are pretty accurate in their comments film had its clunker moments. Not owning a Porsche, I wondered how they drove in snowy weather. I was surprised to hear US Army Colonel great an Army 2 Star by saying "Welcome Aboard" in the mountains... someone said the military advisor was USMC retired, explains that greeting. Aside from some other odd gaffs, I really wondered why a "disciplined" Army officer would be so reckless leaving his men/post for hours at a time. It had its good moments between main leads and with actor Tim Reid just never really had a big payoff after a bloody river fist fight. Did not pay for it which was a +, but could not recommend.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Entertaining film but....
Great cast and entertaining film. Did not clearly understand the relationship with Haller and his ex wife (maybe better explained in the books)... my one issue involved a bathroom scene with the defendant and his lawyer. The story line makes a big deal about the bad guy being left handed yet at the end of that critical scene, the scumbag defendant smashes the mirror with a tremendous right hook.... not a left hook that would be expected for all the damage done to the victims.

The Spy

This show is a bit overrated; especially with some of the Hollywood Tabloid review.
Don't really have a dog in the Israel / Syria propaganda reviews I am reading... purely from a cinema perspective, I respect the opinions about the bad accents and the one catch about the corvette. Seems like I heard a phrase not relevant to the time period. For this type of time period drama accuracy is important.

I checked in here after 2 episodes and debating about finishing. SBC is not a good dramatic actor and he looked foolish in the training scenes. He is no athlete and that shows when he is running after the Syrian thug... looked like Forrest Gump... Run Eli Run!!! SBC's acting is just as awkward. Tomorrow will tell if I finish this show.

Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life

Very funny up to the point....
I remember seeing Steve Martin promoting this show as being pure entertainment and a Trump-free zone. Show was hilarious up to the bit where they comment on photographs of public people like Sarah Sanders.. ugly comments about her appearance. The hollywood banter was funny... would have loved more blue grass and rat pack style music... just took that jarring turn that I wonder was part of the original show or added by Netflix?

Inside Look: The Assassination of Gianni Versace - American Crime Story

Just catching up to this film....
It appears that the recommendation to watch this "backwards" is pretty accurate. There were times during the first 5 episodes where I thought I was watching the same episode again and stopped to check. Understanding that most of the film/dialogue is pure writer conjecture, if I had started with Episode 5, I never would have finished. It was a sequence involving the back story of a gay naval officer character during the "Don't Tell Don't Ask" era. A graduate of Annapolis... the character refers to his life as a "soldier" in the Navy and the writers have the officer living/sleeping in the barracks with enlisted sailors. Never would have happened. And they have an odd unfocused scene where the Captain of his ship gives him a "diversity comic book" while lecturing him on ethics. Not to mention a bloody scene where the character tries to remove tattoo ( a career killer for naval officers) Now in another review I discover Versace never had aids? That "fact" has been a motivational point for him to come out to the Advocate in the same episode. (though the writers seem to imply that his wealth/status found a cure for him). Despite some very good acting / scenery shots, I may go to the very last episode and finish the story... whose ending I already know.


Season was entertaining but...
There were a couple of continuity issues that bothered... I missed how he suddenly went from the prius he hated in the parking lot... back to his sharp mustang soft top. They made a big deal out of it at the beginning or was it cheap product placement gimmick. And the real bugger was Billy's first visit to the detective house... the wife was holding a cute red headed toddler who looked like neither parent... then on the later bedroom scenes in house and at hotel, the kids are definitely older... quite a growth spurt?

Modder en bloed

Very disappointing film...
No idea about the theme of the film till I read a synopsis... maybe missing the point, even though I know the Springbok Rugby team, I thought this was a historical story about British Imperial oppression against Boers in South Africa. Never imagined the storyline was relevant rugby history. Not from SA, maybe that one moment with the green Springbok Uni was important but film went from historical drama to fluffy sports story in seconds, virtually ripping off The Longest Yard or Victory... an empty feeling at the end when you learn 26,000 people died in the concentration camps and the Springboks never lost to the Brits for 50 years.

Actually went back the morning after my review to look at the history of the Springboks... and nowhere is it mentioned in the team history (wiki) that the team was created in a concentration camp on the St. Helena Island. There was a game played, but the timeline has it after the end of the war. Visually, the costumes were stunning and it looked good as period piece. Just hate when historical facts are manipulated in films and justified with the phrase "based on true events".

The Punisher

It is still has my attention after 6 episodes
But it is the little stuff that is bugging me... obvious product placement, still confused about what part of DHS Dinah Madani belongs too? I swear when she produced ID, her badge said ICE... but she seems and acts like FBI, which is not part of DHS.

The actress playing Madani is very good and very beautiful which I only mention because after surviving brutal car wreck... she has two straight nights of sex and (thank God) her lovely body shows no signs of trauma, though there was the obligatory wince of pain (maybe pleasure) the first night.

The killer missed detail was the large US Flag hanging on the wall of the barracks at the Afghan FOB. No mater how the US Flag is hung, blue field should be positioned left to right. The flag was backwards on a military base? We shall see what comes... maybe my rating will improve.

BTW... I did like the Skip Intro button at the start of each episode :)


Disappointing film on such a worthy story
A very big letdown for such a moment in history. Recommend wait for HBO. Editing was terrible posting a foolish timeline that made no sense, midnight in France/daylight in England at the same time. Hundreds of small civilian boats assisted in the evacuation, not the dozens on the screen. Thousands of Brit Troops standing in lines exposed on the beach for evacuation with no ships in sight, waiting. Everything from an odd random torpedo scene to the rescued troops getting pulled into boats, soaking wet in oil/seawater then getting off in England wearing dry crisp uniforms.

The best dramatic gimmick? A valiant RAF pilot flies over the beachhead till he runs out of fuel, but he still has time gliding to shoot down one more Hun plane. That creates that final (5 minute) moment in the film where he quietly glides across the beach, providing that requisite film shot of all the British stars watching, biting their lips with respect.

Meanwhile, I am wondering why he is landing towards the German held beach? Then with all the emergencies on the plane (off course, landing gear won't come down) he continues to wear his high altitude breathing/comms headset? The plane lands, the pilot jumps out and stands looking at the dunes and approaching Germans. Now being filmed with the golden sunset lighting hue technique, we finally see the glowing pilot's face (IMO Tom Hardy, the best British Actor today) defiantly surrendering. You think they would have used real human stories from the event to tell the story... instead we get scenes created specifically for select stars who dropped by the set to spend the day shooting their lines. A wasted opportunity to tell an amazing story of how the civilian armada saved the day.

Wild Horses

Very Bad Film
This film was a big disappointment Seemed to be all over the place and the acting, outside of the major talent was terrible. Duvall's wife while very attractive (her best scenes are showing off her body) can not act... her acting style was reminiscent of the wooden acting of Delores Taylor (Jane) in the old Billy Jack movies. Her character's Texas Ranger response to being shot at was not human and after her attempted murder scene, nothing happens. She catches the shooter but apparently the Texas Rangers don't make an attempt to figure out who the shooter is or his connection to the local street gang. Also the gay sub-plot was very trite along with the surprise discovery of the daughter by way of the hacienda maid. Some moments were nice, the range scenes were nicely shot, but not worth the on-demand price.


mediocre film... but I was not expecting much to start
Enough has been written about how bad the film from so many production aspects. What was bothersome was the story line with the female French teacher. Nice to look at, just did not see the need for it, especially with the hazy focus and the see through curtains. Just Strange scene, interrupted by the bad guys of course. Additionally, they never explained what drove a career officer to become a traitor?

The most offensive thing was after watching movie cliché SS acts of violence the producers of the film dedicated the film to the men and women on both sides of the war??? What was that all about? Very offensive to see that at the end. It was almost like they were trying to be politically correct for a German audience.

The Good Soldier

this movie was terrible
Not sure what they other reviewers were watching but the editing was bad; the acting was boring and the screenplay itself was confusing; actually restarted about 5 minutes into the film because scenes suddenly started to repeat... it was tough to figure out if it was present or past... do not waste time... There was one interesting person who was pretty good... for the most part the scenes were very contrived and the actors did little to make me believe that they believed in the storyline... not sure where the title came from... Have no idea why the American male lead even wanted to remain friends with the English wackos... stay away

In Enemy Hands

The most terrible WWII movie ever made.....
This film is an embarrassment. The script is cliché ridden and most of the acting from the American side is horrible. Props and sets are phony to the point where objects are inserted "to create a WWII feeling" with everything obviously modern in the background. There are a couple shots of the American Captain's Bunk with multiple pictures of different WWII pinup girls posted all over his cabin... somewhat unprofessional for a Navy Officer, looked more like a WWII teenage boy's room.

The sets were way to large, especially in the torpedo rooms..... and I never realized the expression used by William Macy "stop talking' trash" was part of the WWII lexicon. And the phony Veronica Lake Hair across the face look for Holly was just foolish. It remind me of the cartoon character female lead from Roger Rabbit. The storyline had potential and I am sure that's what sucked Macy into doing this thing. In the end I am sure it was just an easy payday waiting for better films like The Cooler... do not waste money.

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