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  • 8/10 - while it is not flawless, this hard-hitting true story will get you emotional and just might challenge some ideas you may have held before you viewed the film
  • 6/10 - this Hulu Original teen romance attempts to follow in the footsteps of several of the past decade's teen movie hits (particularly the John Green film adaptations: The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns), but has some problematic messaging and simply fails to elicit the emotional response it clearly desires
  • 9/10 - this incredibly well-made and remarkably fresh thriller features a plethora of strong performances (particularly that of Carey Mulligan) and bravely goes where few films before it have in utterly blasting rape culture
  • 6/10 - the second iteration in the series continues to be mildly confusing if you do not devote your undivided attention and its dive into the workings and theories of the Catholic Church
  • 6/10 - occasionally confusing but nonetheless engaging thriller dives deep into the Catholic Church
  • 6/10 - pandemic-centered thriller makes for a nice and less confusing addition to the Robert Langdon series
  • 4/10 - this film feels really monotonous and like a major missed opportunity for a more direct and overall better film for the #MeToo movement
  • 7/10 - I feared this would be too similar to Never Rarely Sometimes Always, also released in 2020, but this one found a way to make the dramatic conflict light and comedic, allowing this one to stand on its own quite well
  • 6/10 - if you manage to find some entertainment value from a traditional Liam Neeson action thriller, this one will be right up your alley
  • 6/10 - while it does lag at times, One Night in Miami offers an interesting look at the historical lives of four prominent Black leaders in the 1960s
  • 8/10 - a pleasant and surprisingly emotional look at life with schizophrenia is aided by strong acting performances and a production team that clearly cares about the film
  • 5 January 2021
    5/10 - as someone not very knowledgeable on older film history, I did not connect with this story and was routinely bored throughout the 2 and a quarter hour runtime
  • 6/10 - whether it be the near-constant breaks in the fourth wall, the fact that the mystery seemed to be more of a secondary storyline, or another thing entirely, this highly-anticipated Netflix-acquired flick didn't quite click for me as much as I expected
  • 3 January 2021
    7/10 - despite not typically being a fan of high-concept action films (or even typical Christopher Nolan fare (take that for what you will)), the numerous plot holes, and some whacky sound mixing that made the dialogue almost inaudible, I managed to get some enjoyment out of this 2020 blockbuster in between the confusion
  • 3 January 2021
    6/10 - in a movie that sometimes felt like it lacked direction, Kristen Schaal and Chloe Coleman stole the show
  • 7/10 - if you can get past some of the cheesy writing and random YouTube montages, you'll find a heartwarming story with a killer soundtrack to back it up
  • 7/10 - if you go in expecting a teen-centered sci-fi movie along the lines of The Hunger Games or Divergent instead of a superhero action movie, you will find there's a lot to enjoy in the latest X-Men flick
  • 8/10 - while the premise in and of itself isn't necessarily fresh, this slasher-thriller from one of my favorite actors turned director, Dave Franco, is lots of fun and very captivating
  • 29 December 2020
    7/10 - entertaining and thought-provoking Pixar offering feels like a less-inspired version of their still recent hit Inside Out
  • 9/10 - hysterical holiday classic will keep you laughing and feeling festive throughout
  • 5/10 - maybe I'm just experiencing some honest Hallmark holiday movie fatigue, but this one felt half-baked
  • 6/10 - the writing team and cast on board would suggest that this would be funnier, but it still manages to be some good holiday fun
  • 7/10 - well-regarded, twisty noir flick is quite captivating and a little convoluted
  • 4/10 - while he may be a good musician, Mendes turns out to be a rather boring and sometimes irritating performer in this Netflix concert film
  • 6/10 - much like last year's Noelle, this holiday-themed Disney+ offering squanders its casts' immense talents with a half baked story and script
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