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Fun to watch
Lootcase is entertaining, enjoyable and watchable. Since last few years, every second movie in India is boring with propaganda laden topics, this movie takes us to the past when they used to make movies for entertainment only. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Honestly I wasn't expecting much from this movie because of lukewarm publicity by the producers, but surprisingly it was really nice movie.

Casting of the movie is also very good, apart from lead actors like Kunal and Vijay Raj, the lady who plays kunal's wife has done a really good job.

Although it's not a laugh riot but it did not disappoints either. After so many years this movie feels like a fresh breeze in a desert.

Want to watch more movies like this. Sick of dirty mindless propaganda movies.

The Big Lebowski

I fell for fake and manipulated rating, not funny at all, boring as F
I was searching for some highly rated movies, stumbled upon accidentally to this movie. Was expecting an entertaining and comedy movie but found it was pathetic and boring. All the ratings and review are from a particular community because of the name of directors of the movie. I know these people have many online communities which helps them to manipulate ratings of movies and products which create fake impressions among innocent users like me to buy their products. I think genuine people must call out these fakers and help us to ban these unethical practices. I curse these fakers.

Robin Hood

Watch this movie for mind blowing action
This movie is a great example of energetic action movie where every frame is made to entertain you. If you see this movie from a movie maker's point of view then you would realize how much efforts "creative people' have put to make this movie. Since last few years I started hating action movies (Specially Avengers Series) because they were highly predictive and filled with repetitive action sequences like any other movies. I also started convincing myself that "may be I am too old to enjoy action movies" but after watching movies like "Upgrade (2018)" this "Robin Hood(2018)" proved me wrong and I actually enjoyed their experimental and attractive actions scenes. Not only action but this movie excelled with sound engineering. There are Avengers fan boys who like Cartoonist CGI used in their movies but all of sudden they start accusing other people for using CGI with better skill and expertise. Trust me I was once a fan of avengers but they don't want to come out of their comfort zone, doing same kind of movies are boring us. Yes this movies uses CGI but more efficiently and meaningful ways which justifies it, I don't understand the kind of hate this movies is getting for using CGI. This is how and when you use CGI that doesn't look fake. And As far the Story is concerned that it's not perfect, but hey I don't remember when I watched movie with coupled with jaw dropping awesome movie, even I don't remember any of Avenger's story they are filled with cliched/drama and propaganda. My advice! Don't expect 100% perfect movie, when there are other good things to enjoy in a movie. Enjoy this movie for it's fresh action, great CGI and awesome sound effect, trust me story is really not that bad, which never let you feel bored for a second. I rest my case. One of the most stylish/energetic action packed movie I have seen in recent time, ignore the haters

Jagga Jasoos

This Movie is actually a Tribute to Baba Sehgal without mentioning his name, in reality it's a creative disaster
It was a Disney Movie(formerly known as UTV Motions), so graphics looks good but some time childish. Although it's not a spy movie as name suggest but they try to justify the title of movie by deliberately showing some Sherlock Holmes traits of the lead character which eventually stretched the movie by half and hours and not related to the movie. It's actually a story of a Man and his informally adapted son who got separated due to circumstances, now Son decided to search his "Sworn in Father" and traveled to Africa with a Girl who agreed to accompany him in this deadly journey without any relation or genuine reason. Then rest of the story is quite predictable. Most striking aspect of the movie is most of the characters converse with each other by "Rapping like Baba Sehgal" which was the most irritating aspect of the movie, which makes this movie looks like a comedy but they failed in comedy as well. Some people calling this movie a "Musical Film" which is an insult to all award winning movies. It was a gamble to make a movie in which most of the dialogues are in Rap Songs, but this time they badly lost this gamble.

My suggestion save your money or spend some quality time with your family by dining together, rather than paining your eyes and not speaking to each other by 2 and half hours.


Boring movie of the year, high ratings are deceiving, probably paid.
Everyone in this movie first learn how to act, the actor who played the teacher was plain bad, her role needlessly stretched in the movie, her on screen presence was irritating and annoying, she doesn't know how to act, she possesses worse acting skills than the kid. The main male character fell for her, and had intercourse with her as well, why would any man with that much attractive persona would waste his time with her, a women who looks below average, had no life, unattractive, suited for maid characters but they promoted her to play primary teacher, it was beyond imagination.

No emotion in this movie, although director wanted to show us how everyone emotionally connected to each other.

Top of that One dimensional characters litter the film. The main kid actor – who is a supposed mathematical genius, although otherwise perfectly normal as a child – desperately tries to come off as cute – but in doing so, fails miserably, she wasn't cute at all.

As bitter and condescending as I sound, GIFTED is made by a top tier team. Although The director who destroyed Amazing Spider Man series is not impressive in this movie either.

As with all my reviews, I never claim that I can create a better product. But, as a viewer, this is the overwhelming sentiment I received from GIFTED.

Patriots Day

Peter BERG and Mark WahlBERG selling propaganda and hate
Last few years we have witnessed that selling hate and making money was the easiest thing to do in this world. And if you wrap the candy called hate with the national flag then radical patriots go out of control and give 10 stars for any crap movie.

Now lets talk about the movie. First off, there are a over rated actors in this, but ones whom are not really getting the best leads anymore. They are just okay and do a good job in this flick, but my main issue is with the poor direction, editing and camera work. I believe that the director wanted to go with an independent film look. You know what I mean. It's where they have two or three small HD Digital hand-held cams filming at a shaky POV angle. Then edited into quick scene changes. It reminds me of the type of filming/editing of the old TV Show, Hill St Blues. Some people might find this artistic, but I just found it nauseating. They zoom in way too close to everything and everyone and pan far too quickly. The shots are way too tight and way too shaky. It has a "high school" project feel to it. I couldn't really considerate on the movie most of the time, because I was trying to figure out if they were actually recording with good quality smart phones or not.


Boring and Pointless, Hank's wasting his talent on useless movies
I watched whole movie expecting some extra-ordinary and entertaining movie, but movie is merely a documentary based on a flight accident which deserve nothing more than a "TV Release"on Discovery or National Geography Channels, but releasing this boring movie for commercial gain is only because they had Tom Hanks face value, which can easily bring huge box office collections. Film producers have deceived audience because of Hanks face value. As far movie is concern, it was pointless as we already know many miraculous flight accident where many or almost all lives saved by Pilots and Crew (for example Dubai Accident where every passengers life saved on ground landing) but in this movie director was only concentrating and glorifying single man (Only Captain) for live saved in the accident, although in climax they tried to give credits to other crew members but it was like they were doing some kind of favor to them. You can understand the reason for this ONE MAN ARMY glorification as soon as you realize that the name of the Pilot was "Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger", yes a BERGER. Entire Hollywood is ruled by them, so you got another cr*p to glorify them.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

"Juices are good people" funniest joke in the Movie
I enjoyed maybe 5% of this movie. The jokes simply weren't funny except "Juices are good people" Seth Rogen plays a "Juice" in every next movie, he laughs like a donkey, looks terrible, entered in Hollywood by doing some porn movie but now spreading Political Propaganda in the name of comedy. They made light of things that we shouldn't joke about like police brutality and the holocaust. The majority of the film was propaganda indiscreetly pushing left-winged political views. The first "Neighbors" was an incredible gut-busting film. I was really excited to see this one, thinking it would be just the same, from the other side. Sadly it fell short. I also can't get past toddlers (2-3 years old) being the object of some of the obscenity. It's totally fine when an adult is swearing at another adult but to swear at a baby and make predictions about their future sexual experiences...I don't see how that is funny. I only paid 5 dollars to see this movie because of the college discount and I want 3 bucks back. The actors and actresses did a fine job. It's the writers who are at fault here. But I'm sure they had a list of things they were mandated to include in the movie so you can't really blame them either. I'm done with the "Neighbors" franchise, let the original rest in peace please.

Rocky Handsome

Action scenes are copied from the Indonesian movie "The Raid"
Watched Rocky Handsome, my expectations were not very high after reading other reviews. This movie does not surprise us either. Movie tries to show John Abraham in style, which is justifiable. But it was too much as after every 5 minutes John Abraham walks on screen in style giving same boring look. Movie starts where Shuruti Hasan says in her weird accent/voice that "Main ab Gaana gaungi" and literally they sang a song for 5 minutes. Although they look beautiful together but that song is already available on youtube. There are few psychopath, irritating villain characters, who cry, sing, dance,scream, jump and show all weird thing while killing their enemies, More like wannabe "joker" from Batman movies, which is very common characterization of a villain in Bollywood action movies. Best thing about this movie is it's action but that too copied from Indonesian Movie "The Raid", which is a very good action movie without a story.

You can search and watch best action scenes from the movie on youtube by typing "Best fight scenes of THE RAID". So if you watch songs in HD and Action scene from The Raid then nothing left in this movie but John Abraham's repeated stylish walks.

Le Petit Prince

This animation movie is for Grown ups, which teaches you life lessons
First of all movie is indeed very good, don't know why this movie is not getting the kind of buzz it deserves. Brilliantly written and directed, way too good than any other nonsense movies I have watched in recent time. Salute to the author for his efforts and out of the box thinking. I don't don't understand a single word of the songs in this movie but it was a real pleasure listening to them.

This homage to The Little Prince is a lovely story, lovingly told. And for the first two-thirds of the movie, it feels like one of the freshest animated films in ages. Don't miss it if you are movie lover, this movie is the best thing happened to the world in recent time.

Little Boy

Wow! LITTLE BOY is a LONG surprise!
I was planning to miss this movie as there was no buzz in the town! Watched this movie when I had nothing to do and believe me it was the best time I used in months, missing this movie would have been biggest mistake.

LITTLE BOY is like ME. When I was young, I used to live in fantasies, I used to believe in Myths, I used to be innocent with pure heart, I used to Like Comics and their Super Heroes.

This is why I can relate with the main character. Movie also tried to handle serious issues sensibly and fairly. I applaud for that. I cried at the Climax. Man! this movie is touching.

I don't know from where to start, there are lots of things to say about this movie. This movie is entertaining, far better than many garbage movies in last few months. I congratulate the people who made this masterpiece.


Insanely brilliant and brilliantly insane! Watch this movie for Nawaz
Yes, Nawazuddin is not good looking, he may not have strong fan base on social media, he does not have six pack abs, he does not have 6 feet plus height, but as an actor he is a genius. Thanks to the directors for casting him in that kind of role. Varun is good but in my honest opinion he should not accept this kind of role, he is the latest and talented breed of India cinema and has huge fan following but girls may not like this movie and they may start hating him. I have seen many example in India cinema when actors have killed their career just to act in this kind of movies. Varun should learn something from Katreena Kaif, she is in the film industry since last 13 years and she never tried to act in non- commercial movies just to earn awards, because of this she is still in the industry and rest people has ended up their career. Varun's movies can easily earn 100s crore which Shahid Kapoor type actors could not achieve so far.

American Sniper

Not for entertainment! Participate if you like Propaganda!
Hell ya! Invade a poor country just because they don't like you! Kill them like savages and make movies to glorify your crimes. Prove that everyone in your enemy country is a daemon including kids and woman, kill them before they even try to protect themselves and Listen! Our highly trained ASSASSINS (although they are equipped with lethal modern gadgetry) are the real victim, after killing hundreds of (innocent) Kids and women now their blood pressure level is high. Movie also tries to connect 9/11 incident with Iraq war, like we don't know history! This shows how this country is killing people since ages be it Red Indians, Germans, Russians, Vietnamese or now Arabs. Their quest to retain world power will never stop, they justify their war crimes with movies like this but please don't raise your voice else they question your Patriotism, Word "Patriotism" is the most misused term in current time. I am Completely disgusted after watching this movie and feeling sad for all innocent souls.

Please God (if you are really there) save the humanity!

The Interview

My condolences are with North Korea!
US is a Victim! Really?

This movie has only one motive i.e. Propagate "Kim Jong Un" is a Maniac and deserves to be dead, else he will blow "Whole World". In entire movie almost every actor abusing "Kim Jong Un" and making other derogatory, insulting remarks. It's clearly a "State Funded movie" to propagate and defame North Korea, Sony production banner is a sham. But Hey! How dare "Kim Jong Un" called our beloved President a "Monkey"? It's Americans who have the authoritative right to abuse others and still play VICTIM. Just accept their allegations else they bomb your country in the name of helping your starving, poor countrymen. Also be ready for collateral damages (read Mass Killing), I sure they have already typed their "Sorry letter" showing, how deeply they have shattered on the death of innocent Kids, Women, America has already did this in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Libya etc you can see how happy their citizens are after America "Rescued" them. The Interview movie tried to show that with "American Help", North Korea can fight with poverty and starvation, but they have to kill "Kim Jong Un" first. US is really bothered about North Korean financial condition, but they don't bother about African, South Asian countries etc Some people are coming into defense that it's cool as American are abusing and killing Korean President in the movie as American sometime insult their president too. Well! You can't abuse my parents just because your parents are habitual to your abuses. This is not a valid defense, it's shows how ill mannered you are! Abusing in the name of Freedom of Expression is a new fashion. As far as the movie is concerned, there is no story... just a mission assigned to the whole crew to make a movie showing "Kim Jong Un" Assassination, insult him as much as you can, propagate how Evil he is and show Americans are good and kind-hearted, BTW every villain is a Hero in his own eyes! After watching this movie you will know why almost 80% countries in the World Hate American, some openly doing this some playing diplomatic. America don't do this, world need Peace not massacre and war. Live and let live.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Michael Bay's paid HATERS, Please go F*ck yourselves!
There are many reviews where people given 2 star just because "Michael Bay" has produced this movie. Seriously Guys? Is this enough reason to hate a movie and spoil it's ratings? Few universal truth about "Michael Bay's" movies are 1-The Best Sound Effects 2-The Best Cinematography 3-The Best CGI 4-The Best Special Effects 5-The Best Action Scenes 6-The Best Editing and this movie is not an exception.

I know this is an unpopular opinion. But is far as I'm concerned, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first came to life in Michael Bay's movie. And it is therefore the best TMNT movie until something better comes along to replace it. The thing about Michael Bay, is that he's a master of layering different types of cinematic movement. It is not enough for Michael Bay to film someone having a conversation on the telephone. In that shot, everything will be moving. The camera will swoop around the actor in one direction from below, as the actor himself will turn in the other, which in conjunction with layers of depth in the foreground and background will give the scene an effect almost like parallax scrolling. This makes quiet shots feel epic, and epic shots even epic-er. But the shots themselves are almost always the same. In many ways, Bay is like a purple prose writer, always trying to knock it out of the park with every sentence, but never considering the subtle rhythms that need to work in the good of the whole. He's a slave to his own eye, who needs to make every image dynamic even when it runs contrary to the theme of the film. So why do people continue to go to Michael Bay films? The issue is a disconnect between our eyes and our brains. Bay's films prove that while we have become quite visually sophisticated, we're also, by large, visually illiterate. Haters blast Michael Bay films because they are paid to think about that way. In any case you can Like him or Hate him but you can't ignore him. His movies are milestones and he is creating another masterpiece every day. In India there is a famous saying "When people start talking against you ... then certainly you are making progress"

Wish I Was Here

Manipulated rating, just because this movie is about a Jewish Family! Reality: It's boring and pathetic
So many fake 10 stars by Jewish users, this mislead me and I watched this crap movie because of that, so now it's my responsibility to warn others! This is really boring movie, says nothing but tried to glorify the propaganda that how honest, cute and hardworking Jewish people are(I doubt that)! Whole movie is about this only, but no story at all! I just finish watching "Into the Wild" and switched on this movie(Influenced by fake rating) but it's nullified the goodness of previously watched "Into the Wild" movie. This movie is like a "boner killer"! I'm not as articulate as many of the other reviewers here on IMDb. Not as well read, nor is it likely I've seen as many movies as they have (I've only got 887 movies in my Watchlist and have already watched thousands other, though it's not a complete list). Still, I am skilled enough to say that this movie is bad. Not sorta bad, not kinda bad, but wretchedly bad. It takes reasonably good actors and has them acting badly, reading badly written lines and behaving in completely illogical ways.

Ek Villain

One time watch, but not as per expectations
Ek Villain has outstanding songs but somewhere it lacks in story and direction! Movie concept is good but director tried to give more emphasis on love and romantic angle rather than suspense, ultimate result is neither Love Story nor Suspense! We like Psycho movies and the actor who plays "Psycho Killer" role, be it Shahrukh Khan or Anthony Perkins! Rietesh is not that great. This movie is a direct lift from Korean movie and you may feel cheated if you watch Korean movie first then this, villain in Korean movie has done rally good job, but Reitesh is not even close to him!

As I said earlier, without Suspense quotient director kills the movie, I feel unsatisfied because of that reason, the way they were showing movie promos I thought this movie is going to rock because of it's cruel suspense scenes, but it fails badly on on my expectations, it's a cheating!

Sharadha Kapoor is looking pretty and nicely carry forward Indian tradition of Playing Dumb and Kind-hearted at the same time! Siddharth is a rising star and will surely become a dependable torch bearer for Indian cinema, he is Handsome and can kill girls by his one look, top of that he can act! Having said that, I don't feel any chemistry between Sharadha and Sidharth, they don't look like lovers.

There is also Amana Sharief, we don't see her in promos, she is a beautiful doll and a reasonably good actress but sad to know her acting career is not shaping well, her beauty surely justify Ritesh Deshmukh's mad love towards her!

The way movie songs come and go is disappointing and irritating, song lyrics has nothing to do with the story-line, they have been inserted forcefully in the movie.

Well movie is still a hit irrespective of what I said above because everyone watch movies on all weekends no matter how good or bad movie is! Watch this movie if you have nothing to do else missing this movie is surely a time and money saver.

Songs are really good, I am still enjoying that!


Wow! Somehow I managed to Decode this Movie! I am a living legend!
Is this a Movie or a Mathematics question? OK! OK! I agree Director and scriptwriter are smarter than me but wait, am I watching a movie or solving a boring tricky reasoning question? Shut up! Don't try to "show off" that from your own illogical assumptions, somehow you manage to crack this story, but surely this movie does not deserve that much rating and that's too just because you have tried to solve this movie. We watch movies for entertainment and not to test our mental ability. BTW with the story and unclear ending every viewer can draw his own conclusions. OK but question is what am I trying to say here? Hmmmm let me explain! This is not the first movie with this type of vague ending, I have seen may before, in India there is a film director(Ram Gopal Verma) whose career ended because of these type of non sense experiments.

Dude public don't give a SH!T about how far you can think, we liked Fight Club (1999) because it clarifies the whole events, but this movie just ended abruptly which only causes irritation.

My actual rating is 5 because of "Jake Gyllenhaal" acting, I always admired his acting skills, he did good job in this movie too. But I am deducting 3 stars because of some wannabe smarty pants here, who are claiming that they managed to understand this poor movie.


Dear Critics! Frankly speaking.....I did not like it dear
With enough criticism written, I would like to rub some more salt before you dare to even watch this one......This is Indian film industry's tradition that film fraternity writes and says only good things about any new entrant from their Khaandan, this time they are also carrying on this legacy and you can find that every critic and film personality is giving this more "3-4 stars" out of five. All I can say most of them have sold their soul and not only their profession, after 5 star to Kkrish-3 incident I have completely lost my faith.

OK now lets talk about the movie, Everything about this movie was wrong the script, screenplay, the main actor and actresses except the song and Prakash Raj. They claim that movie's budget is Rs 35 Cr, well I don't see anything in the movie where they have actually invested as whole star-cast is fresh and I don't think if they charge crores, but you can guess that most of the fund was reserved for marketing and Critics fees.

Now come to the story, then this is another South Indian Movie with heavy forgettable "Sadak Chaap" dialogue and running, jumping with non-sense fight scenes.

We all know about weird look of Tiger Shroff, but it was disappointing to know that this chap is really good Gymnast and he may win few Olympic medals for the country but his family is more interested to force him to choose Acting career. This lad is completely emotionless and his expressions are flat, his dialogue delivery does not leave any impact on the audience,I was not expecting a great demonstration of acting skills from him and he even does not surprise us either. Director tried to create a new fusion of Gymnastic Abilities and Music but it's not very convincing or entertaining, Tiger Shroff did as much as 50-60 "flips", his "flips" are the only talent they were trying to show us, whether it was fight or dance scene, "FLIPS" were everywhere, after watching the whole movie they successfully convinced us that he can actually "Flip". And now about Actress, all I can say I may not recognize her if I see her in another movie because there is nothing for her but just to dance with hero and shed tears by using glycerin.

My advice to you is that just watch video songs on the YouTube and you can skip the movie as there is nothing more entertaining than the songs. It's already available for free, no need to spend money.

Please remember that Tiger Shroff can "Flip", Yes! he can actually "Flip", Oh God he "Filped Again", It's really Awesome that he can "flip", OMG how adorable he is flipping again. "THE FLIP"

Rest choice is your! Make your own judgment. Note: English is not my First language.


The Height of Behsarmi!
Everything was good about this movie, it's Title, Director, Actor and Poster but ever since they release it's first promo we got a hint that this movie is aged in it's feel, cinematography and techniques. We got the idea what is going to happen with the movie. Well it was 2nd October, a national holiday, but I still got movie ticket just 5 minutes before the showtime(as expected). I entered the theater expecting Besharam to be 'Dabangg-ish' or something similar to director Abhinav Kashyap's first film and it was nowhere near my expectations. Yes, Ranbir does act but nothing was in his hand, well he also tried to do some deliberate and out of the sync semi-nude bathing scene, I guess they added this scene just before the release because movie was getting lukewarm response in promotions and this is why I titled this review as "The Height of Behsarmi!", Cheater! There are very few funny (1-2) scene but trust me you can get better laughter in TV comedy shows than this. OK let's talk about female lead in the movie "Pallavi Sharda", her IMDb page says that "She is an INTERNATIONAL film and theater actress and dancer, "OK enough about her, but there are some rumors that she is a girlfriend of the director, Hmmm now we got the idea why is she in the movie. Yes, there are Ranbir's Parents too in the movie and this aspect is more irritating than Story, Faaltu outdated Maar-Dhaad, International Heroin, Forgettable Songs, Semi-nude Bath scene, direction etc. I wasted my Rs 600 and precious time, Save Yours! spend your weekend with your family and don't even let them go near the theaters.

PS: INTERNATIONAL film and theater actress...... My foot!

Desh Drohi

IMDb must introduce rating in negative numbers so that people know how bad this movie is
This movie is a milestone of bad cinema, a person with normal senses can't watch it, so do I. I could not bear this movie for even 30 min, everything was way awful than you guys can imagine. This movie ended career of all known actors in this movie. I wish I can write more but this movie does not deserve any write up also. Now IMDb is forcing me to write 10 lines, so let me tell you more about this movie. The main lead actor in this movie does not suites for spot boy, even extra actors were did fantastic job than him. You may laugh when he dance, run or even he cries. This movie is a joke for Indian film industry. In fight scene Even a the baseball bat has done a good acting than actor.

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