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Amy Schumer Growing

A very enjoyable show, don't understand the low ratings
I really liked it, I thought it was very relatable and funny. Don't understand all the negative reviews, seems like a lot of people are taking the show (or more like Amy herself) very negatively. She was hilarious.

Half Magic

Very enjoyable movie!
I loved this movie! Sure it is not an oscar material kind of movie, but as a woman, I absolutely loved it, it had a great message, the acting was pretty good even with a straightforward plot. It's a great self-love movie that we should learn from.

About a Boy

Great show that leaves you pleasantly surprised
I have never written a review before for any movie or TV series, but I knew I had to write one for this show. I saw it one time being played and decided to watch it since there was nothing else to watch, and I was instantly hooked. I love the relationship between Will and Marcus, which the actors excel in making it feel real, since it isn't the typical kind of relationship you see in TV shows (between a boy and a man who don't have any other interest in the other except to just be friends). I really enjoyed watching the entire season and was thrilled to hear that the second season will happen. It is hard to pinpoint, but the show has something that makes you want more. It definitely has to do with the acting, the plot, and the realness of the whole thing. I really hope people discover this amazing TV show because I know that for me it has been great to watch.

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