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Podium shows the born of the real star: the human being
When a friend of mine told me about Podium she said that the movie was about a legendary french singer Claude Francois. Personally I love the movies based on bios, so I have nothing to said against it. In fact I had another good experience watching a French comedy (Gregorie Moulin vs Humanity). Not in the mood of that movie, Podium, instead of the Claude biography shows the life of Bernard, a banker that in his teenage years used to love everything about Claude, but his girlfriend made him let things down about his hero. In that time the only choice was his idol or her. Years later motivated by an imitators challenge Bernard suddenly begins to rise as Claude Francois and in the middle of his hallucination, everything begins to make sense. Or isn't it? In my humble opinion Podium goes further than its firsts goals. It doesn't have only good comedic moments, it also has very touching moments that goes around the main character, explaining the suddenly change in Bernard. A good comedy and although is long, the direction of this is really impressive. It makes you feel like the main character, his happiness, his sadness, even his loneliness. In some part of the movie I can also guarantee that you'll feel even like Claude. Have a good time watching this piece of art.

Rating: 10 of 10.

Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanité

Superb phsycodelic comedy
First of all this is the first french movie that i've ever seen. Personally I didn't know what to expect from. I even didn't know what was the movie about. Gregoire a single adult male, goes against practically everything to get what he deserves, a happy life with a girlfriend like him. All in all this is a great comedy that show us the mean of reaching our goals -no matter how small may they seem to other people- and how could they cost to us. There are some movies that show us this meaning by heart touching stories. Gregoire isn't one of these. Instead, this message is sent to us through a surrealistic experiences in which everything occurs to poor Gregoire. The man in fact is not the only starr in the movie, only the main guy. Certainly the great performances by the whole cast, the good score and also the very well done definition of the characters gave this movie a very particular touch. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to have a good time and a good story.

Overall big laughs and 10/10.

P.S. I just bought the DVD.

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