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The Boss

Comedy in movies getting worse and this film proves it
TV shows: Almost every year you see a new clever comedy show like Scrubs, Simpsons, Big Bang Theory, Southpark, Malcolm in the Middle, ... You don't have to like it, but at least acknowledge that it is very clever and well written.

With movies on the other side it's a different story. Here the trend is that it is getting worse and worse. We are almost at a point where we were in the 80's.

The problem: The movies make money and as long as this is happening we will see movies like "The Boss" in the future. Or another theory - I'm getting to old for this kind of movies.

The Prince

with this cast what could go wrong (spoiler, a lot)
I was really looking forward to this film. The cast is excellent and the trailer looked promising. But boy was I disappointed. Of course the expectation was high and so the movie experience even worse (I almost gave the film 3 stars).

In short why this film wasn't for me:

I didn't care about the main character / The "Lolita" girl made the film worse (and it shouldn't) / The bad guys are really stupid (like in a B movie) / The "good" guy makes ONLY stupid decisions (why? why didn't he ...)

... you get the point

When 50 Cent is one of the best characters in a movie something is really wrong.

At the time of writing the IMDb cast mentions the main actor really late - you could not guess it (by the way it's not Bruce Willis)


love it - love it - love it
what a movie - enjoyed every minute of it

Weird little beautiful story - where everything worked (was hooked from the first minute). Kind of a new experience - a slow paced movie where I didn't want to miss any minute.

Why it deserves 10 stars

The script: it's brilliant - no clue what happens next and believable when it happens. The actors: OK I only read the subtitles but the acting looked really good - and the casting was spot on The look: Weird and nice like the film.

It's really amazing how many good films are now from Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.


Trailer looked good - but movie didn't work
The good: The cinematography is really nice (except for a view hiccups).

The bad: Jean-Claude Van Damme does not so bad as usual (isn't much in the movie)

The ugly: Characters and story The whole movie doesn't make any sense - not even a little bit. I don't wanna spoil for the brave that sit trough the movie - but its bad, really bad.

In this movie you will see characters (yes I mean plural) that have no soul, are cliché, unbelievable and really stupid.

And if I say stupid I really mean it - almost nobody of the main characters would live that long if they where like this forever (but the movie didn't mention a chemical plant accident where everybody got insane - so ...)

For me it's always surprising to see that really bad scipts are getting money (and we talk about millions) - where clearly no money can't be made. OK yes Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez could make this film work (but hey they would cast the right actors and give them some crazy lines to work with)

Out of the Furnace

weak script and over length = disaster
I don't watch a movie only because the actor is great in it. I want to be entertained and this is definitely not the case in this film.

I don't know which film the others saw but I can't give him 7 stars only because I liked Christian and Woody in it.

A very new problem with a lot of films now is that the director avoids editing decisions and just brings out a movie that is just long.

But in this movie it's not only the over length that makes it hard to watch it has also some major script flaws - so in the end you think of your wasted time and in one week don't remember anymore.

A really missed opportunity with this caliber of actors.

Loiter Squad

please watch if you like to loose braincells
I assume you like/love this show if you are > male under 14 and (but best) totally stoned

you will hate this show > older then 25

I was shocked to read that there is a second season coming (very sad) - because there are actually enough people out there that likes this nonsense that could be produced from a 12 year old.

Don't get me wrong I love Jackass, Nitro Circus and Viva la Bam even watched a little bit the Dudesons - but this show is just plain dumb.

Ps: Does anybody know if this Rap Gang is dangerous? It would explain why the producers don't stop them from doing what they are doing – and why the network execs are paying for a second season. I wouldn't argue with them if they are packed – and this would make perfect sense.

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