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  • 20 October 2020
    The first two seasons, imo, were brilliant! S3 was okay buy S3 with 5 episodes in, is disastrous! There was so much time between S3 wrap up until the fourth season arrived that I'm totally appalled by what Noah has written. Sure he was writing Legion, which I love despite many not such a fan of, but this is totally disconnected from the Fargo world. A real let down and of course every fan of this series has big expectations. You have to if you've seen the previous seasons and I think this is why I'm so disappointed with S4.
  • Dont even waste your time. This remake is criminal and a disgrace to the original created by Dennis Kelly. Besides, the original rewards you with captivating rewatches---a series you'll want to revisit each year and does NOT age at all. Gillian Flynn failed massively with this.
  • Vince Vaughn proved he is very versatile in the past but with his latest film, I will forever respect just how really incredible he really is. Just phenomenal.

    That said, look, the negative reviews are from individuals who do not prefer gory and violent films. And anyone will agree those two words are an understatement.

    This movie is perfectly tight never leaving you NOT captivated. It's a very straightforward story nor is it extraordinary but somehow it feels so every moment watching this.

    This movie is white knuckle, high octane violence, and creates one of this decades best characters in Bradley Riley. This movie is incredible and doesnt deserve anything short of 8.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bravo to Steven Knight, the creator/writer, and the rest of the writers because this show has the best dialogue of any show airing. So many quotes but also profound words used. Its beautiful.

    If you've seen past the first season that means you love this show and loved every season so far.

    However. I'm seeing some people stating that the latest season was a decline in the shows prosperous run and I totally disagree. The season, while always being captivating, is setting up the sixth season or possibly the final two seasons left.

    One of the best series and most unqiue
  • This series is sunshine. The perfect type of comedy that you look forward to watching soon as you get home at night to unwind and return to living in this shows world that is nothing short of happiness full of laughs EVERY episode.

    So. How is this series, one of the best comedies, have such a short balling rating of 7.7? This consertivaly deserves at least an 8.2.

    It took another great comedy series in Happy Endings and updated it including brilliant writing/writers, and incredible comedic acting.

    The perfect cocktail of shutting your brain off at night, absorbing tons of laughs, and provides rewarding rewatching. A perfect cocktail for a comedy.

    Nothing but love for this show that does NOT disclude men and welcomes both. Enjoy
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Each season has been building to season 4. We've invested in this worlds characters and care a lot for the endless amount of characters this show offers. I can't remember a show that introduces us to so many intriging people that are beautifully writen with depth.

    John obviously survives but of course he couldnt die because it wouldnt have the same effect as Beth dying in that explosion. Believe me. Shes dead. She is the only character that would undo John, especially RIP, and Kayce.

    That's why this third season spent so much time on her finally finding happiness and with RIP it was literally a fairy tale love story. But we all know those dont exist.

    I'll tell you why it makes sense that RIP goes and visits his mother, talking to her and taking the ring. To show how much his difficult life has changed because hes marrying the woman of his dreams. The one person that knows how to balance him. He loved her witty humor and how much smarter she is than the men she deals with.

    When that bomb went off, it started a war with the Duttons and the Indians that it will also effect.

    Then we have Jamie. A man, almost brother, that's involved in the attempted killing of his father or man that raised him, his brother, and his sister. It shows what Beth told him. Hes evil.

    Though this was an incredible final episode or cliffhanger, I didnt feel like I was cheated because it was an abrupt shocking ending that provides so much content for the fourth season. I'm only angry I binged watched it in a day.

    Every fan of this show all love RIP. The fourth is RIPS season to hopefully gain the recognition for his brilliant acting, but let us all see the toughest SOB unleash his rage along with his father figure John and Kayce, who we all know survived that attack.

    I'm very confident stating the fourth season will go down as one of the best seasons in TV history. By then hopefully everybody that hadnt discovered this gem will find it and realize why everyone says this is the best series right now.

    A fathers revenge. RIPs only happiness in his life: a women that he would die for. Vengeance. A member of the family betraying them and murdering and attempting to murder them all. The Indians. Hopefully we'll see what the Clan Warrior will do.

    Best show
  • Make no mistake, this series contains a lot of action, violence, and drama. However, if you're going because of this, you'll likely bail out of this early. And reading through some of these "reviews" I guarantee those rating this less than a seven, have threw in the towel the first few episodes and that's a tragedy and injustice to yourself.

    What this series really thrives on is its stellar writing, incredible dialgue, and incredible characters deeply written oh and brilliant casting.

    This decade consists of truly amazing series and yet I am fully confident this is among the best. You cant view this with a sprint mindset but a marathon knowing each season improves upon the last. And believe me that's saying A LOT! Once you become hooked, you fall in love with many of these intriging characters and follow each of their journeys beautifully portrayed. This show is profound. Simple as that. Theres endless drama beneath the surface and a world you'll yearn to experience.

    Absolutely captivating and riveting. Believe me, I am being as un-biased as possible. thank me later
  • The best show you may have just heard of.

    It captures the legends of Bruce Lee in many aspects and the casting is absolutely flawless because these actors are playing VERY intriguing characters that all play an important part in this world that Tropper once again executes so incredibly.

    I could not imagine watching this weekly because it's like a movie and an absolute addictive binge watch. You'll enjoy the experience even more binging especially right before season 2 arrives in early September.

    The fighting is second to none in terms of a TV series like this. Way better than Into the Badlands and it even holds a light to Deadwood and in many ways both shows share many similarities.

    The brilliant dialgue.

    So MANY interesting and fascinating characters.

    A part of history

    The same kind of world

    Without one single doubt, I swear to you this is the best series if you're looking to be riveted and captivated EVERY episode. You'll be oozing with passion not even halfway through!
  • I know I've stumbled upon a gem of a series, a special show, when the world of this series has so many roots that assure me that this first season absolutely means this will provide a few more seasons, and after devouring the first season, you'll be so invested in every root and watching each one bloom.

    What I mean is this series offers so much intrigue within very well written characters, none that are wasted.

    The casting is absolutely superb and stellar. Same with the acting.

    Of course we all know this series showrunner, Jonothan Tropper, also created Banshee.

    Except the same violence and high octane action, this series feels much more matured in Troppers career.

    I guarantee that if this show was on a better platform or streaming platform, it would be a MASSIVE hit and well received by the masses. This may not be fair to say, but it reminds me of a modern day Deadwood.

    This show had its hooks in me after the first two episodes and then it just kept getting better and better with each episode and then episode five comes along and surprises me more and convinces me that this is very special. It was like Hateful Eight but 55 minutes. By episode 5 you will all happily agree that this series is here to stay for a long time and imo, will ultimately surpass Banshee and add to the creators brilliant portfolio

    love the element the showrunner decided to incorporate, and I think it's an advantage to know before watching, is that though the Chinese characters are talking in English, its not revealed until later
  • I believe when it comes to any dramas, I have a great eye for the good series to the incredible dramas.

    I am STUNNED by the negative reviews pertaining to season two. While I REALLY feel this series deserves a 9, I cant get past or forgive the writers for being overzealous not substituting the Russians. Yeah sure, some scenes spoken in Russian you can get a feel for with the context surrounding the scene, but with most, you are just watching Telemundo.

    However, the reason s1 is a solid 10 is because these same writers, that have wrote respectful series before, wrote the hell out of it resulting in EVERY episode captivating.

    It felt so fresh. A new breathe with what we've become accustomed to watching. The characters are written beautifully in this series but the BEST attribute to this shows depth is it's all out for EVERY character being killed etc.

    Not many showrunners have the guts that this series does having NO PROBLEM killing off important people that you will care about. All shows that consist of this kind of fearless writing are most likely excellent shows.

    The twists and turns, of course but again, a fresh breathe at how they capture and execute everything so flawlessly, more so s1.

    S1 is a 10. S2 in all honesty is no where near as bad as people are saying. Sure, everything is subjective but please listen to me and watch this series because you will be lost for three days in a binge attack.

    Only problem is unfortunately not a good platform picked this up, despite its wonderful production, audience network sucks ass bc many people, most, do not have access to it bc why would you. Their best series are Kingdom, one of my personal fav series, and Condor.

    William Hurt was brilliant as always and Max Irons is a savage and the new modern day Ryan Phillippe. Incredible acting across the board.

    This series is amazing please dont miss out!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nearly every episode of the first two seasons of this show, I gave an episode a ten. The final season I gave five episodes a ten. The other three, as you can guess, were the first two. Not until The Orgin did I give a ten and was immediately back on board. This is just an honest opinion of a series that's one of my all time favorite but I'll be honest and admit, the final had its flaws.

    Yes, I too was fucking scratching my head after a few episodes is going on here. The first two seasons, as crazy as this sounds, were not confusing and straightforward compared to the arrival of the third and final season.


    This isnt a series like LOST. Which btw, I still love and its still one of my fav shows. This series knew the ending was the beginning and vice versa. They knew the direction they were going to take us on and this is only one example why I think this series is such an experience and immensely compelling and intriguing.

    This story is very intricate but very simplistic at the same time. I can say this now because I've finished the series. Everything and everyone had a specific purpose. I binged the second season prior but now I feel this series deserves a reward to get that extra reward for a show that is so layered. All the signs. Every action and every effect. Who knew it all began with the clockmaker after his family is killed in a car accident. Who knew that set it all in motion.

    I believe everyone added how incredible and perfect this series is. I can only hope that this show inspires a lot of writers out there into producing something half as good as this series.

    So, bottom line, the first couple of episodes are neccessary, because this series is beginning to tie everything together.

    When was the last time a show in this genre stick a landing this perfect?

    I'm aware of 12 monkeys but that's not on the level of this show.
  • I can't say any longer that, imo, this is the most underrated series out there.

    It simply is and that's a fact! This series is second to none and that's a promise!

    This show is an experience. An emotional one filled with constant conflict filled with REAL cowboys. There's something so romanticizing about western shows captured and executed perfectly. When's the last time a series in this genre even mentioned the word "Wranglers". Its very authentic. Too real. And the dialogue is incredible. There are countless quotes from this show. That's where this show sets a precedent. THE WRITING! It is stellar and flawless.

    Every episode improves upon the former. It builds and builds. There are so many characters that you will become invested in and 3D characters. Every actor involved in this show has a very intriguing story or background. You'll be convinced after you realize how fast you binge the two seasons and beginning of the third (s3 episode one available at the time of this review)

    This also presents factual history of native Americans and casts the possibility of people learning what really happened and how important it is in order to appreciate every Native American. But this show DOES NOT force any agenda down your throat. western series always go hand in hand with Indians. Its always been cowboys and Indians but this show has presented the cowboy life, ranchers lives, and native Americans like never before. This was just a bonus to actually be enlightened and at the same time alway being captivating and compelling evoking A LOT of emotions.

    This show gives you the feels. I have to say RIP is an amazing character and played so superbly. As well as Costner, the actor who plays Kayce, and arguably the best performance by the daughter, Beth.

    It's sad that so many people are unaware of this show or havent discovered it due to the platform it's on (paramount network). If this show was on a more accessible and more prominent platform, everyone would be talking about it. It took me two episodes to be hooked. This show has A LOT of drama, constant drama and conflict, which always pushes the plot forward (conflict).

    Take away the humor and attire that everyone wears in HBOs phenomenal series Succession, and move them to Montana and you get the gist of what you're about to experience. This show is relentless and doesnt hold back punches. And the emotional ones keep coming too.

    I think it's fair to say that s1 is a solid 8.5 and the second season is 9.

    Do whatever you have to in terms of finding a way to watch this show because you will miss out on the best show out there!
  • I believe that many, many people attach a taboo to this series being it's on ABC et cetera, but man, you do not know what you're missing.

    I'm not over hyping HTGAWM at all when I say that this series is worthy enough of safely setting aside of some of the great TV series of all time and I'll explain why:

    Peter Norwalk is a man that knows his craft. This show produces more conflict in one season than most shows I've watched, forget about EACH episode! Not only that, but he allows the directing to capture all, and there are A LOT, of sub plots going on the side just by letting the camera pause to catch a characters look etc. I'm not sure I'm articulating it properly and doing it justice how Norwalk has countless technical and storytelling devices he incorporates into this show any justice but it's incredibly done and makes for an amazing series that NEVER let's go of your attention!

    This is a show that once you start you see it through to the finish that will result in a huge void in your life once you've completed it, a showhole, and appreciate how incredible this series really is on the landscape of all the content available. You cannot say you're a TV buff if you do not get to experience this series headed by the phenomenal Viola Davis
  • First to rid this misconception with many people saying it's a tired trope in this genre of black mirror. What's wrong with you people? Daniel's has been working on this, or at least started it 9 years ago! I'm not saying Greg Daniel's is Bob Lazar. But I'm saying, yeah at the core its VERY similar concept as one of the best episodes of Black mirror et cetera.

    However, it lives in this concept. This show is expanding on that concept. I look at it this way. Theres at least half a dozen black mirror episodes I wished a show was based on. I'm not saying this is it. Not at all. But I'm open minded.

    Nevermind with all that. That aside, this series didnt romance me until about the third episdoe. Around there and then I was hooked. The show became very charming. Endearing.

    Hey maybe Michael Schur and Greg got together for an espresso a decade ago talking about writing a series about the afterlife and maybe they made a bet who could beat who. Crazier things happen in that world.

    Once this show grips you and has you, you'll be smiling the entirety of every episode. Matter of fact, the rewatch is even better! I'm halfway through it now and noticing things I missed first go.

    I would give this a 8.5 but heres a nine because of all the negative reviews from people that DID NOT FINISH this series. I bet my life anyone who has finsihed this first season has a new favorite show!
  • Incredible series that captures an authentic feeling of being that young age and all that life has to throw at you. The cast is superb! Total flawless. Aside from one of season two's subplot involving a murder, this show is just an incredible experience. It tugs on so many emotions. This show is ageless
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Instead of saying BCS is better than BB or vice versus, the best way to explain or compare these two shows is this way: if you've never seen BCS but have watched BB, it's one of the best shows ever. If you havent seen BB, lets be real here, this show doesnt require anyone to have watched BB to enjoy BCS, however it rewards all fans tremendously if you have.

    Meaning: they're both incredible shows for entirely different reasons. Entirely different beasts. The latter is character driven. It makes me care A LOT more about the characters in BCS world than I did in BB. Actually, I love BCS characters. Not only were we supposed to fall in love with Jimmy and Mike (for those who havent seen BB), but at the time of the fifth seasons finale approaching, I now care and love Kim.

    Now there's a big difference right there between the former and latter show. With BB we followed Walter and Jesse for the journey. BCS relies heavily on Kim as a big player in the show for good reason and we also care about Michael Mondo.

    Wexler vs Goodman was truly epic. Bob O captured his role just as powerfully Bryan C did. The writers also improved with storytelling as Vince and Peter mature.
  • When theres a Spanish series that the US loves, especially it being international, meaning Bollywood always getting positive reviews or anything out there that people are trying to support there content, well this proves how badly Money Heist should have stopped at 2 seasons. It would have been a master class series. Incredible. The showrunner could have created something else this whole time and leave my dying to see it. But...well
  • The best boxing movies are the ones where the real fight is outside of the ring. It invests us so much in all the characters so when ultimately the protagonist steps in the ring, we care so much we find ourselves bobbing ourselves fearing he doesnt get hit.

    THIS and ROCKY are the two boxing movies that had stories where it made me care like so much was weighing inside the rings and that can ONLY be done by executing a brilliant story and narrative and then ultimately let the viewers feel like they finished watching this like a champion view in life. This movie provides me with that and I fell in love with Billy and his daughter who embodies her mother at the end.

    "Your mother would be so proud of you."

    THAT got me and how about his daughter, incredible actor and so cute emulating McAdams looks Wise and Jake. So proud of this movie and feel it's a great injustice has been done because of the low ratings and prolonging or people maybe never even finding this in their life
  • It feels like Larry David has reinvented himself. But that's not fair because it robs David of all hes done. I think the break he had and years after Curbs last episdoe, our lives have changed so much and just seeing how up society is, and him living his experiences and having commentary on it for that break, it breathed a fresh breathe back into this series making having MUCH more substance into each episode rather that the traditional "everyday feels like a Sienfeld moment"

    This new latest season feels so well written. Each episode calculated and captured/executed incredibly. every episode has been amazing. Each feel like a short movie because of the depth Larry David is now going. The intertwining storylines are so well executed with perfect improv from David. I love his character even more this season.

    This is one incredible comedy. And God how I love Sheryl who only gained beauty the older she has become
  • One of my favorite comedy shows of all time. The only show so unqiue, as was senfeild when it ran, it begs you to think "how come there isnt more content like THIS?" Maybe because this show is so special that it comes along once in our lifetime. High concepts captured and executed in ONE episode while juggling so many balls of conflict to throw into the story to drive the plot as it intertwine with the improv and again, executing genius concepts that are SO relatable to us, and reminding us of how true these oridnarhily extraordinary episodes cultivate.

    You know it's the best comedy when it's only 30 minutes and Larry has to jump through so many hoops in that time. It's amazing how much is packed into the episdoes with season 10, that I felt anyone else it would feel so convoluted. Larry David is just a legend.

    SEASON 10 is A TEN!!

    It feels like Curb prime days. It feels like so much effort went into writing this season. Throw away the stupid coffee store bs and it would be perfect. There isnt one episode this season that I thought was good. All have been excelled to incredible. Laugh every one. The thing that made Seinfeld (stand up) so special and what makes David so special, is that they take everyday experiences in our life that we can all relate to and it's something we never pay attention to this common habit that's a landmark bit for these comedians. With David being the best mind to extract everyday strange occurrences in our daily lives and incorporating into a show with natural dialogue, is one nearly impossible feat to capture and execute. David does both so easily. Larry also proves that he is the mind that creates all these obstacles in our lives and turns them into a story for a TV show. It has the same feel as Sienfeld, yet a modern tone and great mood.

    This show is the top five comedy ever. That's a bold statement but I challenge anyone to tell me I'm wrong
  • Excellent movie and fantastic acting. These is a movie when looked back fity years from now will be a comedy
  • Imo this is a total masterpiece! Bravo to Peele. I'm now happy theres is another brilliant director that will surely be delivering great storytelling and executing.
  • We rarely get this kind of action film these days. I saw the low rating of 7.1 and it delayed me from watching it until I just read the first movies screenplay and watched it again. I thought it has to be difficult for these incredible creative minds to bot achieve what was captured in the first 2015.

    Sheridan is incredible and to expect duty from him is insane. This movie reminded me of a modern day THE PROFESSIONAL----almost. While that movie is a masterpiece, this one is a very great movie.

    Totally distinct from the first, I loved this story even more but thats because Del Toro was captured flawlessly in the original. Here we see him humanized in an inhuman world. The sign language was a genuis to include part of his character. Beautiful. Del Toro is my personal favorite actor because he completely sheds his identity and embodies EVERY character he plays. This story is less convoluted imo than the first, though I loved it, and begs for a third installment like Sheridan naturally planned to have. It may not have very good reviews here, but its box office numbers didnt fair as bad. 32 in the first five days competing with mission impossible.

    I hope Sony greenlights a third very soon! Excellent movie and Josh Brolin delivered big time at the end
  • First m, Ansel Elgort is the vehicle of this whole movie and my mind is blown that this actor is not a superstar in Hollywood. Let's talk about how insanely incredible Ansol is in this movie and I swear I DONT THINK ANYONE could have executed or captured his character better. NO ONE. I can only imagine the feeling the director and screenplay writer had to feel seeing it come to life on the shoulders of Elgort.

    You know Ansol Elgort. Mostly think "oh that Divergent kid who acted in another movie as her co-star" but do not let that fool you. This actor can act his ass off but not just that, this movie required, demanded this type of role played flawlessly or else it could not have been so effective. This movie wins you over in the fist ten minutes. Its rare we get these movies that you just know almost instantly that you're about to escape reality for 2 hours. However, on the same token, I did not know this ten minutes into Once Upon a Time in Hollywood but felt it the last ten minutes.

    With all that said, this is a movie to watch at night relaxing. Preferably stoned (stoned adds 1 star easily). This movie is a very compelling story but how insanely in sync it is with the whole soundtrack----in sync with Ansols character BABY, is what drives this home. It is balls to walls amazing. Oh yeah forgot to say no pun a sentence earlier.

    Kevin Spacey is great at being Kevin Spacey. Jamie Fox is miscast. This is Babys movie. His story. The best way to tell a story is to always try your best to instill constant conflicts that these characters face to boost the story and plot forward. Any movie or show that does these things I know its just gonna be a very well made story. It's how we get to love the characters more and see them humanized.

    This review is way overlong in what I should have just said this is the kind of movie after completing you just feel happy. You know. That feeling after investing 2 hours of life and being suprised by a good story especially with movies now a days. This is it. You will love it. If this movie was released in 2020, I think it would have been an even bigger hit. Also, I'd love to see this same concept adapted into a TV series for only the big time streaming platforms
  • After just watching it I need a day or two to process everthing. I loved it and every minute of it. I'm sorry some did not enjoy this remarkable film but it was a brilliant cinematic experience I've had in a very long time. I just simply wanted to leave this: Brad Pitt's character is a legend!! I found his scenes the most enjoyable and feel like his character stole the whole movie. I've seen decades of both Pitt and DiCaprio and I have to say this was a genuis casting decision and even felt DiCaprio went places in this vehicle that I havent seen him do before. These two are my two favorite and what a phenomenal experience!! Holy shit I must process
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