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Hell High

Hell High
Hell High is one of your typical, bad, 80s horror films, and then again there are many things in it that are not so typical. For instance, none of the characters are likable or even sane. Usually you find at least one sane person in a slasher movie but not here. Everybody is pretty much crazy. At any rate that doesn't really matter, it still delivers good fun. I recommend renting the DVD with the Joe Bob Briggs commentary and don't even bother to watch it without the commentary, Joe Bob Briggs brings humor and fun facts into the viewing reminiscent of MST3K. His commentary really brings your enjoyment of the film up a notch by giving some where are they now comments, as well as commentary on why this film is different from the typical teen slasher. I give it a high rating based mainly on this commentary track.

Too Young to Die?

I saw the other user comment on this movie and just had to add my own. This movie was terrible. Seeing that Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt were both in it I took a chance and watched the film that my sister purchased in a one dollar movie bin, and let me tell you, not worth one dollar. Maybe it's because of the fact it is a made-for-TV movie, although I have found many other made-for-TV movies much more enjoyable. The story and dialog are poorly written, and the plot is unbelievable and mediocre at best. The performances were not so bad, but were not enough to carry this film. Lewis plays a girl who gets caught up in these crazy circumstances and never seems to get things right, while Pitt plays this mean nasty character who takes advantage of this poor girl. The only good thing about this film is Lewis' t-shirts which are pretty cool. Do your self a favor and skip it.

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