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Night Shift

Do You Need A Laugh?
Watch Michael Keaton in this movie!

Yeah, it is not PC for Shelley Long to be a prostitute with just no ability to run her business. And Henry Winkler's character is a schlub.

But Keaton is hilarious.


Fifth-rate underwater version of Alien.

Oh - and why did the women run around in bralettes and bikinis, while the men were fully clothed - except TJ Miller's tattooed torso? (Hey, let's give credit where credit's due - TJ obviously worked out to prep for this roe!)


Yes - Dracula's His Name
This version of the Dracula story is just plain weird but I watched it all the way through and gave it a more generous rating than it probably deserved.

Yet - Claes Bang! That works.


Welp, It's A Wolfman Movie!
This film might well have been made by a werewolf movie aficionado with money and a hankering to get into showbiz. It reminds me of a small-town dinner theater effort.

Hey, if you, like me, are a horror fan, and love werewolf movies, check this one out.


Clear As A Bell
If you are one who has only seen Hamlet as a melancholy Dane who can't pull himself together, watch Tennant's version and understand what's going on.

Another actor who lets us see what's up with Hamlet is Adrian Lester, and I expect Andrew Scott's version, once released on film (hint, hint) to be just as clear.

Thanks to all of them for not proclaiming at us.

The Spanish Princess

Don't Expect Historical Accuracy From Starz
The White Queen was very lurid but it was entertaining.

The White Princess was very lurid and it was NOT entertaining.

The Spanish Princess, well . . . . At least Catharine has red hair.

The Witcher

Henry Cavill, Soaking In A Tub!
Platinum blonde hair, dark chest hair, who cares?

What else do you need?

Kings and Queens of England

Want to Be Both Enlightened and Entertained?
Then watch Kings and Queens of England, narrated by Alan Ereira.

Tremendous series. Essential history, presented in an enjoyable way.

Ten stars.

Kulay dugo ang gabi

These Vampires Wear Their Sunglasses At Night
Bring your sense of humor and enjoy the hell out of this Filipino vampire flick.

To be honest, this isn't a bad movie. And it's so colorful!


YA-Novel Henry VIII
This movie could be worse. And it was evidently filmed on location - the house where it's set is interesting and more or less of the period.

And the costumes aren't bad. For some reason, two of Henry's manservants are played as bitchy gay men (not trying to be rude; that's how they're played.)

If you're a fan of anything Tudor, this is the film for you.

The King

Henry V, Pretty Darn Great
The King is a beautiful movie, and the story of King Henry V is great history. You couldn't ask for a better story and this movie does it justice.

Excellent cast (Chalamet, all grown up! Lily-Rose Depp, all grown up!), particularly the movie's writer and producer, Joel Edgerton, as Falstaff. Falstaff is not a historical character but a composition of several historical characters. (Yeah, he's Shakespeare's recurring favorite, along with his goat as incarnated in Henry VI's John Falstolf, who WAS a historical character). Everyone was just great, including Robert Pattinson as the doofus Dauphin. And Sean Harris, who is never not great.

This isn't Henry's entire life story, just the highlights. Loved it.


Excellent French horror series. There are no cheap scares here. And it was filmed in a beautiful location on the coast, to boot.

Turn your subtitles on, unless you speak the language.

Well done, Netflix.

The Third Part of Henry the Sixth

I Love the Henry VI Series
Henry VI parts I-III, followed by Richard III, are extraordinarily good plays by some guy named Shakespeare (hope I spelled his name right.)

I watch the BBC version from the early eighties over and over - ambition, lust, romance, heroism - these plays have it all, and this production is just great.

My only beef, and it's a trivial one because I am a shallow person, is in the casting of Elizabeth Woodville. Nothing wrong with the acting - it's just that Woodville was a great beauty, "the most beautiful woman in the Island of Britain." And the actress playing her, isn't.

But never mind that. It's a great set of plays. Watch it.

Soul to Keep

It's Not All THAT Bad
Typical dumb-teens-meet-the-Devil horror movie. The art work on the introduction reminded me of Drag Me to Hell (a bigger and much better movie). That's a compliment.

There are worse ways to kill time. Even though Soul to Keep is certainly less scary than what's squatting in the White House.


This is a weird, rainy movie. Sorry, it just is NOT worth your time.

Alien Predator

Wanna Take A Trip Down GoT Memory Lane?
The Falling, as I saw it titled on Comet, might generously be called a B movie. But you'll see a lot of locations that you'll remember from Game of Thrones.

You'll also see a few semi-famous actors you'll recognize, and the NASA logo from back then. So, combined with the locations in Spain, it wasn't a totally cheapo effort.

(Oh, and a coincidence - as I looked up The Falling on IMDb, the first film to come up starred none other than Maisie Williams.)

Henry VIII and His Six Wives

The Best of the Henrys
Keith Michell was perfect as Henry. This is a pretty darn good film about the most recognizable English monarch, although only terrible prints of it are available now. (Hint, hint - there's a restoration opportunity for the BBC or Acorn or SOMEBODY, if only they would take it.)

Top notch cast and reasonably good sets.

Hell Is Full

Well Done! (Yes, I said that)
This was obviously made on a frayed shoesting budget, but it is pretty darn good - think of a less-sophisticated Night of the Living Dead, and in color.


It's Not Easy to Mess Up Dracula
Such a great story! But this pretty TV movie from several years back comes close to ruining it.

Why did the showrunners need to add a syphilis subplot? Old Dracula's terrible makeup echoed Arthur's dad's terrible makeup. Maybe this was intetional.

Not the best version of the story, yet I watched. Waste of a mostly great cast.

The Meg

Bad Jaws
Hope they compensated Spielberg for the ripoff. The barely mediocre ripoff.

Nice candy colors for the kiddies.

The Favourite

The Castle is Astonishing - So There's That.

Once again, a beautiful movie with top-notch stars. I was expecting a comedy but the joke's on me!

This movie starts off extremely clever and funny, and rapidly spins into something very different. Still quite clever, but as dark as you can imagine.

Not my favourite, that's for sure.

Mary Queen of Scots

Gorgeous Scenery; Gorgeous Costumes; Great Cast
Welp, that's about all. Otherwise, a typical MQOS romance, given the tiniest flair by top stars and a multi-cultural cast.

Really, not that great. And I had such high hopes!

Vikings: Hell
Episode 15, Season 5

Welp, That's Life
Why the Vikings hate for this episode?

Although not a classic, I thought it was pretty darn good: I liked Floki solving a murder, Hvitserk on the trail of a murderer, and a very good battle.

Ubbe tutoring Alfred the Great on how to be a warrior - yeah, that worked! And the catapault training.

Now - Heahmond - we know in real life he died in battle, so this was coming. This was one of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' better roles, as far as I'm concerned.

What happens to Lagertha, the unluckiest woman in love ever? Well, she's irresistible, so it shouldn't be long before her next boyfriend (or girlfriend!) comes along.

Last, I can't wait for the weaselly blonde guy posing to be Ragnar's long-lost son to be unmasked, and get his. Maybe another Blood Eagle is in order.

By the Sword Divided

I will echo that this series is a classic. (I wish I could find it on DVD at a price I can afford! Guess I'll start saving my pennies.)

As we know, the topic is the English Civil War, told through the eyes of the members of a noble(?) house divided among Royalists and Parliamentarians, with almost no one getting a happy ending.

The cast is top notch, the writing is great, and the costumes are superb. Hair is on point for the period (for the women, anyhow - some of the men have eighties hair).

The choreography for the sword fights is astonishing (astonishing!), as is the staging for the battle scenes. All before CGI, folks! (Furthermore - at least one important cast member made it to an equally important role on CGI-fest Game of Thrones.)

The only not-so-great aspect of this great series is the music - aspirational faux-cavalier composition that detracts from this fabulous show. Again, very of-the-eighties.

Love it; can't recommend it highly enough.

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