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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Superficial and boring, disappointing and mediocre
First of all, I've never read the book, and if it is as great as they say the movie falls way short.

The plot is flat: a prophecy indicates that 2 girls and 2 boys will end a 100 year winter, in a fantasy land inside a wardrobe.

I've read some comments on this movie, most of them with the "spoiler" warning. I don't see the need to warn anybody because there's nothing to warn. Unless of course you expect the prophecy to be false.

The problem with the movie is its predictability. You will find yourself no surprises or interesting twists, the movie takes you on a one-line story that ends where you would expect, even if you never read the book.

The visuals are stunning, but not distracting enough to forget that there's no depth, the few conflicts we see have very simple solutions. The main characters never really struggle as the sense of danger or pressure never kicks in.

All in all, it's a disappointing movie. Learn from my experience and don't go there expecting too much, you may probably enjoy it.


The worst kind of comedy
This movie is done by people who actually have more experience in soap operas from televisa, the leading TV conglomerate in Mexico.

I had the misfortune to watch this move by force, as it was played in a bus trip I took.

The story is simplistic and cliché, you can read the synopsis and what you read is what you get, if you have some degree of intelligence you will know the whole story from beginning to end after the first 10 minutes.

Even if you do like soap operas, you should still avoid this movie at all costs, a message has to be sent to producers in Mexico that we don't like this garbage to be made no more.

The Terminal

Not worth it
I can't really comment much on this movie, it's such a time-waster. Ever since the main character is introduced, you don't see much more than clichés and light humor.

This is a movie you can watch while you wait for something. It's not a movie that makes you think about anything, or makes you feel anything, it has a couple of fun moments, but very predictable ones and very, very, very light.

The problem with this movie, is that the general idea has no more potential than a couple of light jokes and situations that appeal to romance or warmth. Such moments are a gimmick so you can actually remember who the characters are. Such characters have a simplistic existence, they have little problems that require a simple solution.

The main conflict of the story is pretentious and dumb. The tag line itself is very pretentious and cliché.

Muertos de risa

One of the best Spanish comedies
This is a great comedy, I really don't know a thing about Spanish TV, but it doesn't matter, for this movie speaks a universal language, the language of comedy.

Packed with scenes of absurd nature, this movie is a fantastic farce, as we follow the ridiculous careers of a pair of comedians who's fate is dictated by the public, rather than by their own decisions.

Its exaggerated drama gives the perfect tone through the entire movie, you can either follow it or just wander about the ridiculousness of every single minute. Some may regard this kind of comedy dull or dumb, but the truth is its the most simple, minimalistic, rawest, unpretentious comedy you will ever see.

Ridicule, absurdity, nonsense, drama.... you can find everything in this movie.

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