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The Queen's Gambit

This is the best series I've ever watched. I was drawn into how the character is able to survive genius and madness at once. She addicted to winning but can she win it all? Such a good series.

Who Is Christmas Eve?

Kind of predictable but enjoyable if you look past the flaws
This movie was cute if you look past all the flaws such as the fact that they had to steal information from the church and from the hospital and then it seemed as if only this one high-powered investigator was able to get information in unethical ways. It was very predictable that her father would be a Black man and her mother would be a white woman. I did enjoy the movie and almost shed a tear when they reunited mother, father and child. It does paint an unrealistic picture of the happy ending though.

Favorite Son

You knew he would get caught up in some foolishness but this movie makes it seem like everyone in leadership in the church is grimy and that's not true. I don't like these kind of movies where the focus is so negative and there's a lot of sleeping around. A shame because it could've been better.

Baking Spirits Bright

This movie was hard to watch because they lack chemistry. She kept disrespecting this grown man who was simply hired to do a job. The fruitcake idea is kinda lame too. I wish they had a better storyline.

I'm Fine (Thanks for Asking)

Sadly accurate
The experience of so many. Grippingly tells the story of one mother's journey in trying to make it as an un-housed human in a harsh world. She wants to make ends meet and this movie depicts the hardships she faces.

A Christmas Miracle

Starts off boring and doesn't draw you in...
This starts off dry and you feel like you can predict what will happen the story does pick up and it ends up being an enjoyable film for a typical Christmas movie.

I'm Fine (Thanks for Asking)

Sadly accurate
The experience of so many. Grippingly tells the story of one mother's journey in trying to make it as an un-housed human in a harsh world. She wants to make ends meet and this movie depicts the hardships she faces.

Once Upon a River

Drawn in by the hope for survival
This was a beautiful story of courage and perseverance featuring a girl who dealt with many difficulties. I don't like how her mother was but that's life. She didn't even look back and had the nerve to ask if Cal asked for her or something. A part of me wanted Smoke to see the baby but I knew he'd be gone before the birth.

I would recommend it because it draws you in and you'll find yourself rooting for the main character.

Always and Forever

I tried. They tried. No. Skip it.
This isn't a good movie at all. It drags on and the acting by the husband is horrible. He isn't even convincing in his role as a good husband and then (don't read unless you want a spoiler) we find out he's Peter? LOL. OKAYY?! We could've seen it coming. Thriller? Nope. Drama... Sure. Anything to wrap up the movie. They wasted Wood Harris in this movie. He's too good for this.

Without Remorse

Skip it.
It's horrible and not realistic. My mom is a vet and she pointed out so many things that wouldn't ever happen. Smh. So many loops and moments where you will wonder how did that happen or yell out "yea right!" Pass. And who sits in a burning car and has a whole conversation? Who goes back into a sinking plane and is able to breathe underwater that long? Who can fight all of the prison guards and come out with a crisp new shirt? Nope. Not realistic.

Married at First Sight

Officially out of love
This show has some promise but now they are letting toxic relationships steal the spotlight of people who may actually go on to find love. This Paige and Chris situation this season is a prime example of how this show is toxic now and it's he couples drama help ratings.

Wendy Williams: The Movie

Ciera Peyton captured my attention and was believable as Wendy Williams. This novice started off rocky for me just because of the narration but by fifteen minutes in, I was hooked. Her story is a story of triumph but you can see how she really went through it to get to where she is. This movie was well done.

The Silencing

Slow start
This movie was very predictable and could've been more suspenseful. They tried to give a plot twist but we could figure it out with a little common sense.

The Greatest Showman

Better than I expected.
This was the perfect family night movie. I loved the music although at first I thought it would be annoying. I enjoyed the scenes and the costumes and everything about this magical film. I would definitely watch it again.

The Perfect Christmas Present

Only watch this if you want to predict what the story will be about and realize twenty minutes in that you figured it out and the story is lame. Not sure why this is even a Christmas movie. I could've come up with a better holiday premise. He has a girlfriend but falls in love / steals someone else's for Christmas?

My Mom's Darkest Secrets

Cheesy and good if you like Lifetime mysteries
This movie starts off odd because of the birthdate but give it a chance. It's cheesy in a let's see what happens kind of way and you'll fall into the trap of trying to figure out why he had to die. A good way to past the time but don't jump in 100% expecting plot twists. It's kinda predictable.

Chocolate Kiss

Cute but...
It needed more of something. Maybe better lines, better acting and less time with the friends giving their two cents.

The Wrong Boy Next Door

Low budget poor acting
I wish this movie was believable. He put the biggest cameras in their house and you mean to tell me she didn't notice as she's on house arrest all day? The fact that she assaulted a teacher and only got house arrest as an 18 year old ... sure that's unbelievable and then the fact that the movie moved so slow was hard to stay focused. No need to drag the story out the way this one dragged.

My Spy

Same story
We saw this already. It's cute again because there's a little girl but they should've made it a little more kid friendly with the language. There were so many unbelievable scenarios but it was a good quarantine movie for a boring Saturday night. So many things in this movie made me think about how impracticable the story was but it was cute and light for entertainment.

A Killer Among Us

This is a typical made for TV movie but it wasn't even believable. Straight up comedy watching the fake reactions that should have been serious. Only finish if there's nothing else on.

Chapter & Verse

This film shows a powerful story of a man's daily struggle to survive and the ultimate choice he has to make to protect the next generation. He makes peace with so many parts of his life that he lost when he went to prison. I didn't anticipate the ending at all. Wow.

Holiday Heist

Cute holiday movie with a twist
This was cute. Some of the usual Christmas predictability... but I enjoyed it.

The Christmas Pact

This was the most cheesy Christmas story I've watched all season. Sadie is annoying and oblivious to the love that there. The wig they put on the best friend male character was ridiculous. I waited for a plot. I waited for a reason to keep watching. Skip this one.

Two Wrongs

Could've been better
I really wish the premise of this move was a little more believable. Once the mother got involved this movie because so phony and unbelievable. Most of the action was very predictable and horribly planned out. Every time Grace's father went to the phone booth I cringed. Just so horribly unbelievable.

Character development was also lacking. So many places this fell flat. The detective that came to the house seemed too forced. There could've been more story development there. This movie started out being intense but ended as a dud.

Don't waste your time.

Beyond the Lights

Great movie about finding your voice literally...
This movie shows what it is like to strip away what others want you to be and just to become yourself. I appreciate the movement of the story and how the story developed. I enjoyed watching the romance build and the plot was well written. This is a good movie for a romantic movie night or just a girls' night.

This is a good example of how love grows organically. The ending was not predictable and I enjoyed watching the story unfold.

The music selected for this film is excellent and I like that they referenced NINA SIMONE! Blackbird is one of my favorite songs of hers and the ending song of the movie really shows how the main character grew.

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