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Sorjonen: Muraalimurhat

Horrible movie
Needs editing. It's exceptionally choppy, with a terrible bizarre plot. Some things were never explained. The top 5 targets are such an odd mix. From terrible criminals to lighter weight. That made no sense. If these detectives are the cream of the crop, then that department is in big trouble. The stupid things they do are a real turn off. Real police detectives would never do some of the things they did. This was also confusing. I felt as if I walked into a movie where I had missed half. I'm writing this review before it's even over. Cause I don't care who the Judge is anymore.

One Royal Holiday

I'm not a Hallmark Christmas movie person but...
I watch a few every year. This one was very good. As another reviewer said, they have accomplished actors who are wonderful. The setting in the inn is lovely. I love that it's a gradual romance and that the prince is so work oriented. It just made me feel good which is difficult to do for me lately. The subtle humor in it is refreshing. I would say the writers are excellent. The supporting cast are all terrific experienced actors too. I don't watch the number of Hallmark movies other people do. I usually watch about 20 minutes of the ones I choose and then I'm either hooked or turn it off. I don't need a Hollywood blockbuster to give a movie a high score. Every movie can't be a Titanic, Alien or Jaws. I judge them by how I react to them. My other favorite Hallmark Christmas movie is Let It Snow with Candace Cameron Bure. I would love to be a guest at either inn/ resort. That would be my dream.

Six Minutes to Midnight

Very tense movie.
Not every movie can be constant action as some people seem to require. It was not tedious at all. This was a thriller. As to the people who say why do we care if the girls go back or not, the school mistress was also taking intelligence back with them which was stated several times. There was enough action for us and the build up to it was very good. To the reviewer who wishes Alfred Hitchcock could have directed it, this director did a great job. As much as I love Hitchcock, there are several of his movies that I didn't like as much as this. The cinematography was wonderful. Eddie Izzard and Judi Dench were very good. I loved the pictures of the real school shown at the end. Not sure about the spoiler question so I'll say yes.


Beautifully done movie.
Great photography and actors and first 3/4 of the story. I would have given it an 8 or 9 but I intensely disliked the ending. Can't directors ever uplift us? I'm actually sorry I watched it. I suppose that saying this is a spoiler.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Horrible movie.
Dull. I recorded this because of the rave reviews. So many said it was Price's best movie. I disagree. As a huge fan of his, I've seen so many of his good movies that actually required acting. I wasn't fond of the gothic stage show - not my thing. The only bearable parts of the movie were the detectives discussing the case. This was boring. I quit watching it early on.

Ready or Not

Great movie!
Action, thrills and some laughs. The write of this story is a genius. It held our interest. It's so different from anything I've seen. I can't understand any bad reviews. You know that there is some dark humor from the write up. Not too much though cause I'm not into heavy dark humor. For me it was mostly exciting and scary, but the laughs were appreciated. It's a nice escape from the same old plots. We both really enjoyed it.

Brighton Rock

I liked this movie a lot
The characters/ actors were great, the chase of the journalist at the beginning was exciting and the settings of the chase were fantastic. Richard Attenborough was riveting and the supporting cast was great. I deducted two stars because of the ending. Without giving anything away, I thought it was awful. They rewrote the ending because they didn't think the audience could cope with the ending in the book. I'm not sure if my comment is a spoiler so I said yes it does contain spoilers.

Wrong Turn

Quit naming movies Wrong Turn!
I recorded this thinking it was the original. I saw the first 10 minutes and knew something was wrong. I see there was another one also called Wrong Turn. Really? Make a mediocre movie and try to grab an audience with the same name.


Terrible movie
This movie was boring, confusing and not scary. It jumps from time frame to time frame and you don't know what happened when. I would have turned it off after 20-25 minutes but men seem to stick to movies even if they hate them and my husband stuck to it. He gave it a 1 also.

Capsized: Blood in the Water

I'm giving this high stars to make up for ....
The people giving this 1, 2 and 3 and saying the dialogue and acting is bad are out there as far as I'm concerned. One reviewer criticizes that there was a drunk and a novice. Well the novice seemed to me to hold his weight in this film. He was competent as far as learning procedures. The captain was caught between a rock and a hard place as to what to do when the storms hit. I felt that either way, they would have capsized. To say that Sharknado is superior shows your poor taste in movies. To say it's boring is not true. It was tense a few minutes into it. If it was embellished, well, you try making a movie without adding some things. We don't even know that it was embellished. The one person wrote several books about what happened. It was terrifying, not boring and I love when they show survivors pictures at the end. I'm adding several stars due to ridiculous reviews.

Jeepers Creepers 2

Very good.
I can't believe the low rating on both of these movies 1 and 2. These were so frightening snd not the same stupid mindless gore of so many movies now. I actually like this one better than the first. I can rewatch them over and over especially this one. The plot of 2 is so good and doesn't have the same awful ending directors seem to think are great. I recommend for a fun night.

What Lies Below

Had potential.
Good writers know how to write a satisfying ending. Too many writers just seem to drop the pen so to speak. This movie had so much potential. Nothing is explained at the end, it's really terrible. Do not waste your time. It had me feeling creepy for the first half. What a disappointment!


I gave it 2 extra stars because of the ridiculous low reviews.
It wasn't convoluted. You had to be able to pay attention and appreciate an intelligent script. People now seem to give high reviews to a bunch of explosions. Period. I loved the cast, the dialogue and the plot. The bank robberies were frightening. It kept us riveted throughout. I'd love to see more movies like this. We get sick of movies that go on for entire seasons and don't even seem to know where they're going. It's nice to find good stand alone movies. Christopher Meloni and David Bautista were outstanding. Bautista provided some comic relief.

The Devil All the Time

Horrible movie.
If you like a lot of random brutality and religious hicks who are always praying but are not nice people this may be for you. The only good people in the movie get murdered or die. People in this movie commit heinous acts in the name of God or as a sacrifice to God to have their prayers answered. I really don't understand all the high marks. I stuck with this for an hour and my husband kept watching. He never stops watching a movie once he starts even if he hates it. I'm still in the same room listening to this garbage. I am not a girlie movie girl. I like action movies and thrillers with violence. There must be a balance between good and evil for me. It actually scares me that so many people gave this such high marks. Watching this movie is like living a nightmare.


Mediocre movie
There is no suspense build up, no character development, and you can't see what's happening most of the time. This is nothing like Alien! Alien was frightening and the people in the spaceship had individual talents as far as operations were concerned. It was believable. You got to see their personalities. I wasn't frightened once during Underwater. The only really good glimpse I had of the monster, it did resemble the Alien when it jumped out of the guys stomach. That's the only similarity. This was cheaply made. I really can't believe people who have seen well made movies like Alien and others could give this rave reviews.

The Shakiest Gun in the West

Much better than The Paleface
I see I'm in the minority here but the Don Knotts movie had a better cast and was so much funnier. Barbara Rhoades was more believable as the criminal and also more appealing than Jane Russell and Bob Hope is not as crazy funny as Knotts. We laughed a lot for Shakiest Gun in the West. We're 30 minutes into The Paleface and haven't laughed at all.

El fotógrafo de Mauthausen

I can't believe this only has a 6.7.
Anyone who found this unengaging probably shouldn't even be watching WII/ Nazi movies. They obviously don't understand the terror and horrors people had to go through under the Nazis. They should probably stick with some empty minded action flicks. This movie was done to perfection. Who could not find this frightening and intense? It does not start out slow as some have said. Doesn't anyone understand suspense and build up anymore? I don't think the prisoners standing naked knowing that they might be chosen for something horrendous was slow. This could never be done so well in Hollywood. The true movie making talent is coming from other countries like Spain. It is up there with the top Nazi movies I have seen and it's true. The party scene was especially scary. The ending was wonderful and satisfying. This photographer and those who assisted him are all heroes. It is an inspiring story.

Casual Sex?

I love this movie
The cast is great and it's light. It's everything movies aren't now. A good ending. Good music. I watch it every time it's on. Is it an Oscar winner? No. But I'm rating it for how it entertains me.


Good movie.
I had seen this years ago and I was pretty sure I remembered who the devil was but not positive. It's an exciting movie and has some good twists. Has a much better ending than most movies nowadays. It deserves higher than a 6.2.

Perry Mason

Not Earl Stanley Gardner characters
Disappointed. Maybe I'd like it better if they weren't just using the Perry Mason name as a hook. I'm not crazy about his girlfriend or whatever she is to him. There are too many abrasive/annoying characters. I dont even like Della Street's cracks, she had no charisma. The sets are great and it has some potential, but I'm a Perry Mason/ Raymond Burr fan and can't handle this prequel. Maybe if they had him as a down and out private eye, but not quite so drastic. Take it down a notch. I'll probably watch this case to its conclusion, but it's not believable that this guy eventually became the famous, classy attorney.

Wake in Fright

Terrible movie!
Who are these reviewers? If you think this is one of those great outback thrillers that are made so well, you're going to be disappointed. I don't know who categorized this as a drama/thriller. It's about an isolated outback town where the men are just a bunch of goofy hard drinking, gambling, shooting people. There is no suspense. It's just simple minded. There are no explanations given of what these people do and everyone is odd and crude. I cannot believe this has a 7.7. I got a bunch of movies off of a new channel I installed on my Roku stick which I cross checked on here. We've tried several and they both have higher reviews than they deserve. We're thinking of giving up on that channel. Apparently they carry a lot of bad movies, but that still doesn't explain why the scores on here are high. If you keep waiting for something to happen, you'll wait a long time.

Operation Finale

The people who think movies like this are boring should probably stick to car chases and Marvel comics. This was a very tense movie about a man who was so evil - probably the people who give it low scores don't even know who Adolf Eichmann was. Some dramatic fiction was probably added because to make a good movie that's a necessity. To the reviewer who said the plane being held up was cliche, this actually did happen. No, I didn't need caffeine at all. I thought it was very well done and the acting was great.

The Descent: Part 2

This had so much potential.
So many stupid things - the idiotic sheriff for one. You're taking a woman who is totally not there mentally back into the cave. They could have done a little more character descriptions. I took a star off because of the ending. Don't directors ever think we're getting tired of the same old ? I loved the first one so much I gave it a 10.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Delightful movie.
This is one of those movies that is entertaining to children and adults. The animation and beautiful colors are wonderful. We laughed throughout the movie. The dialogue was very witty. Our dog watched the entire movie, jumping around and shaking his ball. He wore himself out. This is a kid pleasing movie for sure.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

We watched this movie for 35 minutes. We were so bored and shocked since we liked the first one so much. Dark, drab animation, no fun, no wit - just terrible. I can't see this holding the attention of any child or adult. We had also received The Secret Life of Dogs and switched to it. That was a delightful movie.

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