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Peak cinema! Best movie I've seen in theatre's since pandemic started!
This movie was so much fun. Kept me fully entertained and didn't look at my phone once. It takes a lot for a movie to do that now a days as I feel like my patience has waned since a lot of stuff has become mediocre, preachy and political. This movie is amazing. It has a lot of heart and subtext too, I got the chills in all the right places, jumped in the right places, and even teared up during the most human moments. This movie is what going to the cinema should be, entertainment but also made me reflect in ways I didn't think I would. The acting from the 3 leads were spot on. I thought some of the supporting cast was campy but I think it's because they are New Zealand actors trying to be American and it comes off campy but somehow kind of works and makes the movie better. I thought the first scene with Ronny Chieng that his clarity (speech) was kind of messy and threw me off but as the film went on it worked for the character. Lori Dungey was great as the neighbor and she's from NZ, totally had me thinking she was American, such a well trained actress. Great writing, music, cinematography. 10/10.

Bones and All

Pretty cinematography, but ultimately forgettable
Timmy plays the same role in everything, it would be interesting to see how he plays roles as he gets older and is not the moody, brooding, 20-something sex symbol that his team has marketed him as. But I mean they've done a good job as this TikTok generation is all about the shiny image on the outside with very little depth. He's attractive in this and for what it was did a good job, I found him likable and sympathetic and charming. Again he plays a bi-sexual character (I think) and the audience is teased and gaslighted again as he's only dated women in public in his real life and has never flirted with a man publicly, but does it in all these movies because it's "cool" (when it's pretend) while real lgbtq people don't live these pretty lives with beautiful straight acting men like Timmy wanting to charm us. The movie is a fantasy. I would like to see real representation one day. And I had a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth because I couldn't tell for sure if he was actually bi-sexual or just using a closeted man to take advantage of him. So that character plot point was a miss for me as it was brief and never discussed again in the film. Also his tears towards the end felt feigned, didn't seem like they were natural.

I didn't think he and the actress had any chemistry, didn't buy their love story, she's kind of bland and one note with zero charisma. Her vibe was as if she had taken a Benadryl everyday while shooting this film, she was half asleep the entire movie. I liked a lot of the small supporting actors and their naturalness, the cinematography was beautiful as were the scenic locations and the 80's nostalgia. Mark Rylance was very good in this and a great villain because you never really know if he's a villain until the story progresses, he just always irks you the wrong way but he's so good slowly revealing himself. I've heard people say he's "the greatest" living male actor, and I don't think that's true. If anything he's proof you can be well regarded by playing yourself because I always see him in all his roles, I know it's Mark. Even when he's really good. Or maybe great acting really isn't about "losing yourself" but finding yourself, interesting thing to think about.

Bottom line the movie has its grotesque moments and it has its pretty ambient atmosphere but I found it to be a one time watch for me. It's pretty forgettable as it doesn't really leave you with anything. I just walked away with feeling, okay.


Average, not bad, but I think overhyped
The movie is interesting but I think it's overhyped. I mean I appreciate all the stuff about the influence of black culture but I feel like maybe they pushed too hard to be current with what was politically relevant with today i.e. George Floyd and diversity in cinema. Almost felt exploitive in that they were using stuff like Martin Luther King's death to try and humanize Elvis to be this "great" empathetic man. I don't know how much of it is actually true but I feel like they enhanced and focused on that because it's what the focus is in todays politics, they focused on Bobby King's death too. It just seemed like they were exploiting these great men of black culture to give their film credit in today's world. I almost just decided I wouldn't comment on it but then they actually had him talking with tear filled eyes to Rosetta Thorpe's ghost and that just crossed the line in how purposely this was done to appeal to todays culture shift to swing awards voters and the public because a " privileged straight white man" who abused drugs and philanderer'd with women that weren't his wife just isn't interesting or lovable in todays culture, so I feel like the filmmakers used and exploited black people to sell Elvis in todays market. I'm sure the producers were thinking how do we sell a rich white straight man like Elvis in 2022? In a Hollywood award season). Make him cry and dance with black people throughout half of the movie? Again I wish it was true, but feels like an exploitive attempt to join today's culture club. And I looked online and many articles said the movie embellished these friendships.

Also Butler's performance felt self-indulgent to me. Never felt like I was watching "Elvis" but that I was watching an actor play him. It wasn't bad just not this transformative great spectacle people are calling it. It's even good, but a far shot from what I'd call Oscar worthy. I feel like actors trying to get Oscars play these real people in this generic formulaic attempt for recognition, want an Oscar? Play a real person they say. Felt like a pretty guy posing. More of a !look at me! I'm Elvis, instead of actually being him. I've seen him in things before, felt like I was watching Austin Butler whisper like Elvis. And some of the lines were really clichè and corny like "fly high". Again, not a bad movie, just very overrated in my opinion. And I wonder how much computer work they did on the singing? Also Tom Hanks was totally playing a caricature and he came off as a clown, like a parody.

Halloween Ends

Blumhouse Money Grab
People wondering how this movie could be so preposterously comical in how bad it is should look to the source who created it. Why would Blumhouse make a final GOOD third movie so another company could profit? They don't care about fans. Jason Blum specifically stated that they only got the rights for three films, so this franchise isn't over, it just ends with Blumhouse. So I feel like they purposefully made a giant F U film so no one else could make any money off of the reboots popularity and they could get a quick cash grab. That's just my hypothesis. I mean what's with the bad acting and random Corey dude? Makes no sense, horrible subplots and just random.

Cherry Falls

Fun 90's nostalgia but don't take it too seriously
I saw this movie several times on TV as a kid and always liked it, it has a great small town fall aesthetic. Its definitely dated and a good time capsule into the 90's, so it's great for nostalgia. Watching it as an adult now it's a lot more silly than I remember as a kid, I enjoyed it again and it kept my attention but some of the acting is cheesy and almost reminds me of "the room" but it gives me laughs and does keep me guessing; so if you take it for what it is as a "black comedy" then I think it works. But would probably be better if we ever got the "uncut" version. It's entertaining and not as predictable as most movies that are in the same genre; the twist ending is actually great.

Hocus Pocus 2

Acting on par with a bad middle school play
Took sheer will power to get through the first 10 minutes it was like watching a middle school play. The 3 young witches were acting like they were waiting for us audience members to clap for how "cute" they were acting and it wasn't cute. So goofy! In a bad way. Terrible over the top acting!!! Everyone was trying way too hard. The first one felt grounded in reality within the fantasy of it, we could relate to the characters and it is such a great comfort movie I have watched every Halloween. This movie belongs at the bottom of the trash bin in what I would label as generic. All the actors were acting with a capital A! It's trying way too hard. The one playing the boyfriend, Froy something was so animatedly over acting it was painful. You may like this film if you're of the brainless and passive influencer crowd, but I don't know how a fan of the original could love this. I feel violated. Casting and films today are all about cheap optics and not good story telling.


Marilyn is assaulted from the grave! Deplorable.
Okay there are movies that are bad because they are poorly made or low budget or can't afford good talent. This is a movie that should have known better, with the big studio, budget, and access to talent it's truly shocking how dehumanizing and awful this movie is. I can't tell if its supposed to be a parody or if it's trying to be serious. Most of the characters are poorly cast. I don't know how this is getting awards buzz. Yea! Ana De Armas can hit emotional peaks in her acting, but does it fit the character in reality? She knows what she shouldn't know. There's no real journey beyond fantasy, the character and the actress already know what's going to happen from the beginning of the film. She plays Marilyn like a naïve passive doll, with zero self-awareness. Was this actually who Marilyn was? Also she clearly has a Cuban accent. Which contributes to me wondering if this is supposed to be some kind of meta voyeuristic film that's combining two worlds: that of Marilyn, and the reality of the "film" in itself in the actress "playing" her. I don't know what this movie is trying to be. Is it a dream? Why is there so much exploitation? Where is the humanity? Its like a broken purgatory of one woman's hell. Hollywood has a bad history of exploiting people but this movie really is another level of awful in patting itself on the back. It's like the movie is having a beer with Hollywood's exploitive casting couch past.

She is a prop in this movie, her body is at the hands of all these men. Marilyn is being assaulted from the grave and robbed of her true voice. Music and cinematography are only positive things in my opinion. I really wonder if any of these actors ever stopped and asked themselves why am I doing this? What am I really contributing to humanity in this film? What is the purpose? My guess is... vanity and a paycheck. Also the model looking guys she enters the three way with in the film are not that attractive in real life! Not only did they embellish and fictionalize an affair but they made the men look like well groomed models. Films like this put fissures in the reality of the real world. We can't escape darkness when films like this cover it with a mask.


Weird movie
So this movie started good and I liked the sitcom stuff but it got weird and not gonna lie kind of boring. Get Out was a masterpiece and after that everything went down hill. I did not like Us at all. And now Nope was just weird and strange, and I felt like there was all this symbolism with the spaceship and female genitalia so I'm just very confused.

Purple Hearts

Stop casting British guys to play American Marines
It's so annoying. So many American actors are unemployed and working at Starbucks in student debt and they cast and pay American dollars to a British guy to play the American marine and live his experience. I can't stand it. So many talented American actors who are unemployed and even actually served could have played this role. Not some British pretty boy.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Boring and unfunny traded tickets for Black Phone
Wow as a HUGE! Marvel fan I'm shocked at how bad this was. So many cliché jokes, no character development, and Chris Hemsworth is no longer an actor in my opinion but a Disney prop just generating revenue with the same old schtick. I personally think Disney buys reviews because how these disasters just debut with higher rating and falter when us fans speak our mind is shocking. Only good thing was I was able to go see Back Phone after 80 mins of this crap and actually found a movie I really enjoyed that I normally wouldn't have seen. Way better filmmaking and acting. The jokes in this Thor aren't even funny, it's like they try to get the audience to laugh with them but we end up laughing at them. Films don't care about good storytelling anymore, they want to be "politically correct" and enlighten us with how they want us to think. All hogwash. Save your money. Disney is 3rd rate.


Psychological mind warp
Pretty solid movie. Love the tone and aesthetic of the environment. It's kind of a slow burn but the payoff makes it worth it. Maika Monroe gives a solid performance and Karl (who plays her husband) is my new actor crush. I enjoyed it and it kept my attention because you want to know the WHY factor, what's going on with this girl?!?!


Walked out
Amateurish writing. Awful acting. The mom and the captain of the agency need some serious acting classes, that or the writing was just so bad. Very contrived, forced and fake emotion. The main bad guy was cringe. At times I felt like I was actually watching an old cheesy movie from the 80's. Eventually I just couldn't take it anymore and left to save my brain cells. John Beasley was the only one who did good work, but he still played the same character he always plays, wasn't surprised by anything. Efron was ok, I at least respect that it looked like he tried. But movie was a hot mess.

The First Lady

Haven't laughed this hard since before the pandemic
Thank you! I don't know if this was supposed to be satirical comedy but it's kind of sad Michelle was portrayed as a caricature because I think she's a good person. But I was in tears laughing at this pilot episode because it was so lazy. It was like a skit. This was a borderline lifetime movie that seemed almost like it was mocking it's subject. I literally can't remember the last time I was uncontrollably laughing, how did no one notice?!?! It's a good lesson in comedy, because the audience can't tell if it's intended or not (similar to a person walking around unaware toilet paper is stuck to their shoe).

The writing was also shallow, why do we need to see Michelle remind Obama in derogatory terms he's the "unconventional one." Kind of rude and insulting to constantly gaslight and demean people of color (even if it's meant as a history lesson.) it's like that play To Kill A Mockingbird... why do they still do that? It's insulting because they use that demeaning word multiple times towards people and it's like haven't we moved past it??? I'm over it. I want to see black people represented as human beings with dignity and not constantly called that word or portrayed as stereotype because we need to "remind people." Skip this.


Truly loved this film, inspired me
It's not perfect but I loved this movie so much. Was funny and moving. All the actors who played her family were so good, especially the mother, she was an amazing actress. It was inspiring to see, to be a star, Celine always knew how. It showed why only some people truly shine, the fearless bravery-philosophically-getting out of your own way. Celine was never in her own way and always had the support of a loving family and grew up surrounded by music. Her life was a perfect storm for talent to soar. I wish I had that, such a good loving supportive mother who believed in her so much. I think part of what makes a talent make it commercially is having the right people believe in you.


I see Russia is on the move giving this mass low ratings.
Incredible documentary on the corruption in Russia. Without technology and social media, these corrupt people would continue to suppress the freedom of people. No way as I write this, 9.7k people have seen this and rated it aa average 5. You can purchase Mass ratings on here I've seen it. They are scared.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Quite brilliant
Wonderful and exciting film. Michelle Yeoh is extremely underrated and I'm happy she's getting the recognition she deserves. Her humanity in her characters and range is incredible. The effects were very cool, interesting characters, timing in the reactions was brilliant. Jamie Lee was amazing as well. Also Data is back! He was hilarious in this.


Cringey "woke" fest
Michael Bay trying to be woke was funny. Jake Gyllenhaal is not a comedic actor fyi. The action was entertaining and I liked the LA scenery but it tried so hard to be "woke" from a desperate white mans perspective and it was awkward.

The Batman

Way too long, Pattinson Batman is brooding and sleepy
I'll say it started pretty good and I liked the cinematography. But I thought it dragged on, and the social commentary on destroying "white privileged men" was ironic as that's what Batman is- a privileged white rich guy who can mascarade as a vigilante because he's rich and has all the free time to do so; and we feel for him because boo boo he's an orphan. This was a very obvious "woke" fest. I like the diversity but it's when they blatantly shove rhetoric down your throat that it starts to become cringey. Pattinson was so sleepy, like Joe Biden in a Batman suit sleepy. Joker is my favorite movie of all time and I feel like they tried to go for that but it just had too many missteps. I did like Farrell as the Penguin and the Riddler was basically Dexter the Anti-hero...

Planet of the Apes

Underrated gem
I saw this in theaters opening weekend when I was in middle school. I loved it so much and was awe struck at the whole storyline and effects. I miss the way films used makeup and puppets as opposed to CGI-ing everything as they do now. This was probably one of the last great make up heavy films they made since computers really took over. All I know is the story had me hooked, and the ending had me leaving the theatre with a punch in the gut, I was begging for more. I awaited the sequel for so long and it's such a shame they didn't make one with the apes in the present day. That could've been such a cool movie. Tim Burton was perfect for this at the right time. Maybe it's because I was a kid who knew so little about the world that this was movie magic for me. I love it.

Downfall: The Case Against Boeing

Netflix does some good, exposing these creeps
Great documentary. Had my eyes glued to the TV. To be honest I had a really bad day the other day and have been very depressed and in a weird ironic way this movie made me feel better. Watching all these families grieve in pain made my problems seem trivial and made me look at the world in a bigger picture. It's sad what America allows to happen. These rich scumbags walked away with millions and no criminal prosecution. That CEO Muillenburgh makes my skin crawl, felt like I was staring at the devil in my own opinion. America really is crooked and shady (only really cares about making money for the few) all at the expense of others lives and dignity. Was crazy to see that China was the first country to ground this jet and set the standard to stand up to these crooked businessmen.


Very depressing show. Captures a generation Z that do not love themselves or know how to love anyone else. The self-destruction of the youth in current America. I don't know how we can survive when we have been groomed by social media to the point where we have erased our free will. Maybe that makes this brilliant? Because it's hard to watch? Idk. I deleted Fbook and Ig and I urge everyone to do the same. We are being debilitated mentally to the point that we are no longer 'US', but a duality of the digital paradigm of human and digital platforms. We compare what they want us to be and lose our self-esteem and resort to drugs and sex to cope with the pain of never being enough. Never being what this digital empire says we have to be.

The Last Duel

Dear Ben Affleck's, I Know Why This Flopped
Saw an article where people like Ben Affleck's are calling the cinemas/movie theaters dead because movies like this bombed. And my point is this this whole movie felt like one giant plethora of toxic-masculinity in a stroke fest. Visually it is very cool and I like the lighting/cinematography but this movie has been done before so many times. First of all, I think a huge part of it bombing was the marketing because I hadn't really heard of it, Matt Damon and his strange prosthetics in the trailer reminded me of John Travolta in Battlefield Earth, and the title is generic and sounds like a video game. But back to the story, we've seen this movie, buff/beast-like men fighting over their egos to prove who owns which woman. Lots of sex scenes and felt like they wanted this to be like a Game of Thrones rip off, but it's just so misogynistic and the women come off as tools/props for the man's entertainment and pleasure. And perhaps that's the way society was back then, but WE'VE SEEN IT BEFORE!!! Nothing new to see here folks.


Pretty good, was a lot of fun
This was very entertaining and it kept me engaged the whole time. I honestly haven't felt that way in awhile and maybe it's because I grew up with these movies and the nostalgia brings me back home again. I think the writers and directors were amazing. Neve Campbell truly is an underrated actress and was amazing in this, I also thought the two girls who played Tara and Amber were very good, as well as the twin sister: very good acting from those three girls. However, the leads acting was a little "acty" and some scenes felt almost verging on soap opera which was fine but a little meh. I loved the tone, music, and the best thing they brought back was a character from the 1996 original (I won't say who as it's a spoiler but the SFX team did a great job, it's crazy what technology can do these days). A little annoyed with the nepotism of casting celebrities kids NGL and not a fan of Mason Gooding. Also, Marley Shelton is very annoying, I'm sorry, I want to like her but she's so cartoonish and one of the worst actors in the 4th one (which I hated) because it was so goofy. This movie actually brought back the excitement of the first 2 and wasn't predictable. Visually great and just good writers and directing. The finale was awesome, added in some great touches. I gave this a 9 because it was fun and I had a good time. Also funny thing, that speech at the end about filmmakers not caring about the fans really made me think of Dexter: New Blood and how that finale upset so many of us this past week.

The Morning Show: My Least Favorite Year
Episode 1, Season 2

Literally had to turn it off
I loved the first season and watched all the way through but I couldn't even finish the first episode here. I mean honestly it was trying way too hard. And we want to watch entertainment to ease our stress and the depression of the pandemic and they're all wearing masks and it's just too meta. Not for me. I was so looking forward to the second season and shocked I couldn't even sit through the first episode.


Huge let down. Boring.
Movie didn't pay off. At all. Get Out was so good and such a great shared experience in the theatre. I remember a stranger and I just looking at each other excited cause the suspense was so high. This movie didn't have that magic. It just never takes off. Bad script, and what was up with Winston Duke, I mean I get they needed a "comedic relief" but his acting was atrocious in this. And the sad part is I feel like he didn't believe what he was saying either and that's what made it play so badly on screen. It was just goofy and not real. Real let down. Not scary at all. Couldn't tell what it what it wanted to say.

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