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Criminal Minds: The Silencer
Episode 1, Season 8

Got Information about cochlear implants wrong
You can turn a CI off, so not clear why he would suffer with it amplifying sounds for the rest of his life.

Like another reviewer said, who misspells cochlear wrong btw, if you're Deaf when you receive one, you're still. As a matter of fact it'll destroy whatever residual hearing you did have in that ear.

The other thing is, they always have some hearing person that miraculously understands ASL, although they probably don't use it or see it on a regular basis. It's like any other language. You don't just pick it up and put it down and then understand every Deaf person you meet. Signs can be regional. It can take a little while to pick up on regional signs. That's like taking high school French or Spanish and just understanding everything and speaking it. Nope, doesn't happen like that.

The back story of mistreatment was really sad.

Them: Covenant I.
Episode 5, Season 1

Heavy, Heavy, Heavy
This basically starts with a group of bankers casually redlining neighborhoods and talking about flipping them over to black people to make a profit, drive whites out, and charge black folks five times as much interest than whites.

No, I got that wrong. It starts off with the GI Bill and lending opportunities for whites to become first time homebuyers. Opportunities, whichwere not offered to black veterans at the time. Average working class whites were able to buy homes and start building wealth to pass down.

Then we move on to redlining. And then we move on to the family and the horrific thing that happened to them that drove them up north. This is not an easy watch for anyone. I'm not going to lie, I have to drink wine every time I watch this.

My husband (white) and I are watching this only one episode at a time on Saturday or Sunday - way too much, too deep, to bingewatch, because each episode takes you to a place that you don't want to be, whether you're black or white. And it takes time to absorb and get it out of your system before you can handle it as best you can.

Only Mine

Bad, But Not That Bad
The movie wasn't particularly good and a little corny with the talking heads.

However, people complaining about lack of buildup, while that's true, these types of guys are telling you by the second date how much they are in love you and you're soulmates. There's actually a name forfor that - love bombing. Cults do it to. As soon as they have you in their clutches, the control and violence escalates.

The Clovehitch Killer

Banality of @vil
This was a bit of a slow burn although they get to the point rather quickly in the story.

Everyone is complaining about the ending and frankly so am I - it was not satisfying.

People says that the girl world have dialed 911 even when the sun said, no. Actually, I don't understand why she didn't dial 911 from the getgo, when the son went into the house, But if she and the son had developed a close relationship, I can see that she would have not when he stopped her. So that is actually believable.

What's not believable is that the police would accept that he committed suicide. Although it does sound like they were suspecting murder. But the mom denied that.

But I don't like is the fact that we never found out what happened to the grocery lady. When they took the plastic bag off her head, I really couldn't tell whether she was dead or alive. There was another shot of her flat on her face and she wasn't moving and it looked quite like she was dead. It took quite some time before the plastic bag was pulled off her head and so it's very possible she died.

Anyway like everyone else I'm very disappointed that the family of the 13 dead women will never get closure. And the community will always think he was some sort of hero. However I can understand him protecting his mom and his sister and his very close knit community where they would absolutely be ostracized and it would have a profound effect.

But what I'm also upset me was the son's gullibility, although I did understand it. And when the father was burning all that treasure trove of evidence; that was very disappointing. And not for nothing, but dad took the grocery lady's driver's license and he put it on his person. The kids wouldn't have known that and I'm surprised that the coroner's office didn't find.

A botched ending that could have been done a little bit better even if they stuck with the entire premise of the ending.

Maybe they were simply going for the banality of evil.

Why Did You Kill Me?

Meth Mouths
The family is full of meth-mouths. The girl is death because she was born into a family of addicts and criminals.

A lesson in why drugs and criminal activity will shorten your life or the life of a loved one.

Drug addicts are narcissistic, so hard to empathize with or or believe much of what they say.

Without Remorse

Lots of Action and Entertaining
My husband and I enjoyed the movie, don't red Clancy books and I don't know what technically was wrong, so unburdened with nitpicking and unmet expectations, we just sat back and enjoyed the movie.

Criminal Minds: Out of the Light
Episode 22, Season 6

Dumb Mistakes From an Elite Experience Team
Why on earth would you blast sirens to go arrest someone who you know has done something? If you're going to do that, why did you not send someone to the restaurant and the other team to his house. It's a small town, the sheriff knows where he lives.

No, instead everybody goes to one place. No one's over where he probably has the girl - his house. Dumb mistake#1

Why didn't you keep an eye on the creepy teacher, because there's no way he gave up his hobby. Sexual predators never do that and he was a predator. Not to mention the fact, it was pretty obvious when you were investigating the burial sites that there had to be two players. Why didn't you connect these two? He's got creepy pictures of the girl and somebody else has her. There's a tie right there. How do you miss that? Dumb mistake #2 Then when they go to arrest him when he's at the blocksde, no one radio's the sheriff to radio the blockage sheriff that's unsub is in the line of cars. He could have gotten in his car and blocked the front, at the same time, Morgan can block the back. Better yet Morgan or even better fever could have gotten out of the their car just acted like they were walking by and put a gun to his head 1 Nope, just a big old announcement from cars away and just plenty of space and time rev up and drive around the sheriff and plunges into the lake. Dumb mistake #3.

There's more but these three were the worst offenses.

What I did enjoy was Hotch blasting him in his brain what. I didn't enjoy was the team not telling the sheriff, you need to watch creepy teacher guy.

Criminal Minds: Hanley Waters
Episode 20, Season 6

Couldn't stand Mom Like Another Commenter
From the very first scene there was something about the actress that played mom that was completely unsympathetic. Therefore if this episode was meant to be such that we would empathize with the unsub, it didn't happen. All I saw was someone going around killing innocent people because she suffered a tragedy like a million people before have suffered, so now she's got other families suffering a tragedy. I actually wanted to see her get shot in the face, that's how much I hated her.

Criminal Minds: Corazon
Episode 12, Season 6

I get really bored with religious themes. I spend most of my time rolling my eyes while people babbling on about "faith" as though that is some kind of virtue and you special.

Criminal Minds needs to get back into profiling, not this crystal ball stuff they're doing. Like the writers got lazy or they are no longer consulting with real FBI people who know about profiling. They're just pulling it out of their nether regions at this point.

Them: Day 6
Episode 4, Season 1

Another Powerful Episode
The family wakes up only to find a lot of racist paraphernalia hanging from the eaves of their home, as well as an epithet burned into the grass on the front lawn. They take it with dignity and resolve, except for the Lucky who likes to express her feelings.

She confronts Betty from across the street and they both square off.

This is another episode that makes you wonder if what you're seeing and what the characters are seeing are really there.

This is a horror show in more ways than one. In this episode we also get a taste of the horror of Betty's background. She visits her wealthy parents to ask for a loan so she and her husband can move. The parents are surprised to see her and the mother is especially cold to her and the father reacts rather oddly. We learned that Betty has not visited her family for about 7 years.

Dad is willing to write a check for her, or so we think, but he stops just at the moment of writing the check and tells her she needs a bath and he will draw it for her.

The mother brings her towels and she takes them and very fearfully goes up to one of the bedrooms. Now we've already seen that the family has a maid, Consuela, but it is the dad who's drawing the bath as Betty sits on the side of the bed tearfully and begins to panic. She abruptly leaves.

Well anyone who knows how to recognize trauma can definitely infer that daddy used to molest and rape Betty in the bath and this may be why Betty cannot have children, something that our protagonist pointed out to her.

So from my perspective daddy absolutely used to rape her, mama knew, and in order to maintain her station in life, her reaction was to be jealous of her daughter and to look the other way. So Betty, as racist as she is has some trauma in her background. For some this may elicit empathy or pity for Betty. Betty or the actor that plays Betty does such an excellent job that even knowing this has not reduced my hatred for her and what she's putting the family through.

Great episode wonderfully acted.

Meanwhile we already know that Dad is not going to share in the profits of this company as one of the engineers.

Criminal Minds: The Longest Night
Episode 1, Season 6

Worst Acting Ever From A Kid Actor
I agree with the other 1 star reviewer -the kid actor was the worst. When the kidnapper is holding her (1st part), she looked like she was grinning.

This kid was the worst and the reviewer is right, she looked like she wanted break into a grin throughout.

Maybe she's going to be a serial killer in 10 years. Totally ruined any possible tension. The worst.

Criminal Minds: Mosley Lane
Episode 16, Season 5

I Cried...
When the dad, cried, "he was alive yesterday", I assume gonna lie, I lost it.

Criminal Minds: 100
Episode 9, Season 5

Good Episode
Someone with a one star rating pointed out, why didn't they just call the local cops.

My answer to that is probably because the local cops would screw it all up. The team knew that the Reaper was very clever, very good, and probably would know the cops were coming and would kill his wife and his son right then, before they ever made it into the house.

When the reaper was getting the crap beat out of him I was giving the punches. I was talking to my screen, telling Hotch how to kill him. The wife's death really didn't bother me, I was just worried about the kid.

Criminal Minds: Conflicted
Episode 20, Season 4

Knew from the Beginning * spoilers
I didn't see the stubble but wasn't comvined the petson in the dark was a woman, but when the person was at the elevator to go upstairs with the guy, I know that was a man, not a woman.

Okay episode.

Tick Tock

Somewhat Entertaining, But Loses Ground

They lost me when they stupidly retrieved the husband's body.

All kinds of things could go wrong - there's something called lividity, blood splatter analysis, trace evidence, so unless CSI and the cops are idiots, there's going to be uncomfortable questions these idiots won't be able to answer.

Pieces of a Woman

I Don't Get it...
Ultimately you're responsible, for the birth of your baby... Call 911.

Did you not research all the problems you can encounter giving birth? Or did you think or was doing to be a fail statement.

When you are in intense pain of childbirth, you are not getting drowsy. You are more wide awake with pain than you'll ever be. What? Did she watch women who were given drugs during childbirth? Totally unrealistic.

Them: Day 1
Episode 1, Season 1

Wow, what an opening. Great acting. This is real. This is what happened in these suburban communities in the north. Racism isn't just a southern thing. Look at the true stories of Levittown.

As a person of color, this was a hard to watch. I ain't gonna lie, I had to drink some wine to reduce my anxiety. My white husband enjoyed it, too. We're going to watch one episode every weekend.

This is taking place in the year of my birth. I lived in San Fransisco at the time, in a predominately white neighborhood that also had some newly arrived Europeans, four black families, including us and we had zero problems.

Yet, somehow, by the tender age of six or seven, I already knew white people hated black people. I don't know how I knew. I just did. My family did not talk about race or badmouth whites.

I just knew.

Getting back to the story, obviously, mom has experienced some drama. The baby boy at the beginning is no where to be found. I imagine they are escaping the south, but also trying to escape a tragedy, which I assume we'll find out more in flashback.

I'm wondering if that white woman wasn't a witch who cast a spell on this nuclear family.

This is a something to watch, whether white or black, as group and have some open discussions about.

Be honest!

Into the Grizzly Maze

Well, the Terrain Was Beautiful
This is so-so. Had known actors and real bears. Not particularly scary, but had it's moments when the bear attacks and people are desperately screaming.

I rooted for the bear.

As for the deaf wife, I'm guessing someone looked at a sign book and then said, well no one really uses sign language, just wave your hands around and grunt and people will think you're actually saying something

Trust me, it was gibberish with a real sign thrown in every now and then. I really hate watching bad "signing".


You could do worse during quarantine.

What Lies Below

Movie Explained ***spoilers***
1. What is the movie about? From the very beginning the movie is telling you what it's going to be all about.

2, Where is he from? First the title tells you.

3, Where he came from? In the very first scene, the girl is reading a book. The title is, "Lost Worlds" (hint, hint). The next hint is, all the references to water - natural and salted. Obviously, he's from a lost world under the lake. One would think Atlantis, but he's adverse to salt water.

4. What does he/they want? His world is dying. Maybe there aren't enough females to breed. He/they want to breed. As he says some species need to adapt weirdly to an increasingly saltwater world. What better way that interspecies breeding.

5. How did he get that form? Like the lampreys, he's a leech that affairs to whatever he can latch onto.

6. The color red? He's attracted to the color for some reason. Maybe his world his red. Mom is actually a redhead. She dyed her hair. This is in the 3rd scene. The drive home. He mentions he sees red in the girl's hair later on when they're in the boat. He would know mom's a redhead (carpet and drapes).

Goofs: Two completely different species cannot breed. Even related ones (donkeys and horses) often give birth to infertile offspring. How does he wear mom's cooking? Doesn't she salt the food?

Fatal Attraction

When The Lights Came On...
... Every man sat there frozen in his seat.

I saw this when it first came out and seen it a half dozen times since. It moves quickly and while neither it nor it's actors will win any oscars, Glenn Close nailed the stalker scares superbly.

Brokeback Mountain

I didn't feel whatever it is everyone else is claiming to feel about this movie.

The two main characters didn't really have chemistry. I didn't feel they're supposed heartbreak.

All I saw were two people, sneaking around, one of whom was cheating on his wife and was rather cold toward his lover.

I felt sorry for the wife. Come clean, so your bewildered wife could get on with her life. Leave your small narrow-minded town and move to gay-friendly San Francisco. Case closed.

Murder Among the Mormons

I know I'm supposed to Rate the Documentary, But...
... It was serviceable with plenty of archival footage, which is always a plus.

I had to pause it several times to burst into laughter. Religion is so ridiculous that when watching people relaying stories that only children could make up, but, no, adults actually made up this crap up, the silliness of it all overtook me.

The newscasters are breathlessly relating the talking salamander stories. Let that run through your mind - a talking salamander!

That's right up there with bushes burning, while a voice emanates from it. Or the golden tablets retrieved from the mount. Or the flood and ark story.

People actually believe these silly origin stories. All of it told with a completely straight face.

I have to hide my hair, hide my face, eat dairy and meat from separate plates, never eat shellfish.

Then what happens? You die, never having tasted a delicious oyster or having worn ugly cotton bloomers your whole life, instead of something sexy.

Anyway, the original charlatan was obviously making this up as he went along after trying his hand at several odd jobs and failing.

Creating a religion never seems to fail, so why not? All you need are some more grifters and the fearful gullible to keep the scam going and, volia! You have your own tax free ponzi scheme, which requires constant recruitment, so what do you do?

You claim that your God requires you to spread the word - relentlessly. You also require that no one ever questions anything. So what do you do? You tell the gullible that they're sinners and they're evil and they must do this or that in order to get into some Kingdom when they die.

None of which, there's ever any proof of. The God is always all-powerful and works mysteriously, but somehow some mere man is always being spoken to, like on the regular.

Well, one charlatan made up everything and then a bunch of sheep followed and created a billion dollar business that is "too big to fail", so keep this scam going.

And then another sociopathic charlatan came along and grifted the grifters. Who, because they are so willing to be grifted, so they can grift some more, opened the door for this guy to get desperate enough to kill.

Imagine what would have happened if they actually questioned anything or had doubt? But that would take critical thinking skills, and religion demands that you don't have any of that!

Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case: Behind Bars
Episode 2, Season 1

He's a Liar
I'm watching this and what I see is a manipulator and liar. He's practiced at looking sad and walking slowly for the cameras.

The hotel manager said he was calm when he came downstairs to declare that his wife had committed suicide; however, when he got upstairs and her body was lying there, he wasn't satisfied with how he left the scene and so he becomes bereft, he gives a performance, he's begging for her to return to life even though he claimed that he had given her CPR and he knew she was dead because he had already said she committed suicide.

A husband and a wife are in a room, she's having an affair, the boyfriend has called several times. One ends up dead.

The other one, who's still alive, claims he was gentle, he just pushed her back a little bit, his hand is scratched up, it's bleeding and somehow with all this adrenaline in the room, he falls asleep.


The ego on this guy is unmistakable, there is no way they didn't get into an argument about this other man and he killed her. Intentionally? I don't think so, but he certainly caused her death.

Besides the fact that he had a motive and they were the only two in the room and she had bruises on her face., I believe he's guilty and he's a liar and a manipulator because of the way he relates the story like many guilty people do. - he tells the story, whereby it's always her.

He had one little coffee with cognac, but she had two drinks. He was calm, but she was erratic. She was kissing him, then she was pushing him away. She was drawing him close and then she was pushing him back. She was erratic, but he was calm.

He's just an innocent little babe in the woods. But, it's all her, her, her - all victim blaming. The victim caused her own death. Meanwhile, he's just the hapless husband, who fell asleep and woke up to find his wife dead. Oh whoa is me. I just fell asleep and woke up to find my wife dead.

I also believe that the noises everyone heard was them making love, and while he had her in a prone position and he was on top of her, it turned into rape.

This is not at all uncommon. You're in a vulnerable position. The man is angry with you and he gets you in a vulnerable position, where you're naked and he has the advantage of being over you and now he's going to treat you roughly, pin you down, and show you who's boss.

And when you start to realize what's happening and you want him to get off you, he's going to hold you down and he's going to continue and he's going to show you who's in power. Him, not you.

He killed her. Albeit, even I'm willing to bet it was unintentional and unplanned. I'll give him that, but he definitely killed her. He was certainly the cause of her death, even if you don't want to use the word murder.

Deadly Illusions

Love the Whiners
This movie wasn't that good, but not that bad either. It's pretty clear what's going on. It's in the title - duh.

I liked Kristen in Sex and the City, but her bad plastic surgery was distracting.

The conservatives whining about the movie would deny racism exists or that they're racist, but somehow always manage to reveal themselves.

Every placement of black actors in a movie is somehow PC, but they would be the first to claim they have a black friend.

Golly gee, if racism doesn't exist, wouldn't black people exist in every strata of society and be friends with whites? But that's the problem with conservatives they constantly whine and contradict themselves and make zero sense. Black people exist, get over it.

Here's a tip, stop watching movies made by Hollywood. Cancel your Netflix subscription. As a matter of fact, just turn off your TV and cancel all streaming services and sit in the dark where minorities, none of whom you're racist against, exist.

There, fixed that for you.

Tired of reading your whiny, snowflake comments, like there's no off switch on your remotes.

Mind of a Monster: Ted Bundy
Episode 1, Season 1

Why are we *still* taking about Ted Bundy???
Ted Bundy slaughtered and savaged women and then f* and ate parts of their corpses. He committed multiple crimes, including murder, theft and fraud and basically leeched off people

He was neither particularly bright, handsome, clever, or special.

What he was, was white and therefore given the benefit of the doubt, special privileges that allowed him to escape, and not suspected when he should have been, so he got away with his crimes because law enforcement identified with him, even the judge, who saw fit in the middle of court to tell him about much he admired him.

If he were black or Hispanic, he would have been under lock, key, and chains and placed under the jail (if not killed during an arrest) and many women's lives would have been saved.

This obsession, without regard to the fact that he was *allowed* to continue his crime spree because law enforcement looked at him and saw themselves and so didn't have their guard up is angering, frustrating, and an indictment against law enforcement.

He was no genius. Not special. You simply let this crazed manic run free. His crimes were horrific.

He looked like a squinty-eye little weasel. Zero so-called charm - he was nothing more than simply white.

End of story.

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