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The Twilight Zone: The Bewitchin' Pool
Episode 36, Season 5

I know why the Foray Bird Sings
I don't know whether any other person has noticed the reason for the June Foray overdubbing of Sport's outdoor lines, but as an audio engineer, it seems obvious that her indoor lines are just fine and the outdoor scenes were probably off-mike, due to the fact that, as the actress states, she has never had formal training, nor does she, even at this point in her life, think it is necessary. Voice projection is a learned skill.

Actually the above paragraph was the extent of my remarks as brevity is the soul of wit, so I guess I need more to satisfy the criteria, so here goes.

Another reason for the overdubbing, and the general tone of this episode, could be the desire of the producers to play to the southern market and the affiliates in that region of the country. Of the latter, I cannot be as sure as I was of the former conclusion.

Keep 'Em Rolling

Good Movie About loyalty that the Defense Dept. Should Watch!
I really enjoyed this old hay-burner, literally that, about how a man and his horse manage to skirt the levels of military bureaucracy and support each other along the way.

In fact I believe that some crucial elements of the film would be instructive to the Department of Defense even today, if they get it. Walter Huston is excellent in the film in expressing the need for persons who have displayed valor but have been passed over in the sense of newer generations coming of age and discarding the ways of the past. This movie was filmed during the same period of time that also included the Bonus Marchers who camped outside in Washington D.C. to remark upon their needs as unemployed men during the depth of the depression for a promised bonus to World War I veterans. Their march was broken up by none other than General to be Douglas MacArthur in a controversial move which echoes down to the present time with similar controversy regarding retired workers in various industries.

The movie's events are contemporaneous with the actual events of "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell" and verges on some of the events of that film but has a happier denouement and ending.

Maybe I was just susceptible to its message which found me at a time when I was looking for arguments with respect to current events of Haditha and other matters of how we conduct ourselves during the war in Iraq, but I think it would stand up on its own in any time with a timeless message and I recommend it highly.

October Sky

Nostalgic, Inspirational and Worthwhile
I was watching this when my wife called to inquire from the other room as to my choice of fare. My comment? "I am watching my Life!"

Though younger, but only by 5 years or so, than the "Rocket Boys" I remember the absolute urgency with which Sputnick was greeted by our administrators of education and how the whole Science Fair thing gained momentum and took me and others into the competitive whirlwind. My own tornado landed me in my own State's Science Fair, in Physics by '62, though our group was less successful in gaining the support of, for example, firefighters we approached for guidance and counsel until after a tragic event, our city went so far as to allow us to tour the Nike missile site on Chicago's lakeshore.

This movie brought it all back for me and I will bet that it brought it all back for a bunch of us "UberNerds" of the late '50s and early 60's.

We are in a similar science brain drainage period now and really need this movie as a country. See It!

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