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Zack Snyder's Justice League

Very well-done!
This is the movie we all deserved! It gave each superhero their time and role to shine equally! It shows how teamwork among them was beautifully done!

Donne-moi des ailes

Beautiful movie and it gives hopes
It is a beautiful movie with touching and amazing scenes and music. All gives us a hope in a world we care about animals and we can go together. It is a true fairy tale, which conveys a meaningful story.


Extremely good series and way more enjoyable than the GoT Season 8
This series shows how good of writers (and of course, actors) for a series. Every details are well connected and reasonable. The speed of the series are fast so you will enjoy every moment of it. They, Korean film crews and Netflix, did it again. Very enjoyable.

Man of Steel

Perfect super hero film
Honestly, I went to the cinema 2 times for this movie. It is shown that how special this movie means to me. The movie is quite long, more than 2 hours, but it seems there is nothing abundant. Every singer detail contains its meaning and explanation in a good solidarity and logic. So, even if you have never heard about Superman, you still can easily understand and follow. Once again, even a long movie, but you will never regret when you what it because it came with spectacular visual effects, impressive sound and acting. It even likes a fair tale because its end is a happy ending. It is sure that you will satisfy with the movie in all sides.

To conclusion, the movie deserved 9 over 10.

Visual effect, especially 3D: 10/10 Sound effect: 9/10 Acting: 8/10 Story: 9/10

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