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This is my first review but, trust me when I say I am an avid movie and film watcher. I love anything historical, period films and the Westerns are at the top of my list. This film had a good story line and some good and strong acting but, it also had many terrible aspects as well! I will never forget the short speech by Mr. Kris Kristofferson at the bar about feeding the wolf! It reminded me of the last film by the late great Mr John Wayne telling the fatherless Ron Howard during a pistol lesson in the "Shootist" on the rules a man must follow to be a real man...never forgot that speech and never will! All in all, this is a typical "made for TV movie" with a few rated "R" words and moments. If you love westerns and don't care if they're a couple of great actors, a few good actors, and a cast chocked full of bad ones, watch this film. If you're looking for a film the caliber of "The Outlaw Josey Wales","The Shootist","Tom Horn(with Steve McQueen)","Stagecoach","Shane", "How the West was Won" or the likes of the late great Sergio Leone's famous "Man with no Name Trilogy" spaghetti westerns, and the TV mini series from 80's like "Lonesome Dove" or "North and the South" the old James Michener mini series "Centennial" from 78...This movie,in my humble opinion, this movie has it's moments isn't in the same ballpark...or should I say rodeo? I would however like to say, great work to Mr Trace Adkins and Mr Kris Kristofferson. Those two made this film totally worth watching. Especially Mr.Adkins. I don't want to spoil anything but, the pure "Non-Stop Go Power" that comes from a deep place within all real men and woman, that kicks in when family is involved...I believe that Mr. Adkins would/could be this character in real life! I'm just giving you all out there my honest opinion...and you know what they say about opinions and A holes, everybody got one. So watch it yourself and post what you think. Thanks for your time and consideration... Respectfully submitted, from the North Coast of the USA, Forever searching for MY holy grail, Mike J.

P.S. A special thanks to "Notagoodguy44" for helping fix what's broke even when I didn't know it was broke to start with! thanks again

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