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Artsy Fartsy.. but NOT good
As someone who loves sci fi and sci fantasy, I thought this would be great.. but man, WHAT a stinker! It shows a 7.5, but it's not something I would EVER watch again. I watched this with my 19 year old daughter (I'm 57) and we both hated it. Yes.. positively "artsy", but an artsy movie does NOT make a good movie. It's what annoys me about artsy movies that some people think artsy means good and leaves a high review. It, in my opinion, is NOT good and not worth even a 5.0 rating! Felt like watching paint dry.. and at the beginning of this movie the whole thing became pretty predictable. Nothing about it in the last 30 minutes left us with a "who'd have thought?" A high rating for a bad movie always leaves me thinking that cast, crew, family and friends stacked the reviews. I wouldn't waste the time.


Have a GREAT time being Scared!! PERFECT mix of Funny AND Scary!
"Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies" Movie Review (11/17/20): "Freaky"

Wow!! LOTS of laughs with the horror/comedy! Just think of Freaky Friday, and replace mother daughter with nerd school girl and a killer. Vince Vaughn is hilarious acting as the nerdy girl in the body of the killer (and EVERY time he ran, he "CUT" me up (pun.. but yes.. LAUGH!)... while Kathryn Newton is great as the killer in the school girl body! The cast was great and so was the acting in this Christopher Landon directed film (and if that last name sounds familiar, his "Pa" was Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie (Michael Landon)! Also in the film was actor Alan Ruck who we all loved as Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.. but who did a great job playing the VERY unlikable smarmy shop teacher Mr. Bernardi.

This is a great horror movie.. yet a great comedy, and Landon really did an awesome job mixing the two! I won't give any details to spoil it, but lets just say that at times we almost cheer the killer on!

I'd rank this very high with a 7.3, and that a high score on my ratings! It's GREAT to see a movie during these times (during COVID) that is actually a great flick to catch in the theater!!

Go so "Freaky".. and have fun being scared!

Honest Thief

Not new.. not creative.. You could call it "Taken... AGAIN" - Just "okay"
Review from Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About The Movies:

Liam Neeson is back again following the same formula movie he is constantly cast in. "Piss me off.. I WILL hunt you down.. and I WILL make your life miserable in some way".

The premise is a "not-so-bad" thief who robs banks meets a girl and decides to come clean to the FBI in exchange for a lite sentence. Unfortunately the FBI agents that see the $9M decide they'd rather take the money and be crooked cops. That's when Neeson falls into his routine movie.

This isn't a bad movie at all.. but it's pretty "cookie cutter" for Neeson. It was worth seeing because (honestly) there isn't a LOT out there to see at the moment. His "Taken" movies were better.

I'd give it about a 5.5 out of 10. Good mindless fun... but nothing new or even "creative" (as it comes to story lines). Neeson is doing a role he's done a dozen times before. Since there is a serious movie lull at the theaters, it's better than many out there, but nothing new or creative.

The Empty Man

Now Ranks As One of the WORST Movies I've EVER SEEN!
This comes from the host of Reel Tunez.. The Radio Show All About the Movies.

First and foremost... hideously terrible movie! I'll instantly tell you this now ranks up there with "Hot To Trot" 1988 (Bobcat Goldthwait) as one of the WORST movies I've EVER seen! On a 1 to 10 scale (10 being best), I'd give this a 1 star (not even a 1.5). The plot was nearly non-existent. The first 20 minutes (prior to the actual open) was the set-up, but it was as necessary as the concession stand selling prosthetic middle fingers. This was meant to be a horror/drama movie, but there were NO characters that were developed to where you cared what happened to ANY of them.

Don't waste you time. If they offer you free admission, free popcorn, and a free soda to come see this movie, take a PASS on THAT and go volunteer cleaning a bathroom in a night club at closing time (there's a good chance, you'll enjoy THAT more!). It really WAS THAT bad!

I saw this movie with my 19 year old daughter, and the consensus on the drive home was that it actually was the WORST movie we've EVER seen together!

I sure prefer to NOT give such a heinous review because so many people put a LOT of work into a movie's production, but this movie is a GREAT reason for theaters to offer refunds to movies that completely and totally STINK!!

Enola Holmes

A Real Let Down...
With a very good, well-known cast, maybe I was expecting too much. I watched this with my 19 year old daughter, she enjoyed this more than I, but the story wasn't really that strong and the continuity felt "disjointed". Things just seemed to "happen" because a writer said "wow.. we need to throw SOMETHING.. ANYTHING.. in here!" If I wanted a character talking to the camera (which really WAS pointless for this movie), I would have watched "The Office" (at least in that case it's meant to felt like a documentary). I'm sure someone who wrote or directed this thought "this will be novel", but they forget that watching a movie like this is to "be a part of the story for the audience". I give them credit for not, at least, stopping the movie completely to ask the food services people what THEY thought, or a cutaway shot of the production crew behind cameras watching the production. (Which, for me, is what it's like having a character go between interacting with the other characters and stopping to talk to the camera in this sort of movie.) It was a LONG two hours! I'll take a Robert Downey Jr. "Holmes" movie any day over this!! I really think this movie had the potential to be a whole LOT more!! I gave it a four out of 10. Won't be watching it again.. nor would I recommend it. "Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies"


2 1/2 Hours of Non-Sense... A MESS of a Storyline!
Reel Tunez Movie Review (9/12/20): "Tenet" Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies

Where to start? All I can say is "oh wow!".. followed quickly by "what a WASTE of 2 1/2 hours!" This movie had the continuity of throwing a puzzle down a garbage disposal, running it for 5 minutes (with the water on), then TRYING to make that puzzle into ANYTHING that makes sense!

I wondered about the movie editing and whether it was even pointless to attempt to edit it into something that anyone could follow!

Shots were pretty... and effects were good. Audio was very good and production values high. But acting wasn't great.. and story was a fricken mess!

I saw this with my 19 year old daughter (who is into parallel timeline stories and such) and even she said it made NO SENSE!

I LOVE sci-fi and adventures.. and this had both. But this thing was a mess from the second the movie started. It has high reviews, but I give it some serious thumbs down action! On a 1 to 10 scale (10 is best), I'd give this thing about a 3.5. It was simply awful!


Do yourself a favor.. SEE THIS MOVIE AT A THEATER!!! NOT on a TV small screen!
Disney has finally released the new live-action version of the 1998 cartoon Mulan.

There have been multiple revisions between the old cartoon and this one, and my daughter and I both felt the audience for the new one should be (and is) an older group than the young kids of the cartoon. There's a lot more violence and it contains more of the action of a Marvel movie than a Disney.

The story was good (and pretty similar to the cartoon version), and the actress who played Mulan (Yifei Liu) did an awesome job at playing Mulan! The action was there (and arrows and spears in people), and scenes were beautiful (with mostly convincing digital effects), but there a couple of problems related to this movie's release. First, this IS a "BIG screen movie", not a "movie for home", meaning the small screen of the house actually hurts the movie. The story itself was good, but something just seemed to be missing in it. A lot of character development just didn't seem to be in this movie. IMDB rates this a 5.6 (user review average at time of this writing). I'd have to agree with that. And what I've found is a movie under a 6 just isn't a great movie (a movie at a 5.6 or better is still worth seeing).... and with "Mulan", that's a shame because I truly believe it could have pulled about a 5.9 to 6.0 if release on the big screen (at least al little better).

This is a first time saying this, but I would NOT watch this on TV or through Disney+, but WAIT to see if it does come to the big screen!! You will certainly like it better with the full impact of the large visuals and a great audio system of a theater than on a 52" LED TV at home! This movie seriously was NOT produced for the small screen. I wish Disney had waited to release this at theaters first.

I give this a 5.6 and suggest it's really NOT for kids under about 10 years old. And PLEASE wait to see this AT A THEATER! If you see it at a theater, I promise you'll walk away much more impressed than watching it at home. It is NOT worth $30 on Disney+! (I seriously wished I had NOT watched it on my 52" OLED TV but waited to see at a theater (assuming they might still release it at theaters).

Lost in Space

Excellent Series.. But big failure (Why?)
Boy did Netflix screw this up! Great series.. excellent acting.. motion picture effects... BUT two YEARS+ between seasons?? I don't care how good the season is, you totally forget and lose interest when a series takes THAT long to produce! Good lord they could have made a full length James Bond movie in the amount of time it's taking them to do this. The fortunate part is this will be the last season (#3) so no more waiting! Note to Netflix: moving forward, I'll wait until they've actually committed to the show and finished it.

The Stranger

No Continuity.. Though Lead Actors were Very Good.. Let Down
From Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies.... Got to see the entire series run as a movie and wow.. talking about NO CONTINUITY! Blood & injury continuity ignored... editing of locations clearly were extremely incorrect (from a utility tunnel into a disco??) The three lead actors were convincing and did a good job, but I want to know WHOSE MOM they cast as the police captain? The director's mom? A producer's mom? Acting was absolutely NOT convincing (really simply ridiculous). The story builds throughout, but the whole thing fell apart in the last 10 minutes. It was like they gave 5th graders the chance each write a part of this from about five different classes and they combined the mess. On the positive side, the shooting (cinema style) was excellent.. as well as lighting and audio. The people in this part of the production did an excellent job! As a matter of fact, some of the "big shots" were beautiful (it appeared to be a 4K shoot). What a shame the story had so much potential but really hit a high level of cheesiness!


Excellent Acting... Great Story... REALLY Worth Watching!
Had the pleasure of seeing this short film at the American Black Film Festival on Miami Beach (at New World Center) in 2017. What a wonderful short film with a great message.! For me, the stand-out was the actress that played the lead role of "Brandy". Kelli Jordan shined in her craft of acting as she really made you FEEL what the character was going through. I highly recommend this short film and really look forward to seeing much more of Kelli in other films. I believe there's serious "star talent" with this actress! ----- Dan Slentz from "Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies"

Years and Years

Incredible.. scary... touching...
There are so many ways to react to this series. Starting with the basics... excellent acting from all involved. Production values are excellent. Past this, it's an incredible story with a LOT of lessons to be told within it, and the writing and thought put into the series is incredible! This is really worth seeing! In a little way, it's like Parenthood meets The Handmaids Tale. There's so much human and emotional connection to the story and the characters that you feel you're a part of this.

Code 8

Great concept... BAD movie!!
It had "discount" everyone (actors who look like major league actors). The acting was cheesy.. and the GOD-AWFUL production (generic sounding) music track was nauseating! The effects, robot cops, and drones all looked good.. so the production value was good. Lighting and sound both good. Take "X-Men".. make them all basically criminals, and cheapen the whole thing.. and you have "Code 8". It is far over-rated at a 6+. Reel Tunez, The Radio Show All About the Movies

Bone Tomahawk

Not just bad... but REALLY bad!! This makes Toxic Avenger look like Gone wth the Wind!
From Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies: Wow... this was REALLY bad! First, the "period stuff" was NOT right. The floors were perfect, walls were perfect, candles were clearly bulbs... just everything about it painted a picture of a low-budget movie production that just couldn't look like it really WAS the old west in the late 1800's. The production value was crap all around and the lighting was pretty horrendous too! (Props to the sound folks.. that was good and foley work was very good) Story was very weak and muddled along at a snails pace.. and script sucked!! The word choices the actors used sounded like it was just the first bad attempt at a script. Pretty incorrect vernacular for people of the "wild west" to use. It scores points for grossness... and Kurt Russell is such a likeable actor that you really WANT to like this movie. I went into it expecting a fair movie (so hopes weren't high), but it was wayyyy less than what I could have hoped for! How in the sam-hill did this thing get a 7+ on the imdb ratings??? NOOOOO WAYYY!! Sorry... on a 1 to 10 scale.. this thing is a STINKER with a 3 star rating.


Reel Tunez Review: Slow Movie... Numbing... And Leaves You with Mixed Emotions!
Reel Tunez Movie Review (5/21/20): "Capone"

Tom Hardy stars as Al Capone.. in the days after he's released from Alcatraz.. for tax evasion! The movie takes place pretty much at Capone's house (on Palm Island.. between Miami & Miami Beach.. the house is still in this gated community on a group of islands). There are flashback scenes, but they are not "memories" but "nightmare" Capone has while the Neurosyphilis destroys his brain.

No spoilers.. but in real life, Capone refused to admit he had an STD for fear of his wife finding out (who ended up getting it). He wouldn't get treated.. and finally did when penicillin came out, which stopped the spread but at that point his mind had been wasted. Capone died at the age of 48.

So what about this movie? It wasn't great. It was okay. It had "artsy vibes" quite a bit of the time and tried to paint the disturbing picture of what it was like for Capone as his mind deteriorated. Here's the problem (at least for me): Capone was a vicious killer.. and this disease (which he COULD have treated) slowly destroys an individual. So WHERE do your emotions land with a movie like this? Feel sorry for him? You certainly feel sorry for an individual going through what he did (including losing control over bodily functions over and over in this movie). So the movie leaves you mixed between "serves a killer right" and "poor man that is suffering".

The story felt pretty incomplete.. like it wasn't told with enough info to be accurate or even truly interest you. Seemed almost more of a medical training film with what was happening.

I'd put this on the "skip it" list. On a 1 to 10 scale, I give this a 4.

I'll end with this. Being someone who has had bit parts in movies and even worked on a few, I always hate to give anything less than a glowing review for a movie. The actors put a LOT of work into movies. The production crews ALL put a LOT of work into movies. Movies are NOT easy to make and the process can be long, drawn-out, and painful. So I'm disappointed I couldn't give this a better review or anything higher than a 4 star rating.

Reel Tunez.. The Radio Show All About the Movies.


Over 8? You'll probably HATE this movie! Review by "Reel Tunez.. the Radio Show..."
Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies... Movie Review (5/16/20): Scoob!

Though I didn't see this on the big screen (due to coronavirus making this a home movie debut), I can say that at least I didn't spend a lot to see it.

The trailer looked "cute", and the animation decent, but this movie was cheesy! It made the original cartoon TV series look like "Gone with the Wind" in comparison. Though they had some very good voice talent, the story line was pretty all-over-the-place and it was weak at best. They tried to get some other Hanna Barbara characters into it (hoping to give you SOME reason to like it), but I couldn't find anything I thought anyone over about 8 years old could like.

So here's the takeaway. It was apparently meant for the "under 8 crowd", and parents who see this with their kids may need some serious no-doze or extra large coffee before seeing this. It's a snooze-fest!

Wanna see Scooby Doo? Catch 4 or 5 episodes of the old cartoon with your kids so you BOTH can enjoy it.

I give it about a 4 out of 10 stars. Had a few cute moments.. animation was decent (though not anything like a Pixar), and voice talent was very good. But nothing can fix a weak story!


Over 8? You'll probably HATE this movie! Review by "Reel Tunez.. the Radio Show..."
Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies... Movie Review (5/16/20): Scoob!

Though I didn't see this on the big screen (due to coronavirus making this a home movie debut), I can say that at least I didn't spend a lot to see it.

The trailer looked "cute", and the animation decent, but this movie was cheesy! It made the original cartoon TV series look like "Gone with the Wind" in comparison. Though they had some very good voice talent, the story line was pretty all-over-the-place and it was weak at best. They tried to get some other Hanna Barbara characters into it (hoping to give you SOME reason to like it), but I couldn't find anything I thought anyone over about 8 years old could like.

So here's the takeaway. It was apparently meant for the "under 8 crowd", and parents who see this with their kids may need some serious no-doze or extra large coffee before seeing this. It's a snooze-fest!

Wanna see Scooby Doo? Catch 4 or 5 episodes of the old cartoon with your kids so you BOTH can enjoy it.

I give it about a 4 out of 10 stars. Had a few cute moments.. animation was decent (though not anything like a Pixar), and voice talent was very good. But nothing can fix a weak story!

The Wrong Missy

Guy humor... Plenty of Raunchy, Laugh-Out-Loud Moments... Okay story...
Don't go into this expecting lots and you'll be satisfied with the laughs. It's raunchy and wrong... and like we'd expect to see from Adam Sandler. It isn't a bad movie at all.. but it also isn't quite up some of the comedy movies we rank as high. It counts on shock-humor to get the laugh (and it does). Don't see it with kids anywhere near the room (it's pretty raunchy in THAT way). You know, David Spade isn't a bad actor, but damn I wish they'd give him a role that wasn't the exact same character in every movie. I'd really like to see him do something different to show his skill (which I know must be there). Reel Tunez.. The Radio Show All About The Movies

Time Trap

It was okay.. not bad. Low budget.. fair acting.. Not a bad story
I gave it six stars but would rather have given it about a 5.5 (though I felt 5 was too low). The story was reasonable and there were some big opening on how things happened or why they happened. There were multiple cave entrances as if that was somehow critical to the plot.. but it wasn't (it would have been more interesting if that HAD been the case). The story was okay and the ending was better than many low-budget movies (that simply "end"). The stand out is Cassidy Griffin who is not only a decent actress, but she's very pretty. Nice to see good talent in a low budget movie. A few of the other actors (in lesser roles) were not very talented. If you're looking for something to fill the time, this isn't terrible.

Big Time Adolescence

Excellent Acting.. Interesting Movie.. NOT a comedy!
The acting in the movie was actually excellent! Great role for Pete.. and Griffin Gluck, Oona Laurence, Emily Arlook, Jon Cryer (great look as bald with goatee) and everyone in the movie were great! It MUST be said that this is NOT a comedy. I wouldn't even call it a dark comedy. It's more like a "coming of age film". I do not consider the following a spoiler, but you might want to stop reading as it says something non-descriptive about the movie's ending. For me, the rating dropped considerably from what would have been 7 stars to 5 stars when they decided to NOT give the movie an ending. What drives me nuts is taking great acting and an otherwise VERY good movie and walking away from an end. Is there a "part 2" coming or what.. because this just ends. Bummer!

The Call of the Wild

Hideous Digital Animation - Distracting!! - HATED this movie!
Reel Tunez Movie Review (2/25/20): "The Call of the Wild"

Classic book.. Harrison Ford.. and the WORST digitally animated dog you've EVER seen! The dog in this movie makes Shrek look like a REAL ogre! Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie looked more realistic as a mouse. For pete's sake, this digital animation rivals that of 20 years ago, NOT anywhere near what it should be!

Okay.. so I went to see this movie. The trailer made me suspicious that the digitally animated dog would be too fake and distracting, but heck.. Harrison Ford in a movie based on a classic book, so it should be good.

The reviews on this movie are excellent, but OMG, the digital animation was HORRIBLE!!! Disney's digital animation (and of course, they are partners with Pixar, who are pros at this stuff), is leaps and bounds better!! Lion King? Very realistic (not perfect). Jungle Book? Very realistic (not perfect). But The Call of the Wild couldn't have been more fake looking. Worse, they opted to use the fake dog in a few scenes with real dogs, which made it even LESS real (if that were possible).

Not for one second of one scene in this movie did I every forget I was watching digital animation.

I'd give it a 3.4 out of 10 (in fairness to the movie makers, my rating is half of what others give it), but I truly think it was horrible. Would it be good for 5 year olds (who MIGHT believe it was a real dog)? In all honesty, NO.. because it's really NOT a family story.

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Not Too Good.. Way Over-the-Top Ridiculous.. Campy!
First.. got to say that I didn't know much of the back story, but the trailer looked interesting so what the heck. I am a fan of action movies, super hero movies, and villain movies.. but apparently you had to really REALLY know the whole background of this movie to enjoy it. It definitely had some good parts, but man, this think (in terms of violence) made Black Hawk Down seem like a G-rated Disney movie. Honestly.. it was "violence overload"! By the way.. stay stay stay to the very very last credit to find out....

Review from Dan Slentz of "Reel Tunez.. The Radio Show All About The Movies"

The Last Full Measure

A story worth KNOWING... A movie worth SEEING! From Reel Tunez.. The Radio Show All About the Movies
Reel Tunez Movie Review (1/27/20): "The Last Full Measure"

After seeing Black Hawk Down years ago, I really felt like seeing movies like this left me (and others) feeling like they lived through the hell of war and battles, and I've generally avoided many of these, but The Last Full Measure is an incredible story of bravery, honor, and true sacrifice!

The story takes place in Vietnam, and is based on the true story of a REAL American hero.. William Pittsenbarger, a Air Force airman/medic who incredibly and with true bravery ended up sacrificing his life to save many others.

As a USAF veteran, I watched this movie with a little more understanding of the mentality of those in the military.

The quick notes of the story are based on this Air Force airman who put his life on the line and left the medevac helicopter to support his Army comrades who were under very heavy enemy fire with many killed and many severely injured. He was put up for the Medal of Honor (highest award for military bravery), but instead posthumously given a lower recognition. For over 30 years, those he saved fought the system to give him the true recognition he deserved. This is the story of that recognition, with flashbacks to what occurred which are sprinkled throughout the story.

As a vet who didn't see combat, but who studied what occurred in Vietnam and with friends who are Nam vets, I can understand (but truly not know.. thank God) the horror these military members went through. None of my older Vietnam vet friends ever openly talk about the horrors, but every one of them clearly show the scars of that hell.. and for that, I and all who have served recognize and thank them for their bravery and their sacrifice! Some volunteered, some were drafted, but nearly all stood up to serve when called. All of them deserve our thanks no matter what the outcome of any war (or "Un-declaired war"), fight, offensive, or simply by serving their country in a way that always puts them in a situation where their lives could be sacrificed.

This movie had a major cast that included: Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Irvine (as Airman "Pitt" (Pittsenbarger), Samuel L. Jackson, Peter Fonda (his last role), Christopher Plummer, Bradley Whitford, William Hurt, and many other very talented actors.. and the cinematography and production were top notch!

The Last Full Measure... a story worth knowing and movie worth seeing! On a 1-10 star scale, I'd give this a 7.7 (although the story itself is truly a 10 and one that we should all know). PLEASE stay through the credits. Unfortunately they immediately do not start the part you should see until about 2 minutes into the credits, but after the credits start, they put real video of the people who were actually in that fire-fight discussing Airman "Pitt", and how he saved them. It includes short interviews and statements from not only the men he saved, but his fellow medevac airman who he left behind in the helicopter to drop right in on the fighting to try to save those who were shot up.

The Last Full Measure... definitely worth seeing!!


Excellent movie.. and worth using as a teaching tool! Acting? Incredible! from Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies
Reel Tunez Movie Review (1/26/20): "Bombshell"

The trailer looked good.. and the movie even better! What a story!! (And based on real life)

As a parent to three daughters, I really thought this movie was inspirational to women (and a good example to young girls) about standing up again sexism and terrible sexist behavior.

Every actor in this movie hit it out of the park! Incredible acting from the three female leads: Charlize Therone, Nicole Kidman, and Margo Robbie... plus supporting cast like Kate McKinnon (of SNL) and all the others. McKinnon is known for comedy, but she's far more than a comedian, and it shows in her acting skills! And John Lithgow as Roger Ailes was incredible (and truly hate-able as Ailes!) The acting on behalf of every actor in this movie was incredible!

This really makes you hope that the events that occurred in Fox News (and revealed) dampen ANY possibility for this to continue there or anywhere else.. and a great reminder that we should never tolerate sexism or any discrimination in the work place or anywhere else.

On a 1-10 star scale, I'd give this a very respectable 7.5! Worth seeing.. and worth taking daughters (I'd suggest no younger than 12) to discuss what happened and reinforce their own strength.

Very good movie.. and kudos to the cast, production crew, and the director/producers!

The Turning

Don't waste your time! From Reel Tunez... The Radio Show All About the Movies
Reel Tunez Movie Review (1/26/20): "The Turning"

I was looking forward to seeing this horror/mystery movie, but wow... what a let down! Cinematography was pretty... and the kids acting was good, but the story was wimpy at best. It was probably one of the worst horror/mystery movies I've seen in years!

The plot was ultra thin (not even sure if it had one), and the story itself was weak at best. After seeing this one, I'd recommend not even wasting the time.

On a 10 star scale, I'd give it about a 2. Lame!!


Dolittle "did little" for me.. and my daughters
From Dan Slentz of Reel Tunez.. The Radio Show All About the Movies...

Dolittle "did little" for me.

The problem with high expectations is being let down, and admittedly I had high hopes. It's a great old story, and digital effect (CGI) can be awesome. Then add to the fact that it has one of (what I consider) to be the best actors in film today, and this was a "Reel" let down!

Here's the problem. The story development was hideously week. Right away there's a death, and without any development all it produced was a "that's a shame". The story throughout the entire movie was VERY weak at best, and Downey seemed to have very crappy direction. Was Downey good? Of course! But even an great actor won't carry a crappy story. It should also be noted that the CGI (especially the Fox) was NOT great... and the soundtrack to this movie was phenomenally wimpy.. nearly non-existent! A part of the "shame" on that is they actually were working with an actor who could sing, so HAD they made it a lot more like a modern version of the original Rex Harrison film, it probably COULD have been awesome!

The kid that played the apprentice to Dolittle was good.. and most of the animal voices were good, but this had the "thrill" of a made-for-TV movie. On a 1-10 scale, I'd give barely give this a 5... barely. If it had anyone other than Robert Downey Jr., probably a 4.

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