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Not too sure..
I looked at ep 2. Ep 1 had people floating, episode 2 had items floating. Is this going to be a trend? The main characters lack substance. I guess I am drawing parallels with X Files and comparing. Maybe I shouldn't do that. I ll give episode 3 a look and see if there is any improvement.


Totally Boring
I have looked at several movies based on Indian politics (Raajneeti being the best) This is by far the most boring. It was an interesting premise: about a young man who is thrust into Indian politics and becomes the leader of one of the world's largest democracies. However, I believe that shoddy direction resulted in an uninspiring movie. The acting left a lot to be desired.Jacky's attempt to pull of the role of a serious politician fell flat, and I am yet to figure out what Neha's role in this movie was. Farooq Shaik's role wasn't bad, but it was brief.The music was totally lacklustre, the only "good" song being Suno Na. All other songs came across as noise. Final Rating 3/10

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