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Black Metal Veins

Amazing anti drug documentary
Tonight I watched an amazing anti drug documentary from Lucifer Valentine, "Black Metal Veins". You may or may not know who Lucifer Valentine is, but it doesn't matter. To me, this is by far his best film, and a movie with a message about how destructive the dope life can be. It follows several people and how they live with their insane drug consumption. I was glued to the screen watching this, and it is so educational against drug use, that after watching this, you never want to even think about trying out heroin especially. This documentary is so good and truly reality based that it almost should be mandatory for anybody considering drugs. I can't rate this high enough, it is definitely a must see.

Ready or Not

Must See Horror Comedy
Last night I had the pleasure of watching one of the best horror comedies I have ever seen. I'm not all that much of a fan of most horror comedy movies, but "Ready or Not" completely knocked me out. Not only is it loaded with blood and gore in abundance, but the story or script is very very good, as is the acting. The movie is about a couple getting married, the male being from a very rich family and the couple is going to the family's estate to meet his family for a celebration. At midnight the bride has to participate in a game, depending on a card the bride picks that signifies what game it will be. this is a ritual the family does anytime a new member is introduced to the family. The only problem, a very big problem, is the card the bride draws is the worst one possible. The bride thinks it is just a hide and seek game, but it turns out, the family now has to kill her before the Sunrise. Then the fun starts, and so do the laughs. I just loved this movie, not only is it fun to watch this bumbling family trying to find and kill her, the blood and gore effects are top notch. If you haven't seen this jewel, I strongly suggest you do, I can almost guarantee you'll be totally entertained, unless the blood and gore is too much for you.

Color Out of Space

Amazing Movie
Well, I am pretty well spaced out right now, because this amazing movie from Richard Stanley (his first film in 25 years) and based on a short story from H. P. Lovecraft, is a truly unique movie experience. I would not even try to tell you much about the story, you can read the summary at IMDB. It demands repeated viewings, and I'll certainly do that. It is a true visual treat, with magnificent colors and photography that defy description. Within the Sci Fi Horror genre, it is frightening but also beautiful. Nic Cage gets a chance again, since "Mandy" to give one of his patented freakout performances. He is very very good as is the whole cast. I just loved the movie, and I'll be thinking of it for some time, because it really does hit you in the face.

A Wreck Without You

Strange little mystery
Watched this 70 minute mystery movie tonight that I got from the library. There really isn't much to it, a loving couple one morning, the girl has completely disappeared with the back door wide open. there is no sign of her anywhere, and three years pass by, and the guy is engaged to be married to a new girl. A strange package appears on his front door, that contains something very very bizarre. It is so bad it affects him so much, it affects this affair, another three years pass by, and he has a new girl and another box appears on his door, and it is even more freaky. There is more to the story, but I don't want to give any spoilers. This is a little film, pretty short, but very well done. I liked it.

The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein

Gorehound Masterpiece
This extreme movie is pretty much based on facts. The Norway Black Metal music scene is the story, and how it started, and the extremes it went to. It's pretty much based on a true story and the band "Mayhem", a Norwegian Black Metal band that got into church burnings, anti church, and eventually murder. I all ready knew most of this, because I have had an interest in Black Metal, and it's history. I'm not saying I love the music, and follow it much, but I went through a phase that I did study it a little. If you have no interest in this music, which I imagine, very few, then this movie would be of no interest to you.


Gotta Love a Big Cockroach
Man turns into a giant cockroach over night, and his family doesn't know what to do with him, or it. Very weird movie, not a horror film, but more a drama about what the family does, when one of the members all at once becomes a big insect. Based on a short story from Franz Kafka, this is indeed a weird movie.

The Perfection

Superior Horror Thriller
This is one superior horror film with enough twists and turns to satisfy most fans of high drama and horror. You never know where this revenge along with sexual perversion is going next. It's about an academy for cellists, and a visiting former student that was a prodigy and comes back to the academy and meets the newest prodigy, a young lady, that gets in a relationship with the visiting former student. they go on a trip together and the youg girl gets really sick, and this sets off the main theme and secrets of the master of the academy. There's another huge twist, and extreme revenge, and the ending is pretty sick, but well done. The movie is exceptional, the acting, production, and soundtrack could not be any better. this is a must see, there is some blood and mild gore, but it's the story that makes this so entertaining. I loved it and would recommend it very highly. 4/5


No Plot, Awesome Gore
This is kind of a cool blood and gore movie, about a tour bus of people coming to watch a rodeo at a small town. The rodeo is over, and all at once, a sadistic band of killers show up to torture and kill everybody. That's not just the tour bus people, but pretty much everybody in this small town. That is THE story, which more or less, you have zero idea why they are doing this, so the whole movie is extreme violence and some pretty damn good gore effects. This is not a movie that viewers need a clean cut plot as to why the killers are killing, and the victims are trying to survive. I am one of those that have no problems with that, as long as the death effects are done well, and they are. I had fun with this gorefest, and gorehounds should get a kick out of it. Good Friday night extremely violent gorefest, and I enjoyed it. 3.5/5

Charlotte's Song

Mermaids are pretty cool to me
This is a very unusual movie, a very dark adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson story "The Little Mermaid", made into a very dark movie with horror elements. It takes place in 1930's America, with the leading character Charlotte, that has some hidden powers. Her Father runs a theater that has a song and dance show, until an evil man comes forth and rescues the business but turns it more into a strip joint and house of pleasure using his daughters. Yes, a very dark movie indeed, but the production and acting is superior and I enjoyed this strange story very much.Yes, Mermaids can be a very strong creature when needed to be, and this movie explores that element. Check it out, I liked it a lot. 4/5

Visceral: Entre las cuerdas de la locura

Gory Chile Film, just right for gorehounds
This an extreme graphic horror art film from Chile, and I say art, because you have to figure out on your own, what is going on. This is like two movies running at the same time about Felipe. Felipe is a boxer training for his first big fight. Now his alter ego, or whatever you think, is a sadistic killer of random people that are tortured and killed in the most graphic and gory ways. this extremely gory movie will test those that like these kind of films. If you are turned off by graphic violence, then you will wish you never watched this, and on the other hand, gorehounds will take quite delight in just how far this movie takes the torture and mutilations that are very very graphic, and well done. As I said, you have to figure this out for yourself, because there is not much dialogue, but you still need the subtitles. This is one very sick movie, and I loved it even though it's hard to figure out. Are these serial killer scenes just going through his mind, or something else. I don't know, but regardless, the graphic nature of the film is done so well, I'm fine with it being basically a visual experience. It does, have some of the best gore effects I've seen, so I recommend it to those fans, and only those fans. The rest of you, just stay clear of this one, it's way too much for you. 4/5


Perfect title, great thriller
This is a one hell of a good thriller, that starts out slowly and builds and builds to a conclusion, that is totally a shock. The parents of their young son Henry, have to drop him off at his grandpas at his farm in the country, played flawlessly by Michael Ironside, while they leave to go to a funeral. After Grandpa has a heart attack doing the night and dies, Henry is left alone and goes to the closest neighbor, who happens to be a psycho killer. Henry escapes and goes back to his Grandpa's house, and prepares for the psycho killer to come after him, which he does. Henry, for a young boy, gets ready. That's the meat of the buildup, and things from there get very very dicey.

I just loved this movie, it is the kind of thriller that's white knuckles all the way until a very big twist ending, that nobody is going to see coming. I recommend this one very highly, I just loved it from start to finish. 4/5

Relatos salvajes

Amazing Black Comedy Treasure
"Wild Tales" an anthology from Argentina, is without a doubt the best non-horror anthology I have ever seen. It has six short stories, and every one is superb, and an exercise in unbelievable writing. I love all six of the stories, but two of them, the very first short about the airplane, and then one about road rage, are just incredible. All of the short stories are satirical and black comedy in nature, and the humor is very entertaining. I could not recommend this jewel any higher, it is definitely a must see. 5/5

Amerikan Holokaust

As Graphic and Gory as it gets
When it comes to the very low budget graphic extreme movies like this one, it's very hard to say it is more vile than another. This is basically a found footage film of a couple of demented, perverted serial killers. They kidnap women, and very graphic and gruesomely do the most extremely gory things you can imagine. Along with all the extremely sick things they do to these girls, they are cannibals too that have no problem eating one of the captives guts after they brutally torture and kill her. I've seen an awful lot of the most graphic and extreme gore films ever made, but very few of them go where this movie does. This movie is only and I mean only, for the most extreme gorehounds. It is sick as hell, and the gore effects and torture are done very good, and the acting could be alot worse, so I can't put that down too much. If this movie doesn't make you puke and turn it off, then you are indeed a gorehound. I actually could not believe how far this movie went, but it did. This movie is for the most demented fans of extreme gore, and be ready, because you will see it. 3/5


Not for fans with a weak stomach...
Just got this preorder from Amazon today, and had to give it a look. I'm not sure how I knew about it, but it is always compared to "A Serbian Film" as far as being inspired by extreme atrocities for political events. This movie is very extreme, and very well made, and the graphic nature of the violence may be too disturbing for some people. It doesn't hold anything back. It starts out with three women going on vacation meeting up with a fourth lady. Soon, a deranged Father and Son break into their home, and graphically rape and torture the women, and finally leave. When law enforcement shows up and goes after them, they become even more targets and except for one, the other cops are killed and one is decapitated and the two escape. When the remaining girls and the one cop decide to go after them, it gets pretty bloody and even more disturbing. This is not a movie for the fans with a weak stomach, this is very strong stuff. The whole movie is top notch in production and acting values, and the graphic violence is about as realistic as it can be. I got this on a special from Amazon for about 8 bucks plus shipping, and I'm glad, because it demands repeated viewings, if you have the stomach for it. It is in Spanish, with English subs, and that doesn't bother me at all. The very first scene in the movie, is about as disturbing as anything in "A Serbian Film". I have to give this a very strong recommendation, but only for those that can stomach a movie like this. 4/5


A Must See for Gorehounds
I was reading through some websites today, about the sickest and most disturbing movies ever. To my surprise this movie, which I had in my collection but hadn't watched, was on a couple of lists. And I can see why, this movie featuring a very sick serial killer female, is without a doubt extremely gory and off the charts in being disturbing. The story is not much to write about, but the stomach churning torture scenes are very memorable. This killer and very sick girl, is absolutely gorgeous and she turns in a very good performance as the very sick killer. For gorehounds, this definitely goes on my "Gorehound Delight" list, for you guys, this is a definite must see. 3.7/5


A Must See REVENGE movie
Don't expect me to give away much about this movie, because there are so many surprises, and I do not want to give them away. The first thing you have to absolutely do, is put away your feelings of disbelief and logic. Ok, after you have done that, you are going to see an absolutely sensational movie, one of my favorites of all time in this genre. This has a HUGE amount of blood, and graphic violence, and obviously it's about a girl being raped and getting revenge on the three scumbags that tried to kill her. that's it, no more talk about how she does it. I absolutely loved every second of this movie, I was glued to the screen. If it wasn't for that suspending belief thing, I would give it 5 stars, but I have to be fair. So 4.5/5 seems about right. "Revenge" goes on my MUST SEE list for those of you, and my absolute highest recommendation. DO NOT MISS IT!!!!!!!

Black Wake

A Mess of the Highest Order
I don't know why my local library stocked this, according to IMDB, hardly anybody has seen it, and I can see why. I don't how to review this total mess of a movie, so I'll just give you a few things that happen, and it is a found footage movie. First of all, the stars Eric Roberts has less than two minutes in the movie, and Tom Sizemore, has less than 3 minutes at the most. Some invading giant parasite has appeared in the Atlantic Ocean, and sends out these little parasites, that either causes peoples head to explode, or the people become zombies. The whole movie is told to us, from a lady that has viewed the tapes, and some kind of book that explains it all, but we, the audience gets no clue what it says. that's enough, the movie makes zero sense, the acting is horrible, and I have no idea where the writers ever got the idea to make this piece of crap. I would really like to know, if anybody else was silly enough to watch this. As I said, it didn't cost me anything, but anybody that borrows it from the library, is going to ask WTF. anyway, 1/5 and that one is for some of the practical effects that were not that bad. Stay way way clear of this trash....

Adam K

Absolutely terrible
OMG, you have to promise me, you will NOT waste any time or money watching this piece of crap. After an hour, I still had NO idea what the story was supposed to be. There is zero story that makes any sense, the acting is absolutely terrible, the music is so loud and awful at times, you can't even hear the dialogue, not that it would make any difference. I'm not wasting anymore time, trying to review this crap. So, nothing makes any sense, everything about it is terrible, and they even set it up for sequel, which I could not believe. 0/5 (I can't remember ever giving a movie a zero rating, but this movie deserves it)


Very nasty and sadistic
This extremely sadistic movie has a little bit of story for me. It was number one on my Want List, and as usual I searched a little on the Net, and it was nowhere to be found, let alone with English subtitles. So I took a chance and requested it through my local library, never thinking they would actually order it. So, I ordered it for practically nothing from Amazon, and got it a few days ago, and then found out the library HAD ordered it. That's ok, because after just watching it, I'm glad I have the official DVD release.

This Mexican movie is about two sadistic serial killers that get caught after they kill a girl in a traffic accident and arrested. In investigating the incident, the detective discovers some video tapes the two made of their very brutal killings. So a lot of what you see, are the contents of these insanely brutal and sick videos of the torture and killing of their victims. Some events will probably be too much for some viewers, but I thought the whole movie was very very well done and realistic. The videos are very intensely graphic, and borderline X rated and would never play in a theater at least here in the States. There is one set of scenes, where some parents discover their oldest Son is gay, and the Father humiliates him as sadistic as you could. Later, and these are the scenes that affected me the most, is the Son getting revenge on his Father and Mother. What he does to them, I won't reveal but believe me, it could not be anymore extreme and brutal, and a little hard to watch. So to sum this up, this is a movie that is hard to recommend except to people like ME, that have seen the hardest core movies ever released, and that is what I want. As I said, it is sadistic, bloody, and even the police hold nothing back in trying to get a confession from the killers. If you are not a fan of the sick and twisted, and very graphic, then stay away. I present this movie with my Gorehound Delight honor, my highest award to any movie in the genre. One extremely nasty movie, and I loved it. 4/5

Herbert West: Re-Animator

Different Interpretation but just as Great
This Italian version, or interpretation of the H. P. Lovecraft short story "The Re-Animator", is almost totally different than the Stuart Gordon version. I haven't read the original material, but this is so much else going on, that I have to guess this one is closer than the other one, but that is just a guess. The only thing that is consistent, is the green stuff and yes it re-animates the dead. But this version has many more characters, and plot lines, and yes, it is very gory as you would expect. In this version a dead person re-animated and if killed again, it comes back to life in three minutes. But, where do they go for that three minutes? This movie goes into that, and the other big difference, is Herbert West's daughter plays a big role, and then there is a HUGE twist that reveals West's Son who is truly evil, and the ending is something else, it's pretty much up to your interpretation as to what it means, and it certainly makes you think. You really can't compare the two films, because they are so different, and each one stands very well on it's own. I like both of them pretty much equal, it's just this version gives your brain quite a bit more to digest. I loved it, it was so much different, and at 1 hr 19 minutes running time, it never lets up. Great movie, so I'll give it a 4.5/5 rating, Whenever you get a chance, don't miss it.


Italian Giallo brought back to life
Is this the seventies??? nope, but this is a new Italian giallo that if you are a fan of the giallo genre, you would think so. The red gloved killer, the music, all very familiar with giallo films of old. And of course, when the killer is revealed at the end, you were never supposed to guess. The plot is simple, a serial killer is at work, and the police are trying to solve the case. The killings are brutal and very well done, with a great soundtrack to remind us again, this is giallo. I love this genre, and am a huge Dario Argento fan, to me, the grandmaster of the genre. I liked it, it brought back some fond memories of so many Italian movies from that era.


You've seen this before, but not bad
"Apartment 212" is a pretty good horror story, as a young woman definitely moved into the wrong apt.. After a neighbor upstairs cries night and day, and keeps her awake, and then blows her brains out, she all at once starts breaking out in sores all over her body. She had shop lifted a mysterious box from a shop and took it home, and it ends up causing her some severe trouble. It's nothing special, but I liked the characters, and the story has been done many times. I would recommend it, just for fun, because it was well done and pretty entertaining. 3/5

You Were Never Really Here

Lot of hype, little to show for it
Watched a double feature tonight, the first was the much bally hood "You Were Never Really Here" and "Apartment 212". The first is getting a lot of press, and I will admit Joaquin Phoenix is totally amazing, and puts in an Oscar worthy performance. I really loved his performance in this really confusing movie. I read a few reviews to see other's reaction, and several bring up "Taxi Driver" which happens to be my favorite movie of all time. Yea, Joe is a veteran of the Gulf War, and Travis of the Vietnam War, and each one is haunted by their military service. Joe is a hired gun, that goes after teenagers kidnapped into the child prostitution racket, and is hired to go find the daughter of a politician that has been kidnapped. He does that, but then he loses her again, after some hoods take her back, From there on, is totally your interpretation, and it certainly varies from viewer to viewer. Is all this just going through Joe's mind, as he is plagued by flashbacks, and illusions, or is some of it reality, as he appears to go rescue the teenager girl again? None of that is explained, and the movie gives you no help at all, and the ending is about as ambiguous as you can get. It's actually closer to a David Lynch type story, than anything else, IMO. I really don't like these type of films that much, and those people calling this a masterpiece, saw a different movie than I did. I'll never watch it again, it pretty much pissed me off. 3/5


Very good remake of a classic French horror thriller
This American remake of the French classic horror thriller "Inside (2007) À l'intérieur (original title)" surprised me all to hell. It's been almost ten years since I saw the original, but I remember enough that this remake pretty much stands on its own, imo, as a very good remake. It has enough differences, especially the ending, that made me really enjoy it on its own. If you haven't seen the French original, then shame on you. The main plot, is a woman is close to giving birth to her baby, and this insane woman attacker wants that baby, no matter what. It is extremely violent, and even a bit disturbing, but very well done, and worth your viewership whether you saw the original or not. I do not understand why this movie has been getting lower ratings and less than excellent reviews, except some people hate remakes whether they are well done or not. The hell with them, I loved it.

Shadows of the Dead

Great horror film, with a superior creature
I have no idea why this has a fairly low rating at IMDB, because I absolutely loved it. It starts out as the typical teenagers going to the spooky cabin in the woods, but that doesn't last long, A shadowy creature takes over the body of one of the girls, and then things progress from there, as the creature moves from their bodies as a host, to take its next victim. This very light sensitive creature is absolutely fantastic, somebody did a hell of a job creating this one. All the original teenagers are marked with the same bruise or mark, which they soon figure out after a car crash leaving the cabin to go to the hospital. From the start, this movie doesn't slow down a bit, it keeps you glued to what happens next, until an awesome finale. I couldn't recommend this baby any higher, I really did love everything about it. 4/5 that's a must see, and I'm not that easy to please with horror films, but this one filled the bill.

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