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Awesome movie if you like this kind of awesome ...
I haven't written a review lately, but after looking at some of the reviews, thought I might be able to throw in a few observations that might help folks considering this movie. If (big if) you like Keanu Reeves (of course); if you like Tarentino flix; if you like "hard sci-fi"; like interesting family pix; like "what if" stories ... this may be a pic for you. That's quite a mix but I thought the script, the director, the actors, all pulled it off very well. I saw it with not much in the way of expectations: mostly went because it was a Keanu Reeves movie. Turned out to be a good Keanu Reeves movie even tho a bit different for him. The "what if" features were great. I like a movie that actually has an interesting story, and this definitely has one; and one of my favorite kinds of stories comprise those in the wide range of "what if" stories that include sci-fi. Like any good Tarentino movie, it's full of salutes to cool B movies of the past, combines deeply moving, comedic, and stylized features; and is so free of artsy hi-brow ostentation. Also believe it or not this is really a very cool family movie. We need more movies that can deal with some tough family challenges and play out the "what ifs" of life in humane and believable ways. Oh and on top of everything else: there are some cool Jason Bourne type sequences and Bourne music tributes at Bourne-like moments ... very awesome IMHO but then I enjoy tributes like those. Likewise, there were cool "I Robot" elements - very appropriate and very well handled. All in all: think Tarentino-does-SF is a good description of this movie. A really awesome movie if (big if of course) this kind of awesome is up your alley.


Ultra-PC stereotyping
This movie presents such a relentlessly politically correct script, that if you aren't attracted by such scripts, you might want to spend your movie bucks elsewhere.

Basically, the story amounts to a backward projection of 21st century politics and 21st century stereotypes into a late 19th century setting.

There are good things in this movie, to be sure: lovely western depictions, solid cinematography, strong acting performances, and some powerful and tender moments.

But the movie is drenched with such incredible, anachronistic dialog and plot lines that the film's good side is simply overwhelmed by the ham-fisted PC story.

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