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This movie is bizzare and i love it
It's about a tire that has extraordinary powers, and uses it to kill people what's not to love? I'm shocked the reviews panned this. This was marketed as horror and comedy I would have to say this is not scary at all, but very funny and fun.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

A well written show even adults may like
I'm a 19 year old male that got hooked on this show strange but true! Many adults would look at this show and dismiss it(as I did once) you can see why it's colorful with talking ponies. But if you actually pay attention to the story its more interesting than you might think its a well written show. For example in one episode the ponies find a village were ponies had no cutie marks as one pony took them away to make them equal(Commuinism) of course the leader had her cutie mark. Ultimately every pony gets there cutie mark back through essentially revolution. This episode shows just because others have different skills they can still survive together. Overall this show has many qualities that even adults like myself enjoy.

Mike & Molly

its not a good sitcom hard to see the appeal.
OK I have seen 2 episodes(1 from older seasons and a recent episode) they both had cheesy jokes I did laugh once watching these there seems to me that the suggested laughs are just sprinkled in at times when I wouldn't have even known something was meant to be funny! There are quite a few sitcoms out there today and the only one that really has comedy which is the Big Bang Therory. If you compare these two the Big Bang Therory is much funnier and smarter(there jokes aren't all about fat jokes). And you cant compare 90s sitcoms such as Seinfeld that are so much funnier then them both!

Sorry for that little tangent I'll detail Mike and Molly more well the show has 2 cops one cop that is married to Molly and the other cop who is black (not that it really matters but seems relevant) he has issues with meeting people so anyway this cop is friends with the other cop. As for the plot its mostly based on irrelevant issues with fat jokes the seems to be dumbed down that or the writers actually feel that they actually have a key to comedic success but I doubt it. The jokes are really stale!

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is by far the best TV show I have ever watched. some what spoilers
The character development of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is just amazing the love and hate relationship between the two could be a show in of its self (altgough I cant see spinoffs being good for the Breaking Bad series). The high school chemistry teacher going on a DEA ride along meets his ex student who is making Meth and decides to join in on the operation. The two acquire an RV to cook with Walts chemistry supplies. Walt is in it for famliy because of his lung cancer Jesse is well Jesse. Walt and Jesse shares some famously amusing quotes that if you don't know you need to! One complaint about the show is there are only 5 seasons that I have enjoyed a lot but tgen again its better to go out with a bang then sputring downward spiral of viewership like some hit shows such as the Office over stayed there time. All the characters come in to the show and make it worth watching and never disapoints. Better Call Saul is a spin off and is coming November im a little scared sure a reunion would be nice but Saul for a whole new TV show I don't know.

Sister Wives

Pretty horrible acting even for "reality TV"
This program is fake in every way they are all paid actors who try to trick people to actually is them as human beaning in a polygamous family its just a staged drama like jersey shore and all those D list TV series. I do like some aspects of the show because sitting down and making fun of it MST3K style is really funny i suggest doing this it really releases tension. So the show itself i give a 3 out of 10 but you can easily make it Hight Quality entertainment by just saying a few jokes then its 7 out of 10 so try it if you don't like the show! Thats really it i guess I'll give you a overview guy named Kody(a complete nut job) decides to "multiply" love not divide it so some how he decided to become a polygamous for the pleasure i guess seems kind of wacky I'm i wrong? So any way he Marys not 1 not 2 not 3 not 5 but 4 wives(who must be crazy too). So apparently they have a lot of sex since they have a bunch of kids i don't know how many because to be frank i don't really care.

Top Gear

Best show informational and funny
Believe it or not it is a bit informational but its not bland by any means they go on road trips with supercars but the funniest are the £1,500 and below cars my personal favourite is when the came here in America and bought car in Florida(as you know not the best place to buy a $1,000 car!). The episode is dramatic and funny it show the scare side of the states which if your a redneck you might get offended but get over it!

The thing i don't like about Top Gear is the number of episodes per series or season which leaves you mad you watched the whole season in 6 weeks with 6 episodes! Top Gear really is the best show i don't find the Top Gear here that great its very stupid and boring so i wait for Top Gear UK to come on


Some what of a spoiler sort of
This movie is kind of good sort of bad you can make fun of it so easily the main character consisted of a teenage girl who has some guilt about killing this women even though the bus driver ran of her. She gets caught up in cop drama not like arrests but legal issue that mess up her relationships and her grades in school. She gets in touch with the Family/ estate manger of the women who was killed the drama is interesting. There are very weird seances Mastourbation and sex. Overall i believe this movie is probably one of the worst I've seen the F bomb is used every minute. I cant believe Ferris Buller signed off on this gig he is way to famous to be in a C list drama and only have what 5-10 lines in the movie. Matt Damon I'm not surprised he took this role. So back to the background Lisa calls over a coke addict to "take her virginity" during this sex seen you see her boobs and her pleasuring him then at the end of the seen the coke head takes her virginity without a condom and knocks her up. Then Mr.Aaron (matt Damon) gets pleasured by this Lisa and implies she has had sex multiple times.

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