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And the award for the most annoying TV mother goes to....
What a nice Series. I hope there will be more. It is really a fresh breath of air. It reminds me a lot of Dark. European content is just a bit more different than all the US hocus pocus.


Seals and their annoying wives
Good story, nice action, annoying wives. I like the idea a lot that the series tries to portray military and family struggles. But god, did i mention the wives are annoying af ? Season 1 was alright. Seems like the second one is a bit more lackluster.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Probably one of the worst movies i have ever seen
If you thought Episode 8 was an insult to everything Star Wars, this might actually be on par with it, if not even worse. Considering i felt and still feel personally insulted by Episode 8 i have to admit that it saved me the hurt this time. I knew what to expect and they delivered absolute bullshit again. Nothing makes sense, everything gets redconned, expositioned. Things just happen for the sake of the story. This trilogy is disgraceful to any true SW fan and i am disgusted by everyone who can say they enjoyed it.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I just fkin love this movie !!!
Everything about it is freaking amazing. Or maybe it's because i literally have a crunch on all the cute girls in it. Whatever... ever since i've first seen it, i come back to it every once in a while and i still enjoy it every time, like the first time.

The Mandalorian: Chapter 8: Redemption
Episode 8, Season 1

This is how SW is done
I hope Disney is seriously taking notes here. This is the SW what we want. Not anything from 7-9. The Mandalorian gives me hope for Star Wars.

The Witcher

Much better than i ever hoped
A really good adaptation of the witcher. Compromises have been made and the casting for tris and yen is the only awkward decision. BUT the writing and acting is good enough to let you kinda forget these concerns. Everyone is doing a great job and i cant wait for more.

The Mandalorian: Chapter 4: Sanctuary
Episode 4, Season 1

Still alright
Probably the weakest Episode so far, but it is still quiet alright to watch. Baby yoda is too cute to the point they might actually overdo it at some point in the future.

The Mandalorian: Chapter 3: The Sin
Episode 3, Season 1

Damn. 6 more Episodes of this ? My body can only take so much. This is what we always wanted, this is what we love about Star Wars. Gritty stories, Heroes, amazing action, bad ass people. This Episode was AMAZING.

The Mandalorian

Disney SW and not bad ????
Big thanks to everyone involved. Along with the new SW game the cycle might have been broken.Until Episode 9 comes out of course.

Two episodes have been released so far. And i enjoyed them quiet a lot. It is hard for me to imagine that good SW content can exist in the Disney SW world.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Misogynistic Internet Troll here
Jk i love women. Shoutout to my mom for being amazing btw. Imagine if movies, their creators and the media could shut the hell up about politics in fictional work. And if you want to implement such topics as artistic freedom and social criticism do it subtle and skillfull. Everyone who rides this weird hate train for some fictional internet trolls who hate women should just shut up. You are just alienating your fanbase and with Terminator, there is not much left i guess. The rights are worth almost nothing these days.

Heard it is a pretty okay movie though, shame the marketing f'd it all up, yet again :)

The King

This is exactly what we need more of.
Excellent movie based on the famous battle of "insert french name i can't remember". I am sure the makers took their liberties to make it an interesting story with interesting characters to watch. Nonetheless it is, while slow at time worth every minute and exactly the type of movie i like to watch and relax. It has authentic fighting styles, good gore and most importantly the vampire dude acting with a french accent and like a total dick. *wink*


A true masterpiece.
A movie about a man suffering death by a thousand cuts. Frankly it won't be something i will be rewatching often but that isn't the type of movie you get here. You get an amazing first watch, with an amazing story. Joaquin Phoenix does an outstanding job.

The Boys

What we needed
Good characters, good story, bloody and gory, social criticism. It is fresh and creative. A must watch.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

No soul
Everything that made the first movie into midless fun is gone. It is yet another china cashgrab.

Point Blank

Soooooo boring
Nothing got me hooked about this movie. I found myself skipping and skipping and then i just stopped. It was just plain boring in every aspect.

Avengers: Endgame

A big meh with some wow
I have seen all marvel movies except for captain marvel, because of obvious reasons and endgame showed it was justified. The movie starts off Insanely slow or rather really fast and then 2 hours (what it felt like) slow. After that the big battle really makes an effort, but really have to shut down your brain, a lot doesn't feel like it makes sense. Then slow again until the end. Some people even cried... Like wtf. And the jokes, omg they were 99 0% horrible. People who voted this movie high are probably the same who laughed at these jokes. It is not an insult when I call them simple minded.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Wow actually good
The movie finds a very good balance between keeping what many love and how the movie portraits the universe. The pokemon are done very good, the story is solid.


A real childrens movie
I've seen some reviews before and this movie was supposed to be somehow good. It really was just meh. But i think for children (even though there were some questionable hard scenes) it could be something nice. Also the after credit scene was probably more hilarious than the actual movie.

Game of Thrones: The Long Night
Episode 3, Season 8

Probably the worst episode so far
Spoiler tag just in case. No real spoilers though.

I feel like the writers can't deliver the big showdown episodes. I felt exactly the same with Battle of the Bastards. So many things make 0 sense. Ex machina after ex machina. Shaky cam, shaky cam. Slow walking.... boredom. Maybe it is just that people can't be satisified with stuff that was teased for so long.... I just feel like the last and this season are too rushed in the term of storytelling. And deliver too much fanservice. GoT turned from something special to something ordinary.

The Perfect Date

Solid mediocre flick
The idea behind this is very nice. At times it become really cringy and the characters action actually make no sense at all other than serve the plot later on. Watched it with my gf, cant complain it was enough entertainment to not be bored, i have seen far worse. I'll give it a very casual 7.

Triple Frontier

Its a huge meh. With little wow
I had the feeling that i was waiting for something throughout the whole movie but it never came, and then the movie was over and i asked myself why i watched this movie in the first place. It delivers some solid action and gore but wants to be more centered on the main protagonists. Yet it doesnt really make any of them super compelling or interesting.


What a trash movie. And not the trashy good kind.
Where do i start...Ok ive been looking forward to seeing this since i saw the trailer, i thought it had potential to be some decent entertainment.

Lets start with the germans, to be clear i am german and i am quiet used to american propaganda and how they portrait germans etc in movies. And i am mostly fine with american patriotism and that we are always the baddies. But in this one it was a special kind of stupid. Sure it is fiction but it doesnt even make sense, they portrait them as pure evil and not even close to a normal human. The problem with that is that a lot of people are simple enough that they take this for real.

Well whatever, lets discuss the movie. First third is totally useless and is supposed to introduce the characters. But you never really care about them at all. The transition period is just boring and stupid. Then the Zombie stuff, why we are here...kinda alright i guess. Nice gore. But the story is still makes no sense at all. In the end you just got the brutality and fights to entertain you. Overall too trashy to be any good. Would rate it as a waste of time.


Exactly what i want to see
Perfect elite killer shooter. Like John Wick and the Punisher, this gives me hope for more gritty, gory movies. We need more of this, did i already mention that ? MORE MORE MORE


NOT what i expected
Seriously way different than the SJW fest i expected. Actually worth watching.

Destination Wedding

Something very different
IF you expect your typical romcom you are far fetched. This is truly something special maybe a bit too arty for some people, it certainly explores more possibilities of doing these kind of movies. Just watch it, it a bit weird but not more cringy than all these other romcoms.

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