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The Reagans

All true
Reagan got into politics because his acting career was dryer than Ben Shapiro's wife. Lot of dumbo conservatives giving this low ratings, but who would have thought they'd like it anyway. They're better off watching Young Sheldon or The Apprentice


Best horror movie ever made!
Can I be so bold to make that statement. "Halloween" is one of the few technically brilliant horror movies ever made. In fact without the chilling score the film wouldn't be as excellent as it is. Upon the first viewing I was an inexperienced horror viewer. I thought a horror movie was supposed to be bloody and gory. "Halloween" is full of suspense so when you get to the edge of you seat blood and gore doesn't mean anything. The sound and visuals are so key to the effect, it puts all of the gory knock offs to shame. Film buffs will especially love this for it's in-joke themes and names. Mostly from Hitchcock films including "Psycho" and foreign films. "Halloween" is too good to give a formal review and I must leave it for others to judge for themselves. It should be noted that without "Halloween" films like "Psycho II", "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th" probably wouldn't have been made(Especially "Friday the 13th".) I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

Sour Grapes

There are many reasons why people didn't like the film, craziness, too much music, bad acting but the problem when people when they saw this they didn't think families can act like this but Larry must have based it off of life because it happens! My family too broke up over money and principle (though we screamed more than this movie has), until recently we hadn't talked and wound up meeting on a funny way and solved our differences. This gave me a laugh when I saw the similarities. This movie has a good width and length.

Another complaint was the music which runs on for a bit but is really catchy and get's you in the mood of an opera.

If you like Steven Webber from Wings you'll get this as well as Craig Bierko who was up for Chandler in Friends(which is also spoofed here.)

Overall, a funny movie for David fans, though some will differ. Also look out for Larry David in a few cameos.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Good Movie(Don't see if your expecting Michael Myers)
I found this movie very entertaining, I had heard that Michael Myers wasn't in it and that turned me off a little but I saw this on Scifi and from what I could make out from the heavily edited movie it was very decent. The plot was neat flawless it was something not really ever done before. There were some nice gore and graphic special effects added to have the film feel more complete though it was shortly edited in the United States the feel still remains. The DVD is a pretty decent as well in the original letterbox format with a minus mono track. Highly recommended not for the squeamish.

** and a half out of ****


Irreverent, unusual, crudest comedy I have ever seen.
I saw this film when I was 12, now I'm 15 sure I was young and I didn't understand most of the material but it was hilarious. THis movie had so much profanity that now when I hear the words used they pass right by me. It's all about Dante Hicks that you can't say is having a bad day but an overall bad life a direct result of his unintelligent actions. As he goes throughout the day he chats with the customers and Randall his co-worker and of course Jay and Silent Bob the film that gave them birth. This film was released in limited theater's in 1994 and is now the most stolen video/DVD in the USA. Directed by Kevin Smith for an almost nothing budget at the convenience store he worked at this comedy is great in my book. Recommended for mature audiences due to the subject matter in dialog.

One of a kind **** out of ****

Meet the Fockers

This movie is the definition* of Focker
Very funny movie, possibly the funniest of 2004. I couldn't wait for the DVD so i could watch it over and over again. Definitely a movie to see with the family but maybe maturer audiences. This film does contain material not suitable for children but that doesn't mean it was unnecessary.

If you get the DVD, just watch the theatrical version the extended is known to skip plus it just adds the deleted scenes so watch them separately.

My rating

*** out of ****

Fathers' Day

Best COMEDY of 1997, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal come together Finally after 10 years of looking for a picture to do together( Says on DVD) Remake of Comperes, Les. A lawyer (crystal), and a writer/Major goofball (Williams) Who have nothing in common until they both go in search of their so called son, which their Ex-girlfriend tells them both without thinking they'd team up during the search. Funny, with a laugh around every corner. This movie deserves a lot more credit than given especially cause of the two great actors and Great director IVAN REITMAN. Your friends and family were wrong they are an uneven team but that makes it so funny because the plot calls for them to have nothing in common.

Skin Deep

Zach (ritter) has brought a wonderful yet dirty performance as a womanizer who just can't get enough from jumping out of relationships and also funny predicaments just as his house burning down, not knowing how he can get his life back in order which is simply stop drinking with all help by his AGENT, Pychiatrist, and his bartender as they guide him through life. Wirtten by the wonderful Blake Edwards. Unique film with a scene today classic that i can't even describe to you because you probably won't even get to read it it would be deleted immediately. Rent the video or buy it now even the DVD even though no special features buy it any way.


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