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Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
Episode 3, Season 5

Lame, Boring and Sad Too.
Wow, I really cannot believe this was written by the creators of Black Mirror. I even feel like going into detail why this episode is so bad does it too much justice, because I would never had watched it if it wasn't part of BM. It has wasted everyone's time and more importantly, it destroyed people's believe in a show that intrigues and offers a glimpse of what's on the horizon in the field of social technology, which to me is one of our most bespoken subjects of this time. In a way it leads the dialogue on this subject, or at least inspires most of us to have a dialogue. I know this is just one episode, but people tend to stop watching after an episode this bad and therefore stop having the dialogue while they're at it. Do the creators have a moral obligation? Perhaps you could argue they do, even though many will consider this statement exaggerated, because "it is just a show". It's a message that reaches billions of minds world wide, so I would argue it is a big deal. I would simply advice to think twice before airing episodes like this. And start read your reviews, amd yes, also the positive ones!

The Clovehitch Killer

The movie was just like bud's face. Boring.
I cannot believe this movie gets a 6,5 at the time of this writing. Although the father almost carried the movie in a somewhat Breaking Bad style, the remaining characters (and lack of) prove to be a disappointment. The boy was like a statie from start to finish, even at times where he could have really shine. The storyline is predictable at many times, including the ending. Mid-movie it looks like the editor quit and the intern took over, hoping to pull of an original "reverse storyline"... but failed doing so. Also, there are times when you must wonder how they really managed to track down the father and in addition, manage to get his body out. So many holes and questions, you could think of this movie as a potentially nice knot, but a poor job of tying it up as such.


I agree with all the low-score reviews. Terribly boring and overrated. Waste of your time. Zzzz...

Dumb and Dumber To

Very disappointing for the real fans
I've just visited the movie on premiere night and I had pretty high expectations, considering the current IMDb score (7.9, which is high for any comedy), but I was very disappointed, to say the least.

Even though the creators had 20 years to think of the best story and jokes that would fit the characters, somehow they managed to make it seem they wrote it in a week. The jokes were shallow, not thought through and did not fit this time of age. Many jokes were poor references of the original movie and therefore seem too easy. Next to that, Jim Carry doesn't have any real jokes and just acts weird and obtrusive.

The makers obviously tried to make Harry and Lloyd seem to be the same old guys as you used to know them, but obviously they failed. That being said, I think the worst mistake was to try to recreate the classic Harry and Lloyd. I think I would have appreciated it much more if they immediately introduced the cast as old, which they are, so at least that pink elephant is out of the room.

Forgive me for saying this, but perhaps... *sigh* ...the Farrelly brothers should have left the original alone.

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