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The Dark Knight

Tribute to Heath Ledger
I have anticipated this film for sometime now as a Ledger fan since I found him with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, a role he certainly deserved the Oscar for. Not the sad imitation of Truman Capote by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I still doubt the Academy's choices for awards and think the size of the studio has a lot to do with the number of votes, etc. So, although Heath earned, to me, another Oscar for THE DARK KNIGHT, the studio system will probably give it to the likes of Robert Downey Jor for playing a black man. Ledger's Joker was original, dark, twisted with that evil sense of humor that makes it a distinguished performance. I couldn't take my eyes off him. In every scene he held the reins in his hands. You could see the tension between he and Christian Bale, also a terrific actor, and the joy they had in working together. I should also like to thank director, Christopher Nolan, for his inspired casting. Unlike BATMAN BEGINS, which I thoroughly enjoyed and turned me on to the Batman series, this one had depth and incredible genius connected with it. Now you take these two powerhouse actors, Heath and Bale, and you spice them up with some of the most distinguished supporting actors you can dream up. With the likes of Liam Neeson, Aaron Eckhart, veteran Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, (terrific), Morgan Freeman, Anthony Michal Hall (far from those teeny boppers), Eric Roberts, Nestor Cabonell, from Brooke Shields TV sitcom, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, so much better than one level acting of Kate Holmes. When you look at Heath's work of the past, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, the gay man caught up in the guilt of his feelings, KNIGHT'S TALE, beautifully played as a simple man with dreams of glory, MONSTERS BALL, as the young rookie idealistic cop, TWO HANDS, a young man who attempts to find a better life yet falls into bad hands, CANDY, a disturbing look at the world of drugs and a guy who is fighting to survive, NED KELLY, a young rebel who is only fighting for his existence and defending his home against a corrupt militia, THE ORDER, a modern day priest who must find truth in a dark world of terror in the clergy, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, a gem of a sweet movie about love and giving Heath a chance to sing and dance which he loves. When you look at all this work in the short number of years he has been on earth, you think how much more we have missed by his early death. I can only imagine what heights he could have gone to. For he certainly was on his way. Life sometimes is cruel and unthinkable at times. I only hope they will honor this young actor this year with the Oscar he certainly deserves and for those roles we all will never see him play. Heath Ledger, you are a star in Heaven now.


Not that good
This movie belongs to the photographer and director, Greory Holbit. My problem is that it was miscast. Sir Anthony Hopkis always comes off as the English Gentleman. Perfect speech and diction but not much else. After a while you get tired of hearing and watching him. Other than SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and LEGENDS OF THE FALL, he is boring. Add to this Ryan Gosling and his James Dean impersonation. Sometimes hard to hear and understand his diction. He scratches he grunts and most of the time seems totally wrong for the part of anyone who could pass the bar exam. Put these two together and there's no chemistry. There was more between Hopkins and Pitt in JOE BLACK. Then you have Rosamund Pike as the rich one on the make for the kid. Looking like his mother, the best line is when someone says with her hair down she's on the make. when it's up she's the boss. The sex scenes were embarrassing but thank heavens they were short and mostly shot in the dark. That fine actor David Strathairn has a small role and is wasted. He was wonderful in THE FIRM. Embeth Davidtz and Billy Burke, not Billie Burke, were the star crossed lovers and both did very well, although not enough of them. Too much Hopkins and Gosling who also reminds me of Edward Norton and John Cusack.

Deadly Betrayal

Another blonde bimbo movie
Can someone tell me why all these supposedly heroines of LMN are blonde? Are there no brunettes? Lovely redheads in the acting world? Must they all look like they came out of a factory of bleached blonde hair, too long for their age, and stringy hanging over their eyes. It seems that todays look is just that. Actress Nicolette Sheridan is no different. I know I reviewed her before and there is still no change. She is too old for the likes of her leading men, all who could pass for her sons. She roams about in skin tight jeans and too tight sweaters. Even with a hat on, her stringy hair is protruding in her face. Is this hair in the face and over the eyes meant to distract us from her real age? The director must have a crush on her as she seems to be in almost all the shots. The supporting cast, all of whom are so much better actors than she, consists of Andrew Jackson, the lover, Robert Seeliger, the husband, Leni Parker, the friend and Amanda Tilson, the daughter. Mom looks like she's competing with her daughter most of the time.

The plot is dumb and story weak. The ending is very disappointing and most unbelievable. Don't waste your time with this.

Cradle of Lies

I routed for the husband
For in this silly movie the wife was most unattractive and looked like the husband's mother. Played by Shannon Sturges (saw her in another dis-likable movie) who goes around acting like a witch most of the time. Would make any husband want to leave her. Dylan Neal, a very handsome young looking husband does a good job. He favors a much younger girl, played by the pretty Natalie Brown. You don't blame him for going to her. Won't tell you the plot, but the wrong people win in this.

Watch our leading lady, Sturges, in the last scene. She doesn't even know how to hold the infant. Very clumsy. And you can also tell she and leading man, Neal, did not work well together. In their supposedly hot love scenes, it was all flat as bad champagne gone sour. No chemistry between them. She was cold as ice throughout the movie. Also the dimwit that played the detective, Martin Roach, wearing much too expensive clothes for a plain detective, always going around like he knew all about life. A boring actor attempting to be another Eddie Murphy in his black leather coats.

Don't waste your time on this clinker.

Christina's House

Stupid teen slasher
With the likes of a bad actress, Allison Lange, in the lead, what else can you expect? Straight hair hanging in her face and wearing tight tight dresses cut up to her kazoo, she does little to add suspense to this dull movie. She's that bad. I spent the entire movie laughing at her. At her, mind you. Amazing how through two thirds of the film she plays this helpless bimbo. Then suddenly in the last reel she becomes The Hulk, wiping everybody out. Who wrote this dribble? To my surprise, there is the presence of veteran actor John Savage. Far from his roles in the likes of DEER HUNTER and ONION FIELDS, he is so wasted in this. It's sacrilege to see him appear opposite the likes of Lange, who can't act her way out of a paper bag. Brendan Fehr is wasted as is Brad Rowe and Jerry Wasserman. The kid brother Lorne Stewart and the demented mom, Chilton Crane, were okay.

I think the director had a thing for the leading lady with all the footage that went to her. A waste.


Worst film ever
I certainly don't agree with the raving reviews others gave this piece of crap. First of all director Mark Lester cast it poorly. In the likes of Julie Du Page (that's a real name?) playing a so called sex pot. Wrong. She's not that attractive to seduce a blind man. And she's so phony on her come ons. Obvious. In her Fredericks of Hollywood bra and panties (a mistake in costumes) she was all skin and bones with no bust at all. Most of the time she's squeezed in, pumped up and pushed together to give her a cleavage at all. Her back bone protruded her bony body. Yuk. Don't tell me those idiots that fell for her charm didn't notice. They must have been hard up. Also with too much lip gloss on her bot-ox lips. Funny scene is when she supposedly goes into the train station inconspicuously, wearing a skin tight, low cut, flaming red dress, with her mop hair and sun glasses - too funny. What she didn't have, Erika Elenkiak, as the tough mother, had too much of. Wearing too tight sweaters throughout the film making her breasts look over sized, she didn't do too much acting. Only looking forlorn and confused. Did she not know what was happening? Adam Baldwin plays a small role, thank goodness. With his usual non expressive face he wanders through this trite movie aimlessly. Then we have the son, played by Jeremy Lellliott, who spends most of the film crying. If he's not ogling our hit whore, he's sobbing "woe is me and my mom". He also must have had his hair dyed along with his mom to that brassy blond. It looked so fake.

It was late at night when I watched this so most others were spared the pain I went through watching.

A Passion to Kill

A real clinker
Due mostly to the casting and the boring script. Rick King, the director, must have been in a coma to hire some of these non actor types. Namely Chelsea Field and Scott Bakula. Both to this viewer should get out of the business. Bakula goes around with a lame less expression of stupidity most of the time. Whats the big deal about this actor? And his other half, Field, does not come off as any beauty to fight over. A rather overweight bit of fluff that at times is embarrassing to watch. Shelia Kelley is good, but wasted in this as are Rex Smith (wonderful in PIRATES OF PENZANCE) John Getz and France Nuyen (good to see her again). As I said they all were wasted with most of the shots and scenes were of Bakula and Field. Mr. King, you should be ashamed of yourself. To cast those two losers.

The Perfect Suspect

Just painful to watch
Who the hell is Brooke Nevin? Never heard of her and hope to not hear of her again. She's just awful in this boring film. I guessed the killer early on in the film. Obvious. But this Nevin chick goes around in attempts to find the killer in the most unrealistic way. I guess she knows in the script she can go around and attack anyone she wants. In real life she's be eliminated right off the bat. Although I loved it when she got knocked out on the head for snooping. She walks into the seediest places and pries. Then her clothes, tight jeans of course, and he makeup are ridiculous. For someone who's intent to save her Mom to take the time to pluck her eyebrows and apply eye liner so perfect and curl her hair, you wonder just what is real and is not. Otheres in this cast are Kate Jackson, looking older and more realistic for a woman in prison; Keegan Tracy, our heroine's best friend, again with the hair color, eye liner and lip gloss; John Tench as one of the villains and turning in the best performance; Sean Rogerson was good and aware of our phony leading lady and John Furey as the detective who was getting sick of her intrusions with the law.

It's a shame that Kate Jackson has been reduced to this kind of dribble. Come on Kate, pick better vehicles.

School Ties

Good film with stars-to-be
This is a great film about a subject that still goes on in this country whether you be African American or gay or a Jew. There are still people that feel there's a difference and continue to be bigots and racists. The setting for this subject is a well to do prep school that is run by the honor code. However, it's easily broken by some students that have been raised to hate. I studied in a private boarding school and know how difficult it can be for the "undesirables" who are treated by others as though they were lepers.

In this drama the subject rallies around a well liked student that keeps his Jewish identity to himself. When it is revealed the other students turn their backs on him. However, truth abides and he does get retribution and goes on to Harvard. Playing the young student is a young Brendan Fraser right out of GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE. It is easy to see the versatility of this actor and you know he'll go on from here. He does an excellent underrated sensitive performance. I also loved him in GODS AND MONSTERS.

With many of his fellow actors you can see why they went on to become stars.

Matt Damon plays a dis-likable guy before GOOD WILL HUNTING brought him to fame. His fellow writer, Ben Affleck, also appears in a minor role. Chris O'Donnell, prior BATMAN AND ROBIN, is Fraser's roommate and does well in a featured role. Old timers, Ed Lauter and Michael Higgins play the adults in this very good movie.

The Two Mr. Kissels

Not a bad suspense movie
This just released on TV gave the viewers a treat in the performances and script. A mystery, although it's pretty obvious as to what will happen from the beginning. In fact in the promos of the film you sort of know what's ahead. The two Mr. Kissels are played by Anson Mount and John Stamos. Like the good and bad brothers. Cain and Able. One tries to compete with the other in life, love and happiness. First one gets married then the other. But the wives are reversed in good and bad. Anson marries a witch, played by the not so attractive Robin Tunney, who is out for all she can get. You do wonder why this nice looking guy would not only fall for the likes of Tunney, but why he would put up with her. Most guys would have dropped her fast. She looked like Dracula's daughter. Then Stamos married a beauty who is all for him and he screws up all he way.

You put these four together and sooner or later it all falls apart. I felt bad for Anson and the gal who played the other wife, don't know her name. Stamos and Tunney earned their fates.

Both Stamos and Mount did good jobs. A big departure for Stamos who usually plays the nice guy. Mount is new to me and should go far in his career. Tunney, you want to forget. Bad casting and not that pretty to look at.

When He Didn't Come Home

Disappointing Duke performance
I usually like Patty Duke's performances, but for some reason I felt she was held back in this one. Reminded me of that other film she made about her son disappearing and having married a horrible creature of a woman. But in that she was feisty and out to get the truth. In this one she sort of leans back and with less fire goes after the truth. I hated the girl Kelly Rowan. I guess she did a good job, for I wanted to slap her face whenever she appeared on the screen. Robert Floyd was wonderful as the son, although I couldn't understand why he took so long in figuring the witch out.

Rosemary Dunsmore and Barry Flatman played the girls parents. These are people you hope one day never to meet. I agree with other comments that the ending was awful. That these people didn't get the maximum sentences for their crimes of murder, yes murder, shows the lack of justice in this country. Their crime was heinous. They were unfeeling in carrying out their acts.

Determination of Death

Ho Hum
Not the best on TV movie lists. A stellar cast does mediocre job with bad script. I guessed the killer from the beginning. Won't reveal. A shame to make you watch this terrible movie to find out, but thoze the rules, baby. With the likes of Veronica Hamel as her usual cold look self, Michele Greene, a bit on the boring side, John Ratzenberger a bit on the over weight side, William Katt, looking middle aged these days, George Dzundza, looking like he's serious about this movie, Marty Papazian, looking like he doesn't know what's going on, Alice Hirson, looking like she's lost Ellen DeGeneras and Marc Singer giving an over the hill acting job. Way over the hill.

Now some of these actors are good actors. So you hate to see them do a bad job, but this script demands it from them. I hate to think of the money it cost to hire them, so my heart goes out to the producer.

The Other Woman

Bad, bad, bad movie
This movie irritated me quite a lot. Plot is so familiar you guess the ending in the first few minutes. And the leading lady, played by Josie Bisset was as annoying to watch. Wearing so tight jeans you could see her, you know what. Blouses so low it revealed, well not that much. And walking around wearing the same outfit almost throughout the movie. But the real problem is her hair. Most of the times you wanted to hand her a hair brush and tell her to brush her hair out of her face. She looked unkempt, almost dirty. Even when her hair was pulled back, seldom, there were strings hanging down in her face. Most of the time her bleached blonde hair was over one eye giving her a Hitler like look. It annoyed me that much. This lady needs grooming badly. Lisa Marie was another to much hair actress, if you want to call waking around pouting most of the time acting. Too much hair for someone her age. That lady needed a haircut. And poor Jason Proestley, whom I like as an actor, didn't have much to work with, script or actresses.

This was a loser film with loser performances and women that should act and look their age. GET SOME GROOMING AND BRUSH YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE.

The Perfect Marriage

Not worth price of admission
My two least favorite LMN actresses, that seem to work all the time are Jamie Luner and Sophie Gendron. One looks like she's the mother of most of her leading men and the other, with those thick lips that you feel would suction her to any surface. Hard to watch them.

The plot is typical and reminds me of many other LMN film plots where the husband gets it from the bitchy wife who in turns either takes on with a younger man or the son of the husband, etc, etc. This movie is no different except it's hard to watch. Ah, Jamie and her hypo killing machine. And Sophie and her woeful looks. Better to watch the men folk, a bit more interesting. William Moses as the husband and James Wilder as the poor young fool who buys the bull she gives him. How many of these "perfect" film titles are there? LMN seems to conquer them all. For almost every day we see one or another.

The Perfect Assistant

Not that bad
Although the leading lady played by Josie Davis was a bit over the wall, she still brought that evil doings expected in these "perfect" films on LMN. Cold steel blue eyes and manner, she traipsed through the film undaunted. You could hardly wait for her demise. I loved it when she didn't get what she wanted. That's how good she was. Evil, evil and more evil. Although I do challenge in what hospital a stranger can walk in at night without a nurse questioning her and then do her evil. I thought monitors were for keeping tabs on patients, yet no one came to the rescue when the lady's monitor went crazy. Oh, well, that's show biz. I also liked Chris Potter from QUEER AS FOLK fame. Natural in his acting and believable with a difficult role. Unlike Perry King who always seems to succumb to his evil ladies. Rachel Hunter brought a likable maturity to the fold. Weak spots were Sophie Gendron, with her Novocaine lips and Deborah Pollitt as the plain Jane weird sister. Both were not actresses but a freak of nature. All in all, thanks to Davis, Potter and Hunter it wasn't that bad.

Perfect Prey

David Keith's movie
For surly he walks away with this and his portrait of a demented serial killer. This is unusual as Keith is always the victim, ala OFFICER AND GENTLEMEN. He was excellent. Kelly McGillis I usually like but felt there was a monotone level of work in this. Her face never showed any emotion except fear. Does she ever enjoy anything? I liked her in WITNESS and TOP GUN where she at least had interesting moments. But wasted in this. I guess we're supposed to see she's a tough detective and determined to catch her prey. Aging Bruce Dern plays a small role of a detective. Dern would have been more interesting if he had ended up the killer as he plays strange roles better. D W Moffett (what does the D stand for?) played another detective and love interest to Kelly. I remember him in AN EARLY FROST as the love interest to Aiden Quinn. A good looking guy too. But give the laurels to Keith for a wonderful job. And to all those lovely ladies he managed to charm into his den. Maybe sometime we could see a serial killer who takes all the beautiful boys and torments them. It would be different as most of the time it's always the women that get chosen.

The Perfect Neighbor

Barbara Niven sucks!
In this insipid movie made for TV Niven plays yet another evil witch and does it badly. With a constant sneer on her face, she walks through the movie I guess to indicate she's bad. WRONG! She's God awful . . . . as an actress. Never have liked her and this boring predictable movie proves it. Add to this Perry King yet another stupid husband who doesn't seem to live on this earth. He let's manipulative females rule his roost in almost every movie he's in. This is no exception. Blindly he falls for the witch. When it comes to looks certainly Niven ain't got it, believe me. Why the lovely and talented Susan Blakely would do this junk is beyond me. And why King would prefer Niven over Blakely is like Newman not wanting to bed with Taylor in CAT ON HOT TIN ROOF. Unimaginable. So hands down on Niven and hoping she won't be seen again on TV.

Last Exit

Better than award winning CRASH
This is a must see film all about road rage and the causes and sometimes dire results. We read about these in the papers but this movie really spells it out. Much more suspenseful than CRASH. The two ladies in the leading roles couldn't have been better choices. Both Kathleen Robertson and Andrea Roth are spellbinding. They are superb and yet only play the final scene together and that is brief. Rounding out an excellent cast are Ben Bass as Robertson's hubby and Linden Ashby as the husband to Miss Roth.

You find yourself deeply involved with their personal and professional lives. And you care for both of them. The entire movie keeps you in your seat until it ultimately ends in the final crash scene. I was thoroughly taken with this. I also liked the young boy, Noah Bernett, who played the son to Robertson in a wheel chair.

There's plenty of dramatic moments and even some comedic moments, Robertson chasing the delivery boy through the park. But mainly it's a lesson for all of us to learn about road rage. You must see this. Thanks also goes to the writing by Russ Cochrane and superb direction by John Fawcett. Bravo.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Pretty awful
I did see the original which I didn't like either. These teeny bop-per slashers are a bore. The cast was adequate. Do not like Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's bottom heavy, by the way. Has a large bumper seat. I guess her screams got her cast for certainly her looks didn't. And her hair . . . her hair. In the face, over the eye . . awful look. Brandy, the girl friend. Screams got her cast for that's about all she does well in this poor flick. To me, the guys fared better and were better to look at as well. Matthew Settle, a good looking guy, did well as Hewitt's boy friend. As did Freddie Prinze Jr as her ex boy friend. I did like the dry humor of Jeffrey Combs as the hotel manager He got laughs and they were so welcome. I found Mekhi Phifer a big bore and was glad to see him get his come up-pence.

And what a surprise to see Jack Black in this as, what else, an obnoxious dope smoker who grows his own stash on the island. His hair has gotta go.

The scenery wasn't that great as most of the movie was shot at night. I hope this is the end of Hewitt and her screams, which drove me up the wall.

Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon

Hard to take at times
For certainly this movie has it's fair share of horror in an abstract way. Like Bacon's work, there is much chaos and fear portrayed in his paintings. They represent what most of us would consider a nightmare. To think this man as living the same life as his work is amazing.

At times I found some of the scenes hard to take visually as it began to grate on my nerves as I suppose it was meant to do. The colors and the out of focus pictures were hard on the eyes. But then so was Bacon's work. Hard to take. How much truth is told in this tale of his life remains to be seen. For certainly he was a most remarkable, yet hideous man. His phony social life and almost sadistic/masochistic personal life remains to be seen.

Derek Jacobi plays Bacon with a ferocious believability and theatrical smoothness. Couldn't imagine anyone ever wanting to live with the likes of this selfish man. But Jacobi at times hit on a touch of tenderness as well. He wasn't all bad. Just mad. The wonderful Daniel Craig, an actor I like very much, was excellent foil to Jacobi as his male companion and lover. The two actors created a great rapport between each other. For it was their relationship that held it together for me.

I'm sure if I were to watch this again, I'd get even more out of it. It sort of comes near the other poet/young artist film Total Eclipse.


Great ensemble movie
One of the best LMN movies I've seen in a long time. All about a honeymoon couple vacationing on a remote island with unexpected happenings along the way. First they are interrupted by the groom's sister and husband, best man and maid of honor at their wedding, then by 3 sinister invaders after more than money.

The reactions and moments were well played between the seven principals it is hard to pick out one over the other. They all were that good. Kelly Carlson and Eric Winter were the honeymooners; Tessie Santiago and I think Marc Kudisch were the other couple. Todd Babcock was excellent as the villain invader with Xavier Torres and Mercedes Renard as his accomplices. It had you guessing and then a surprise ending in the final scene that I won't reveal. However I really didn't get the ending at all. Can somebody enlighten me as to what exactly happened? What was real and what wasn't?

But see this and enjoy the suspense.

Cries in the Dark

Leading lady good actress
In this LMN feature Eva La Rue managed to hold the film together with her performance. It was quite real and at times touching as well as believable. Hats of to this actress. Not too many good ones like this on LMN. She and her fellow team mate cop played by Adrian Holmes worked well together and very natural. You felt they both had done crime work before.

What I found not realistic was the leading man, played by Adam Harrington, having an affair with an older hag of a woman, played by Gina Chiarelli. She was just plain ugly. Why would a good looking young man go for the likes of her? This threw me.

Camille Sullivan had only a little to do in this as La Rue's ill fated sister. However the situation was too close to the Peterson case in real life. Linda Darlow was the often irritating emotional mother of the two sisters. She got on your nerves after a while.

But this is a step up from most of LMN films with La Rue's acting.

Stranger in My House

Total Disaster
Total Stranger or Stranger In My House was so typical LMN movie you could almost tell the story without even seeing the film. Top this bad story with bad actors and you got it. Where does LMN get these terrible actors from? Especially the women? Lindsey Crouse as the lady of the house was just terrible. Looking painfully dumb and stupid most of the time. Anyone could fool her. And in the likes of another bimbo, played by Zoe McLellan, she gets fooled into letting the idiot rent a space in her home. Of course the bimbo is nuts. With as much warmth as an iceberg, this actress not only looks stupid but she acts so bad you don't really care. Bad casting on these two ladies. Paige Moss as the daughter at least had some believability. And veteran actor Jay Thomas was so wasted in this it was embarrassing. Then there's the jerk nerd lab assistant played by a huckleberry finn type Jay Paulson. He just went around with this dumb look on his face when he appeared.

These unforgettable performances and lousy script made this one of the worst I've seen on LMN. And I've seen a lot of losers.

Perfect Alibi

Perfect Misery
For this film was so bad that it must have been made on a budget of one dollar. Script is so predictable and trite and done a thousand and one times in other films. This one had no creative input, including most of the acting. To this viewer, Teri Garr and Hector Elizondo stole the movie with their presence. They made a terrific couple of sleuths looking for the clues.

The clues were provided by an array of bad actors. Namely Kathleen Quinn, who just forever seems bored with every role she plays. In this she sleep walks most of the time and has as much energy as a dead leaf. Alex McArthur plays her husband and sneers through most of the film to tell us he's the bad guy. Then here's the French tart, played by Lydie Denier, who I think is supposed to be sexy to us. But with her skinny body there's much to be desired. She too looks like a bimbo without a country. Anne Ramsay as the sister fares well as does Charles Martin Smith and Rex Lin. Everyone else should feel embarrassed in having appeared in this garbage.


Obituary a big bore
This is mainly due to such a stupid script idea and bad acting from the leading lady, played by Josie Bisset. Even her hair annoyed me. What is it with these hunks of hair over one eye these days? Is this considered sexy? Please. It looks like the actress is unkempt and sloppy. Doesn't comb her hair. Bisset's form of acting consists of constantly brushing her hair out of her face. Ever hear of hairpins or hair spray? So, watching her was quite painful for this viewer. I finally gave up on this movie after watching an hour of it. I did like Craig Olejnik as an actor. Also Grant Nickalls was worth watching as well.

It seems that most of these made for TV movies consist of women who manage to have hair dos that cover their one eye or their face. When you want to watch a film, you don't want to look at women who lack the taste of looking well groomed. I keep remembering the classics where the face was the thing when it comes to glamor. Not hair. With the exception of Veronica Lake and the peek-a-boo bang. But that was the 40s. This is the new century. Get with it.

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