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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Meaningless movie with no substance.
The movie is both a twisted and distorted view of life.

Sadly, the above has no merit nor function in society since it opposes the will of God associated with creation. Furthermore, the desensitized aspect of adultery is the main aspect of the illicit movie. When we view the latter with a loose moral value we find mankind not evolving but actually devolving. Please, avoiding this movie will maintain your positive note toward God along with the magnificent value of a baby. Vanity appears to make itself more important than the breath of life of which we all know is temporary and of little value.

Remember, Hollywood is full of evil; the house of Satan!


Interesting film.
Overall the movie was interesting & entertaining. However, the cursing was completely unnecessary and not in context with the flow of the film.

Royce and Isabelle performed the majority of the acting and their ability was of decent quality. Yakuza Hanzo was also a formidable foe regarding his acting ability; respectful.

Isabelle carried a much needed persona of charisma to the film while Royce fulfilled all that was expected. The remainder of the actors were additions without any level of interest.

Although, the ending was somewhat bongo, Royce carried a very sharp machete that would have made a big difference when attacking the blinded Predator of which he did not use... One should view the film a few times (dvd) to note the full feature of the film which is difficult to weigh with only one sitting.

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