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  • This show was obviously inspired by someone who just got done binge watching Person of Interest and The Blacklist. The only problem is, the concept was a good start but after that it was a hollowed out shell. They forgot to add writers, actors, and fleshed out characters to a plethora of weak story lines. Some were remotely plausible but most were so hard to believe it got past the storyboard phase. My god, the body count alone would have had even the most respected FBI officer sidelined to a desk job for life, but an unknown, no identity consultant who kills a half dozen people a week never gets even explained away by some poorly written trope. They don't even try to make to suspend belief. SMH, these writers are either juveniles or the audience is as brain dead as they are for this show to even get a second season let alone a decent rating.
  • Geezzus, all this guy does for 13 straight episodes is cry like a 4 year old girl locked in a dark closet. If any man acted this way around other men in public they would strip him naked and throw him off a bridge into a freezing river hoping shock therapy will make him grow a new pair.

    For you people writing for marvel, here is a tip for you. Religious places, like the one he was supposed to be from, TEACH YOU HOW TO ACT LIKE AN ADULT! The most important part of that maturation process, say as little as possible and contain your self pity. Yet you have a guy raised by Monks, crying mommy daddy nearly ever other scene in the show.

    As for the show itself, below average acting, terrible editing, decent choreographed fights, awful script writing, and decent story arc. Which is why 4 of 10 is as high as I can go without calling myself a liar.
  • This was the worst star trek period hands down. It was silly and corny, light and mindless, but that wasn't the goal of the show. Which is why this very old time Trek fan saw this as a failure.

    It did add a ton of new trek fans to the mix, but IMO this was a mixed blessing. It watered down expectations which allowed shows like Voyager to go even deeper into the well of sillyville story lines. TNG was bearable to a degree, but the deus ex machina of technology was overplayed in that show as well. OH CAPTAIN, IF WE REVERSE THE TACHYON FLUX FLOW WE WILL BE SAVED. Good god it makes me want to puke.

    When I saw Axanar clips, it made me realize where the trek universe went wrong and off the rails, and that was right after the TOS ended. What a shame, now we have fantasy sci fi instead of sci fi based in real settings. Oh well, if you like this type of Star trek, all I can say is you really aren't a trek fan but a fantasy sci fi fan. Trek has no connection to it.
  • If you have a jar a Vaseline and an addiction to soft core porn, enjoy it. As for a show with actors, writers, and a script....try something else because this is an empty sack of nonsense. If you maturity is over the age of 18 you will gag at the hollowness. As a show, there is nothing here but bad, terrible, and worse. To this day I still am amazed of how bad some shows can be, but this one even surprised me at the level of bad.It's either written by sexually frustrated 30 year old's or hormone challenged teens who just figured out about human body parts who's only experience in life is an app on their iphone to some bad teen porn site.

    Do yourself a favor, spare yourself from this spectacle of bad. This is beyond awful, not bad, just really really awful.
  • Years ago I watched this show when it aired. Missed a few episodes here and there due to busy life things, so I assumed my confusion was my fault. However, I went back and watched the show again. I made sure all the missing parts were filled. The result, still pretty confused as to what the whole point of this show was getting at. Cliché is my best word to describe it.

    Im not going to be a hater/lover here because the show had it's good side but it also was pretty damned bad at times. To make this brief, this show had 80% filler plots and 20% story. Characters were over developed, which is why I use the term vacillation(fake at its core). This was the worst part of this show. The writers were obviously just grasping at plot devices to extend the story to get to the end and it showed itself in the chaotic nature of show.

    This show should have been finished after 3 seasons at best. If it had it may have deserved a 7 or 8 rating, but it was more a waste of time than entertainment, so it best rating should never have been anything more than a 5 or a 4. That's being very generous.
  • Is this really what Hollywood is spending a big budget on. All this movie is in summation, explosions, fire, fire exploding, wheels coming off from explosions, and that's about it.

    I think it was 45 minutes into this movie before a paragraph of dialogue was even spoken, no backstory on anything, no interaction between anyone to even understand why anything is happening.

    Honestly, this was the worst movie I have seen in decades(not years). One has to assume those who thought this was a good movie spent most of the time watching it while tweeting or texting on their phones because the only people who could even sit thru this disaster would have to be suffering from severe ADHD of some kind. I'm still sitting here shaking my head because I can't believe this even made it past the storyboard phase. And the movie industry wonders why it's losing its appeal.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Story wasn't bad, acting was decent, writing was inventive at times and a bit over the top other times. Never was into police drama or crime type shows but a few have surprised me, this wasn't one of them.

    What compelled me to watch this was how many people said it "raised the bar", "best show ever", "one of the best" etc etc. The only thing I can conclude is that the TV audience has been so deprived of anything decent that something even as slightly above average in quality (acting, writing, story) such as this show has, came as a shock to some. But I watched The Wire recently and must have had my expectations set too high for this.

    This show is bush league compared to shows like the Wire so its safe to assume those ranting about this must have watched this after an episode of Honeybooboo or Duck Dynasty or even worse, the last ship(omg what the heck is that ship) as a comparison. To that, yeah this wasn't bad stuff, great....not a chance. The characters were so inconsistent over time, you couldn't recognize them after a season or two. As for the ending, a great one...? Meh, he got what he deserved, hell for a control freak is to be put into a cubicle as the world revolves without him.

    I watched all 7 seasons, it was entertaining at times, very repetitive plot devices used so often, you find yourself rolling your eyes. My advice to people who want to give it a try, watch season one, skip to season 7, it doesn't take much imagination to fill in the rest. Because the characters keep switching places to make the audience believe the writers came up with something new. The shield should have been called Venetus Deus Ex Machina.
  • any lower, CW goes and breaks the barrier of bad once again. How do they do it? Every Season you watch something this network puts out and you shake your head saying it just can't get any worse than this, then CW goes and make an even worse show again.

    One could say they have a special talent over there at the CW network to find the worst actors, writers, and producers that haven't yet gone into a coma from minimal brainwave activity and still have the daily functioning to pick up a pen to write a few lines on paper. I know their target demographic is 12-18 year old's with low IQ's and high hormone imbalances, but even this stuff is insulting to that core group.

    If you value your time, you would be best served not to even give this a try, in fact, your life, integrity and intellect will increase if you yank the CW network off of your viewing device for good.

    Giving this show a 1 star was an insult to those shows that deserved a 1 star.
  • After much disappointment with US productions, once again it took a BBC show to shock me. IMDb ratings lately have been more like a "which is the best Happy meal at McDonalds" or best ADHD viewer award. Want proof, go look at at any CW show and then compare it to its rating here. /FACEDESK!

    But here it is, a true diamond in the rough. The storyline is chaotic, the production is average at best, the editing is decently done and the writing is hardly worth noting. Yes this makes it sound like a terrible review but no. Why? Because even though the lead actress is not very appealing to the eye or has any personal attributes that command attention, every role she plays always leaves me to believe she is a different actress playing all of these roles.

    Where did this woman come from, why isn't she being flowered by her peer's with accolades? Her performance, depth, and her ability to shave razor thin differences among all of the roles she plays, leaves me spell bound when I wake up and realize only one person is doing all of these characters. In a word, this young lady is AMAZING!
  • I thought shows like Reign, Star Crossed, 100, the Arrow et AL was the reservoir of bad writing and acting concentrated all in one place. But no, there are even more out there than first thought. Someone needs to send a swat team to the CW network and have all the writers and actors rounded up and sent to a uninhabited pacific Island. Then when they are done there, head over to the other three networks and round up the execs over there for their crimes for canceling really good shows of the Firefly caliber.

    To try and even list the horrible things these shows all share would take a library of text to do. So maybe I can just list all the good things about this show and almost every show this network has produced in the past few years.


    Well that is all I could come up with.
  • After seeing this get a good rating I took at shot at watching it.Right now, my faith in humanity has dropped a whole bunch if this is what they think is a good show. So in fairness, I figured to press on and go into season 2 to see if it was a context thing that would make it better. Only to find the show went from bad to OMG brutally bad in season two.

    How can one listen to a supposed superhero whine for hours on end and not want to throw a rock at the monitor? After a while my eyes glazed over and realized this show is missing a Y chromosome really badly. The acting is some of the worst I've seen in some time, the script writers should be taken to the woodshed, and the characters are as thin as one could ever imagine.

    My wife had a great summary of this show. She said it was like The Green Hornet had a child with one the Kardashian sisters and gave birth to a green whiney superhero who needs acting lessons. However, the real villains in this show are the writers and most of the actors. Shows like this never get cancelled yet the really good one never get a second season.
  • However, the potential for a very good series is all here. Already we have mystery among the main characters, very good chemistry, Sci fi, good acting, cryptic backgrounds among the supporting staff and most of all, humor. Add all of that to the Hi Tech Scifi anything goes possibilities, and this show could be an endless well of new ideas for story telling.

    Did someone lock all the network execs in a closet somewhere? Because so far this is year, the number of good shows has shocked me. This is one of them. I loved these first two episodes and would gladly give it a 10 but dialed back to a 9 out of caution. Too early to tell, but all the ingredients are here to make this a show we all will miss if it ends. We shall see. But so far it has been a good few weeks in TV hows(Blacklist, Dracula, Agents of Shield, Tomorrow People), color me surprised. The only thing that could make network TV better next season would be to cancel all the reality shows at once. But I will settle for this for now.
  • We have a joke around my house about TWD, we call it the creeping dead. I use to enjoy watching the first few seasons, as bad as they were they at least moved forward inch by inch. Now this show is a complete time waster, it takes three episodes to tell something that should only take three minutes. After last night's cliché driven, paint drying paced veneer of a redemption story for someone not deserving of redemption, I'm done.

    When a show has a group of writers as bad as this show has, the trick is to have a great editor. Instead, the editor is even worse, making this show a true survivor story, for the viewer that is. Well I didn't make it. Falling asleep has been the only good thing this show has been for me since season two. The writers in Hollywood have truly become the real life zombies since the invasion of reality TV.
  • If this were on the comedy channel I would have to give it a 3-4 star rating, but they actually meant it to be serious. I was watching a few episodes for the laughs a minute entertainment, but that gets old after about three or four shows. I mean really guys, your still using Ica stones as evidence to your claims when the people who forged them admitted it 30 years ago?

    Well as for a TV show, great laugh a minute entertainment for a short burst, but for content, the only thing this show has achieved is to destroy the History Channel's credibility. I say that lightly because the History Channel doesn't have any left. But hey, at least you have people watching it.
  • To me there are two SG-1's. Seasons 1,9, & 10 should have been lost in some distant galaxy and forgotten ever existed. The other seasons are cherished campy fun Sci-Fi at its best. Which is probably why you see so many reviews with extremely different opinions. If you can, breeze quickly through some of the first season to get the story plot and ignore the filler episodes and ignore anything after season eight, then you will appreciate the show much better.

    As a quick guide for the first season, just skip episodes 3,4,5 and 11. These are really bad filler episodes that skipping will not hurt future viewing at all. You could skip 14 and 15 but it does have some backstory to it. If I had to rate this show overall it gets a seven. However it would deserve a none or ten if they never did season 1,9, & 10.
  • Not a big fan of crime shows at all, but the pace and the punch to this show is out of the park good. It isn't often a director and editor are on the same page and can pack in what would take most other shows 3 episodes to get across, they do it in 2 minutes. The show's strengths are not in the acting, because the director and editor has made this about treating the audience with respect by minimizing long drawn out dialog. That works for feature films and long novels, but doesn't work well for an hour TV episode. Ignore the reviews about the acting being so bad, they are doing what the show demands, and it all works.

    If you have an extra hour to spare, waste it on this, you will not be disappointed
  • This was, like all of King's stuff, devoid of any real human beings. He never could write dialog between two people that sounded remotely real, and didn't disappoint here either. I feel bad for some of the actors, some weren't bad, they just had really bad lines. I've always wondered if King has Asperger's syndrome, its the only thing that can explain his disconnect from reality when it comes to human interaction. Every character is two dimensional, every plot is something you would expect high school kids to be involved in, and every outcome has no basis in logic.

    Well if you haven't watched it, you are one of the lucky one's. Find something else to kill time with, paint a mural on your TV screen and watch it dry instead because this wasn't bad, it was awful.
  • After reading some of the bad reviewers, my first assumption was they were life long trek purists like myself. So I went in, since I had to as a dedicated trekker, shocked me. As I left the theater, my gut instinct told me I just watched one of, if not the best Star Treks of all time. Sure it lacked some of the intimacy because of all the action padding in the movie, but overall Abrams only went too far with the action a few times. However, the story woven with the alternate universe redo subplot, got to allow us the audience, with an Older Spock view of the world, unfold with a god like perspective of how things should be. Allowing us to see some things confirm solid relationships that once were again, and others be shredded as only chance events. A very clever thread woven into a very well done story arc.

    IMO, ignore the naysayers, and beam yourself to a big screen now.