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Kroll Show

The pits
It's as if someone is giving this talent free kid a show, and he gets to play pretend. But, no one is laughing but him and his frat boy buddies. But these are the most insufferable rich fratboys that are also rich as hell and think it's so funny how stupid the poor are. The liz character is the only one of any value and when he takes on less obvious targets you can stand him. On the one stand up show I saw him in, he was creepy and full of woman hate. So, I can't urge him to just stick to that. I would urge him to return to Georgetown and learn ethics or something. This show sucks and the fact that it was renewed is a very sad statement about society. Sadder than most can guess if they don't know that Nick Kroll's father is the only reason this sod got a show in the first place.

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