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Alone Across Australia

5 Stars
I saw this movie at the banff film festival and absolutely loved it. I think that this film will more be appreciated by the climbing and backpacking community, as its plot could be called, by some 'absurd'. The story of a man, who in his own words,( I got to see him!) "IS a simple man who walked his dog." hiking across Austrlia. Encountering, partially decomposing cows, dingoes, camel hoof-prints and many other simply unimaginable encounters! I would give it a 10! This is a movie about the human soul, and the tale of a man who overcame the physiological need of human companion ship, and other needs such as food, water.... I found it most intriguing that after this movie he lost 1/3 of his body weight, suffered from metal and physical exhaustion and malnutrition, yet went on to climb in the North Pole 4 months later. This man is an inspiration to us all!

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