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Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Actual cooking, no pre packed engineered food.
I started watching DDD when I swore off restaurants that have pre packed food like Applebees and Olive Garden. I can microwave stuff from the Grocery store myself, no need to go to joints like that.

All that said, I call restaurants to find out what ingredients they use, such as the episode playing now in which the cook uses Corn Syrup and Canola Oil, and cooks with Aluminum foil and serves Burgers almost raw. None of that works for me.

It's a great series, but it appears quite a few of the cooks have absolutely no education in the arena of what is and what isn't healthy. I get it of course, a lot of the joints are much better than the fast food chains, but it's still fast food when the same ingredients are used.

Holey Moley

Great show
Great show! I'm surprised it's on ABC though, they don't have anything else worth watching all year.

Because it's a great show, they will cancel it, probably in favor of "Trans Dancers" or "Fashion with the Jenners" or some other garbage like that.

What Just Happened??!

This is Fred's
Everybody in acting has one train wreck of a show that nobody remembers. This is it for Fred. Change the title to ____ With Fred Savage... Anything else, and just make it a talk show.

Bring the Funny

A couple of good one liners
That's all I have seen. The Judges seem like they are in pain sometimes, but have to drag out the good comments from the lost and found bin.

It's brutal.

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