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The Glass House

Hugely Enjoyable & Leelee is HOT!!!
Not an amazing film at all but forget that - it's just one of those ones that you really enjoy! You have to look past the ultra over the top chase but not all films have to be blockbuster epic to be good. All in all Leelee is hot and she really needs to do some huge movies. She is not only hot though she can act too. Which is rare when it comes to the REALLY good looking actresses out there. Like I said its not the best film if you expect to sit down and be all out thrilled, but if your willing to just stick a movie on and sit back and chill, without looking for huge budgets, music scores, or big effects then go for it. Like I've said numerous times already and seems to be all i can say about this title. ENJOYABLE :)

Nemesis Game

Starts good but in the End - Terrible!!!!
The idea of this film is extremely clever which I love. I like films that make you think and confuse you which this does. So I was enjoying the film throughout. Knowing it was roughly 90 mins long I found myself watching the clock thinking "Hey! There isn't much time to tie up all these loose ends! Hurry Up Man!" I was so looking forward to the ending but then... there wasn't one. It was like they ran out of funding and then decided to end the film with framed narratives. HUGELY DISAPPOINTING! Don't get me wrong. You need to watch this movie just so you get what I am talking about but the bottom line is: All the things that are interesting in the film, and all the things that you can;t wait to come together somewhere, Are ruined by the fact that they don't. You expect so much from the ideas and concepts that your just tearing your hair out screaming "What? Where's the rest of the film???"

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