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Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution

Greatly disappointed
We saw the show 5/24 @ Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing and we couldn't have been more disappointed. Fluffy did barely any comedy whatsoever and spent most of the time drinking/bringing us up to speed on his life in the last year (not in a comical way), then telling old jokes. I would not recommend this show. (The comedians leading up to Fluffy did a real nice job but of course that's not what we had come to see and they barely had any stage time. We paid to see comedy and not what Fluffy brought to the stage. We had seen his show at Treasure Island previous (the one before his last time there)and were very disappointed with that also. We've seen his stuff on TV and figured we would give him one more chance to redeem himself and he brought the level down another notch (didn't think that was possible.

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