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The Visitor

Implessive movie
A lonely old man, who lost his wife always pretend to be busy for work. One day he goes on a business trip to New York and meets a young couple. The man and the couple accidentally live in a house together. A young man loves to play music and tell the old man how to play kindly. The old man gradually comes to open his heart to the couple. However, the couple are immigrants and they actually live in New York illegally so they are taken by police. The old man tries to make the couple be free and goes to a detention house to meet them every day.

This is a human drama and was released in 2007 in America. The director is Thomas McCarthy, who is an American director. Also, Richard Jenkins played the role of leading actor for the first time in this movie.

I was so impressed by the movie, especially by the part of the kindness of the couple. Many innocent people like them are taken because of racial problems. We have to think the problem more seriously by watching this movie.


so thrilling
Somerset is a detective, who is going to finish his career in a week and he works with a new face, Mills. They investigate a series of mysterious murder and find a clue. A criminal seems to kill people who act based on seven deadly sins, wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony. Somerset and Mills use a record of library and identify a suspect. When they go to the suspect's house, the suspect appears by chance. The suspect runs away and… This is a suspenseful movie and includes a little scary scenes. The director is David Fincher and I think many of his works ends unhappily. Actually I do not prefer this kind of ending so this movie is not so recommendable for people like me. However, as a suspenseful movie, it is so thrilling and enjoyable.

There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary is a romantic comedy. Mary is a pretty girl who is liked by many people in high school. One day a sober and shy boy falls in love with her and luckily he gets chance to go out on a date with her. However, there is an accident during the date. Mary and the boy do not see each other after that.

After thirteen years have passed, the boy cannot forget about her. He decides to ask a detective to find out her. The detective finds the girl and she is still cute so he falls in love with her. Then the detective tells a lie to the boy that she is now fat and has illness…

The movie was directed by Farrelly brothers and broadcasted in 1998. The story includes a lot of funny scenes so we can enjoy whole part of the movie.


Tsotsi means a bad boy. A black boy who is a leader of gang is called Tsotsi. He kills innocent people and steal money with his companies again and again. One day he steals a car and finds a baby in the car. He decides to bring up the baby. He meet a woman who is also raising her baby and gradually, he realize the cruelty of what he did. The woman tells Tsotsi to return the baby. Hearing her advice, he decides to …

Tsotsi is a movie directed by Gavin Hood, who was born in South Africa. His work, X-men is one of a famous movies. The movie, Tsotsi was shot on location in South Africa. The movie won an Academy Award for best foreign language film in 2006. Through watching the movie, we can understand that all human beings are inherently-good regardless of their races and nationalities.

The Reader

Love timeless
A 15-year-old man falls in love with a woman who is considerably older than him. They love each other and meet every day. One day the woman suddenly disappear so the man experiences so much deep grief. Several years later, they miraculously meet in a court but she is sentenced to life imprisonment. After many years has passed, the man decides to send a tape with his recitation and gradually they are attracted to each other again. The genre of the movie is a romantic drama and the story is based on a German novel. The movie was directed by Stephen Daldry, who is an English director. His famous works, Billy Elliot, the Hours, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and this the Reader was nominated for some awards like best director and Academy Awards.

The Breakfast Club

American teen comedy.
This is an American teen comedy film shown in 1985. There are five main characters and they all come to school on a holiday for the sake of a penalty. They think each of them is labeled as an athlete, genius, delinquent boy, mysterious girl and rich girl by their teacher and they are dissatisfied with it. Having completely different characters, they have never talked to each other before and of course they do not known about each other even though they are in the same school. However, they all have troubles which is not understood by their parents. Through communicating each other, they gradually open up to and try to get over their troubles. The director if the film is John Hughes, who is well known in the field of teen-age films and comedies. He is a producer and scriptwriter of Home Alone which was a big hit and still now it is watched by many people.

Bara prata lite

What a lonely man do in the end...
A man, who has worked at Volvo loses his job and he has nothing to do. He wants to talk with someone but nobody listens to him. He looks so sad because of the loneliness. One day the door chime of his house rings and a young woman stands in front of the door. He invites her in the room and tries to talk her,but she only tells about religious things. The man gets angry and tries to control her and...

The film was produced in 1997 by a Swedish director, Lukas Moodysson. Actually the end of the film is quite shocking and I do not like such kind of ending. However, the performance of the actor who plays the role of the main character made me involved in the film. We can do nothing for the lonely man but we can learn how we should communicate with others from watching the film.

The Twilight Zone: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Episode 22, Season 5

A man with a heavy mustache is about to be executed by hanging on the Owl Creek bridge. He thinks about his wife and children and cries dreaming to escape from his reality. After the execution, he survives miraculously and runs away. Finally, he comes back to his home and meets his wife again but…

This film was written by Ambrose Bierce, who is an American writer and journalist. He was called "Bitter Bierce" because of his ironical style of writing. This film, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge has twist ending, in other words, surprising ending. I really like this kind of stories because we cannot expect what will happen in the end and I am exciting about it. Also, although this is a monochrome film, scene description is minute and back ground music is used effectively so it is easy to understand and I realized what is happening immediately.

Stanley Pickle

A little bit strange short film.
Stanley Pickle lives with his mother and father. He leads quite a monotonous life every day. One day he finds a pretty girl outside of his house and falls in love with her. He wants to do something for her but he cannot do well because of his unusual feature.

This film is far from a normal film. The strangest point is characters are not human beings. Actually, they are like a robot with clockwork. They just move like a robot and they do not have feelings even though they look like human beings. Their life looks quite boring for me. Moreover, the last scene of this film is a little shocking. That's why I could not enjoy it so much.

Porcelain Unicorn

This is a story of a memory of an old man in 1943. At the time, Jewish people were persecuted in Germany. He broke into a Jewish house with his companion and met a Jewish girl. Normally this would be inexcusable, but he released her.

I think this story is unique because of two reasons. The first one is the length. This story is only about three minutes long. Although a three-minute movie is too short compared with other movies, what the story tells is clear so we can understand the contents easily. The second point is it has few lines. Actually, this film has only six lines of dialogue. Therefore, we have to imagine what is happening and what characters think about while watching the movie.

For these reasons, I believe this is worth watching.

Hana to Arisu

good relationship
Hana and Alice are good friends and they do everything together. They go to the same high school and they go to school together. One day Hana falls in love with a boy who goes to the same high school. Hana deceives the boy and gets him. However, the boy loves Alice and Alice also loves him. What will happen to the relationship of the three.

I have a lot of friends but I don't have friends like Hana and Alice. They are always together and they say everything each other. They look happy and I think it is good thing. However friends sometimes become rivals. In this movie, Hana and Alice love the same man and they become rivals each other. I think moderate distance is important. We can share glad feeling or sad experience with our friends, but not interfere deeply. By watching this movie, we can rethink about the relationships with our friends.


What is a common job?
Honestly, I was prejudiced against the job related to funeral before I watched this film. However, this film changed my mind completely.

A main character, Daigo gets a job putting dead people's bodies into coffins by accident. At first he hesitates to do his job, but gradually he finds that his job is a worthwhile job. And his surrounding also accepts his job.

I was especially impressed by Daigo's line, "What is a common job?" Everybody die someday so death is quite a common thing. However we tend to think that the job related to funeral is not common job. And we also tend to despise such job. I think many people have prejudice like me. I strongly recommend you to watch this film.

Soredemo boku wa yattenai

Human Life
One day man is suspected as a criminal of a groper. He has never done such a thing, however he is wrongly labeled as a criminal. He cannot accept it and decides to bring the case into court. He strongly insists that he is innocent but his claims are rejected. The police struggle for their pride. He fights for his innocent for a long time and in the end…

I am very sorry that this kind of accident really occurs. Of course groping should not be accepted. However, someone who is under suspicion also has his life. If he is not a criminal, his life will be unexpectedly changed. I cannot accept such a thing. This film shows us very serious problem of Japan. I want many people to watch this film and rethink about Japanese trials.

(500) Days of Summer

original love story
This film seems like just a love story. A man meets a beautiful woman, named Summer, and he is getting attracted by her. He goes on a date with her again and again. They look like lovers, but she insists that we are just friends because she does not want to make boyfriends. Although he gets bewildered by her attitude, he loves her. 500 days after they met, what will happen to them? Most of love stories are drawn at woman's perspective. However his film is drawn at man's perspective so is a little different from other films. I think this difference makes this film more enjoyable. I cannot understand man's feeling or thoughts before watching this movie. But now, I can understand a little. If you want to watch original films, I really recommend this.


"Enchanted" is a Walt Disney's musical film. I am not a big fan of musical films, but I think this film is one of the excellent films! In Andalasia, Giselle and Prince Edward love each other. They promise to marry, however, they are separated each other by Queen Narissa. They come to human world and look for them each other. Actually, I love Walt Disney's films and I often watch them. But this film is a little different from other films. This is half an actuality film and half an animated film. This point fascinated me so much. This is because actuality films make us feel like more real than animated films. I really love this point. If you like Disney movies or musical movies, you should try it! I really recommend you this film!


Serious Problems
This movie contains many common problems in the school. For example, bullying, juvenile crime, school refusal, class disruption. I have never thought about these problems deeply because I have never experience these things. However, I strongly recommend you like me to watch this movie. In this movie, a little girl is killed by a boy and her mother tells her students about that. The mother is a teacher and the boy is her student. I think juvenile crime should be punished more seriously. In japan, children under 14 are not held criminally responsible even if they have committed crimes. This situation must cause more and more juvenile crimes. By watching this movie, we have to rethink about children's problems happening in the school. And we also have to solve these problems for children's happy future.

The King's Speech

George VI has stuttering condition but he has to make a speech because of his important position. He decides to ask Australian speech therapist, Lionel to cope with him. He starts to take Lionel's lessons, however, it is not easy way.

It was more fantastic than I expected. This is because we can find how important our friends are by watching this movie. At first, George VI does not want to take Lionel's lessons because his lessons are strange. However, Lionel tries to come in contact with him like his friends. Lionel taught me that "friend is unrelated to the status". Lionel is just an ordinary man and his patient is the King, but they can make friends each other. And their friendship cause a miracle to them. I envy their friendship very much.

Kiraware Matsuko no isshô

What is life?
Matsuko is a Japanese woman. Her sister is sick by nature so her father always love only her sister. Matsuko wants to be loved by her father so she tries to make her father laugh and gets a job which his father hopes. However, all her efforts are in vain. One day she is made to quit the job and she goes wild. She is cut her connection with her family. Her sad story starts. Through watching this movie, I thought what life is all about. Matsuko's life looks very sad because she always do her best only for others. I think she should love herself more. However, I also think this movies is great because it gives us the chance of rethinking about our life. We have to value our lives.

Tôkyô monogatari

A Japanese couple visit Tokyo, where their children and grandchildren live. While they are in Tokyo, their children treat them and they enjoy a lot. However, the day after they leave Tokyo, something sad suddenly happen to them. I think the most precious thing in the world is family. This couple look so happy when they meet their children and grandchildren. By watching this movie, we can feel how wonderful family is! And also, we can learn that the time with our family is limited. Human life dose not last forever so we should cherish our time and our family. Furthermore, this movie is very old, so we can study old days in Japan. I am very interested in it! If you have interest in old days in Japan, you should try!

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Excellent movie!
E.T. is an American science fiction movie. Actually, I rarely watch science fiction movies, but I love this movie.

A small boy, Elliott found ET in the forest. Elliott wants to help ET because researchers also want ET to study. He decided to live with ET in his room. Gradually, they reach out to each other. However, on Halloween, something sad happens to them...

The reason I love this movie is because of the uniqueness. In this movie, a lot of mysterious things happen one after another, which made me excited! I wish I were Elliot, I thought. He experiences many unbelievable things. For example, he flies riding on a bicycle.

If you want to watch science fiction movie, I recommend you this movie.


stressful society
People fall down one after another on the street. They are not injured or ill. What is happening? Is this an accident? This strange situation makes us feel anxiety. In the next scene, there is a man who works hard in a golf link. He seems to be under great stress. We often suffer many kinds of stress in this society. However, he looks wrong. Though these two scenes are closely connected, we cannot realize it until we finish watching this movie. This kind of movie makes us excited, uneasy or impatient and want to know what happens next. In this movie, we feel anxiety in the first scene and in the next scene, we are left in confusion by the man. I really recommend this movie. Through watching this movie, we should think about how fearful the stressful society is!

The Lunch Date

The mean of "date"
There is a woman who is very unlucky. She runs into a man when she is in a hurry and she misses the train. What is worse, she loses her wallet. Somehow, she gets salad for lunch. While she is absent from her seat for a minute, a strange man sits on her seat and eats her salad. Of course she gets angry but he dosen't care about her. From this scene, we cannot imagine the title of this story, "The Lunch Date". Actually, what is interesting about this story cannot be understood until you watch the whole story. However, I am sure that you will be happy after you watch this story. When you are sad or get angry, I will strongly recommend this for you. In fact, the woman laughs exaggeratedly and looks so happy. Usually people tend to consider "date" as a meeting arranged in advance, but this kind of "date" is also romantic and wonderful!


Don't use too much!
This is very lovely story. A man falls in love with a woman whose smile is very pretty. The man tries to contact her, but he can't.Surprisingly, at his office, he finds her working in the next building. He wants her to notice him, but she dosen't.Then, he starts to do something foolish. He holds pieces of paper and makes paper planes. He tries to throw them into next building's window. He uses too much paper, so he is blamed by not only by his boss but by paper! In this story, paper has mind like humans. Usually we considered things as not alive. However if they were alive, they would make complaints about many things, because we use them roughly. We should use them more carefully. In the end of this story, something happy happens to the man. If you are interested in this story, you should watch the whole story.

Father and Daughter

Cherish your family and time with them
A girl loses her father when she is young but she dose not understand her father's death. She believes that her father will return so she visits the place her father disappeared again and again. I am greatly impressed with her patience. Even if it is a windy or rainy day, she never gives up going to he place. This must be an expression of her affection for her father.

There is no dialog or narration in this movie but simple background and sad background music make us uneasy. Maybe everyone who watches the movie hopes that she meets her father someday. I like the last scene the best, which warmed my heart. After watching this movie, I thought deeply about my family. We must cherish our family and our time with them. The movie gives us in important chance for rethinking our daily life.


Alien's hard struggle
A spaceship is floating above a boy's house. A small alien is attempting to abduct the boy to the ship, but it seems impossible for the alien. There are too many switches to control for him, and this makes the story funnier. The small alien dose not know well which switches to use to lift the boy. The funniest point I think is however roughly he is moved, he never wakes up. If he were an ordinary man, he would wake up soon. Another amusing point is the small alien is frightened by the big alien. The frightened face of the small alien is so cute. Maybe the big one is his boss. These two aliens are like a subordinate and its boss in the world of humans, so we can fell familiar to these aliens. I love Pixar's movies!

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