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Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta

One of the most amazing movie!
As you probably know Miyazaki created many animes. This is one of his works, and like all of his works, it is simply amazing. Many people do not realize this but Most of Miyazaki's movies are intended for older/adult audiences, despite the fact that it seems like for children. Therefore even adults will appreciate his movies. The story is kind of slow in the beginning because it seems that the rising action part has to be long for the audiences to understand. It is after about 1/3 of the movie when it gets exciting. The story is just amazing and watching this will brings all the fantasies that you had when you were kid. The animation is beautiful, although if you saw all of his movies the character shapes and landscapes do start to change. I was little disappointed with animation because it wasn't as sharp and beautiful as his later works but it still surpasses most animations out there. Even if you are not a fan of anime this is a must see for everyone. I would give this movie 9.2/10.

BTW: Why is it spelled Rapyuta in Japanese version? Because Japanese language lack certain pronounciation that exist in English/latin, therefore it is easier for them to say "ra" than "la" and "pyu" than "pu".

Kurenai no buta

Great movie!
Most of Miyazaki's movies are intended for adults, although it seems that it is for kids. Kurenai no buta, a.k.a. Crimson Pig or Porco Rosso, is his first and probably only movie that clearly shows that it is for adults since it focus more on romance than action. If you are expecting an action movie this movie might disappoint you. This beautifully drawn movie is about a pilot who is cursed and is transformmed to pig, and like the frog princess, he must be kissed by someone to transform back to human. Like I said, do not expect an action movie; this movie is intended for those who appreciate anime and is open minded. Because I am a huge fan of Miyazaki, I give this movie 8.9/10

Stargate: Atlantis

Great Spin-off!
There are some people who are comparing Stargate: Atlantis to Startrek Voyager. As a Trekker and a huge fan of Voyager, SG: Stlantis is not similar to Voyager. I have seen all the Voyager episodes, and so far, none of the episodes have had same storyline.

Although they both start off in an unknown location where they cannot return to earth, the story that continues after is completely different.

There are some similarities, such as the Wraith vs. the Borg and the Atlantians vs. Caretaker, many other things do not match.

Atlantis has a unique storyline, that is very fun to watch and will continue to make you watch it again and again. Also, since this is made by Sci-fi, there are no commercials!

However, if you are a Trekkies, where you want variety, you might not like the show. In the show, everyone speaks English (lol I know) and most of them (excluding the wraith) looks like human. Also, the technologies are not as techie as in Startrek.

Give it a chance. I'm sure many people will like it. Also it will keep continue to make you watch more. Although not as scientific as Startrek, this is a must for every startrek fans!

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