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Hardcore Henry

Fun to watch!
If you like action movies and are tired of the same old stuff released year after year - this is a great movie to see. The story might seem a bit complex and messy at times with some plot holes here and there, but it doesn't take away from what this movie is supposed to be - just simple fun.

The movie is shot entirely from first person perspective. It's not the first time it's been done (Cloverfield had the same approach), but the action sequences are what makes this movie exciting and extremely unique. This movie wasn't supposed to be taken seriously and maybe for some it might look more like a technical (from cinematography perspective) exercise, but I think experiments like this are important to keep the whole industry moving forward.

Would want to see another one like that for sure.

Born American

True definition of the word - TRASH
The amount of nonsense in this movie is just overwhelming. A group of Americans (3 young men) goes to Finland to drink some beer and shoot some cans from a shotgun (because there is no way they'd be allowed to do that in US... right). Then the story takes a weird turn and becomes un-watchable:

The group decides to illegally cross the border into USSR for no apparent reason. Then, they end up in a village, where they kill the priest, a few civilians and a bunch of soldiers who arrive to the village shortly after. We are not even going to focus on the fact that an army of soldiers armed with AK assault rifles can't hit a target located just a few feet away, but the main characters managed to kill everybody by shooting AKs with just 1 hand.

Trying to escape, they burn half of the village down and eventually end up... in the same village, where they get caught and sent to prison. In prison, the story becomes so twisted that you can't watch it while being sober. More people get killed. Apparently Russian prisons have bazookas and Israeli UZI in their armory. Who knew?

So, what's the bottom line? A few guys illegally cross the border, kill dozens of civilians and soldiers, get imprisoned, kill more people, escape, cross the border illegally again... but it's OK, because they are Americans.


True Memoirs of an International Assassin

You can't watch this sober.
The movie had a potential because of the plot, but something went wrong with the execution of it. I guess the biggest problem of this movie was the level of stupidity, unreal-ism and just plain nonsense. Watching this movie sober would probably make you say "Really?" almost every 5 minutes of the movie.

It's a popcorn flick that was created to be watched once while you in a company of a few friends have a few beers and talk about life. Don't try to pay attention to details, the plot holes are big enough to fit the whole universe.

I am not going to say that this movie was awful. It was just "slightly below average", something you will never want to watch again, but to watch it once just to see to pass some time - maybe.

London Has Fallen

Simply put - it's trash.
Lets be generous - 2/10 stars just for special effects and lots of action scenes, that's probably the only positive thing I can say about this movie.

The story/plot is as trivial as it can be (1 brain cell would be enough to digest the whole story): The brave and immortal, God-sent savior of the world (POTUS) is the target of evil terrorists. One super soldier who can destroy armies with his bear hands and can run through a rain of bullets without getting hit - saves the day (POTUS and pretty much the entire world). America. Hell yea!

In all seriousness though, the amount of nonsense in this movie goes way beyond any acceptable levels. The catch phrases spit out by the main characters are pathetic and are truly face-palm worthy. It' hard to imagine who this movie is supposed to appeal to, because even a die-hard American patriot capable of thinking would see right through the awfulness of this trash.

I saw this movie for free on Netflix and I still want to get my money back, maybe a compensation for my time.

Taken 3

Taken 3 kills the franchise with a bang!
If you loved the first one and felt that second one was just "ok", don't watch this movie. You will be disappointed, because unfortunately there is nothing positive that can be said about this movie. I haven't seen a single person who enjoyed this film. Seems that all of the 10/10 reviews here were posted by those who got paid by the studio.

The amount of nonsense and stupidity in this movie will insult your intelligence even if you are 5. The story is overcomplicated but at the same time extremely boring, the action sequences were shot and edited by someone who is probably drunk and has epilepsy. On top of that - plot holes are so big, the entire universe can fit in them.

Do not waste your time and money on this film. It's not worth even a penny of your money. The first Taken was and still is one of my favorite movies of all time. This though - is probably the biggest disappointment i've seen. I'd rather watch Twilight than this movie again. It's that bad.

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