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The Genital Warriors

Don't be confused by the title. The rest is even crazier.
Genital warriors? Yup, it's them on their genital warpaths. Utterly crazy, but distinctively plotted; freakish and capricious, but at the same time traceable; paradoxical, but in its own way reasoned. Definitely not a movie for you if you'd still like to be mesmerized by Jack and Rose in Titanic's 200-zillion USD love affair. Hardly a candidate for this year's Oscar shortlist, but who cares? If you have your mind wide open in the finest sense of the word, there's a good chance you'll forget about all of this imperfect world's trials and tribulations for about 90 minutes. It all moves, races, and turns back again; Black becomes white, wrong becomes right, youth senility and then counterclockwise; Masculine becomes feminine and man meets himself just to realize that none of his self really belongs to himself the way he used to think. And all of this despite the fact that (attention, spoiler!) John and Yoko haven't even appeared yet. Let alone their mini-versions, a bunch of freaking crazy terrorists and weird allusions to some of the most recognizable pop-culture clichés. Sound like the synopsis for virtually ANY indie movie? Well, this IS another indie movie in a determinate sense, but it DOES definitely have loads of its own vibe. Maybe it's the Berlin air that for decades has been transforming demure Brits into reckless pioneers of new art with no boundaries or limits, I don't know. I simply had a very good time while watching it (in fact, I did so three times over the course of two days). Of course it has its ups and downs, but what movie hasn't? Surely I'm not one to professionally critique it, I can only express my feelings: It's a kind of cinematic roller-coaster, but with lots of brains under its rails. Take a ride, but remember – do so at your own risk!

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