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The Haunted Hathaways

Fantastic Show Nick needed
OK so I have watched the first 4 shows and this is exactly what Nick needed !! Its a family friendly show, and I couldn't be happier they mixed the races up.I have a blended family and now my kids can finally feel accepted as people on TV live like they do! Love the jokes, love the sentiment, the writing is exceptional.

Every actor pulls their weight on the show.The Teen girl played by Montana delivers the goods with her very real and natural ability and spot on comedic timing.The mother played by King is obviously a Broadway trained actress, she is fantastic and funny as ever.The two little kids are hysterical and get the jokes, and the dad ( Benymon) is a pro.

Some people just can't accept that were in 2013 and shows from the 90's are outdated.This show brings the funny !! A plus

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