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Gulabo Sitabo

This film is bound to leave you thinking about a plethora of things
Gulabo Sitabo is one of the most subtle commentaries on the society, politics and people that I've seen in the recent times. It says so much without emphasising what it is saying.

The script is simplistic and not much to discuss about. The story follows linear narration style and there isn't much of a reveal until the climax. However, where it excels is in giving sharp satire on everything that we see everyday but rarely stop to notice.

The film talks about greed- of many kinds- but not without first showing its root cause. Every character in this film is a social scavenger but there are some worth sympathising with. The film's climax discuss a political metaphor and how it exploits the very people it takes help from. What's best is the film rises above the propagandist tropes of wannabe serious undertones that the OTT content is rigged with lately. It applauds and highlights the strength of power in hands we rarely see them in without discrediting or snatching power away from the ones who currently possess it. It's strictly allergic to showing sides as black and white.

I love the subtle handling of the topic- mostly because I don't like it when the filmmakers start underlining the obvious twice like they're trying to teach me a lesson- what I don't enjoy is the subtle approach the movie takes at trying to keep the audience involved. I don't demand the makers to convert this into a thriller or punch moments of emotions that leave the audience welled up, but its watch-me-give-a-damn attitude regarding audience's attention span does come out as a noticeable flaw.

The heroes of the film are the actors, both lead and supporting cast. While Amitabh is the obvious show stealer, Ayushmann not only holds his ground in front a legend like him but actually leaves a mark. It's easy to mistake him for a one-dimensional character but watch him prove you wrong.

Overall, it's definitely recommended for anyone looking for new content to watch this weekend but if you're the kind of viewer who finds life in inanimate objects and are a sucker for metaphors and symbolism or are keen to look at the performances of two of the greatest actors of Bollywood, this one's right for you. This film is bound to leave you thinking about a plethora of things.


An important film, deserved better
Chhapaak is such a socially relevant film erasing the disillusionment that we live in where we're not even properly aware about the suffering of the victims and the laws (or lack thereof) that have been made to combat the same! It's our responsibility to be aware and act! The narration of the film was non-linear and I get the intent of doing so but it made a large chunk of the second half of the film a little dull. This is easily Deepika's best performance closely followed by her work in Piku.

The film got trampled at the box office due to the controversies most of which were unfounded and unnecessary. Maybe now that it is on streaming services it will get the recognition it deserves.

Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne
Episode 6, Season 8

One of the Worst Series Finales in the History of Television
There are so many problems with this finale, and I am not even talking about technicalities, literal plot issues but nonetheless let's start with the few good things that happened in this episode:

1. Jon petting Ghost at last and the scene being shot in the same way as the one shot earlier (season 4, perhaps?)

2. Arya's arc was well written. She's the one character that didn't encounter a fatal error with her arc as almost everyone else did. And again it was a callback to season 4 finale. I hope she discovers the mystery lying to the West of Westeros.

3. The biggest win in this episode was the metaphor of Sansa's hair. She has always copied the hairstyle of more powerful women who have influenced her life from Catelyn to Cersei to Margery to Daenerys but she finally got a new hairstyle showing that she's come into her own at last. I'm glad somebody on the team reminded D&D of it.

Now let's come to the bad, oh it's gonna be long-

1. What was Dany's justification of committing the mass murder? She refuses to respond to Tyrion's question and when Jon asks the same question she says Cersei used the innocents to cripple her? Where? Had she gone deaf when the city surrendered and the bells rang? We still have no real reason why she committed the genocide cause she was clearly not clinically mentally ill.

2. Where did the "others don't get to choose" Dany suddenly come from? It literally feels like after S08E03 we skipped two seasons and directly jumped to S08E05. The Dany who was not to be the Queen of Ashes became so for no reason. The Dany who always controlled her impulses and chose the mellow path suddenly became violent for no reason. The Dany who always took others' inputs and gave people multiple chances suddenly became adamant and dictatorial.

3. Jon killed Dany? I have never laughed at a scene this hard. I know why they went for such a romanticized direction of that scene (it was supposed to be a callback to season 4 Ygritte's death scene again. Too many callbacks? I know!) but how did he suddenly kill her? Yes Tyrion put the thought in his head but Dany had just given the "build the world with me" pep talk. He had no reason to think she'd kill him after all she was willing to marry him and break the wheel together despite him having a better claim to the throne. Tyrion's pep talk had been proven wrong!

4. Drogon comes screaming into the room and burns the throne out of angst but doesn't kill Jon, the murderer of his mother? Were the writers on crack when they wrote this episode?

5. Jon tries to justify Dany's mass murder to Tyrion with "put yourself in her shoes". Is this the same Jon who fought for the living by putting himself at risk? Is this the same Jon who saw his family massacred but stuck by his duty? The man who fought his brothers of the Night's Watch and died for saving the lives of innocent Wildlings?

6. What was the point of Tyrion's sarcastic "she murders evil men" pep talk? Everywhere Dany went she killed evil men because they were *evil men*. Is Tyrion trying to justify the acts of slavers or the Dothraki Khals or Viserys? Is he trying to say Dany has become too powerful to see right from wrong even though 2 episodes ago she fought the Army of the Dead risking her army, dragons and her own life? So all of a sudden her sense of decision making became clouded? Very convenient? **slow claps**

7. Tyrion confessing he was in love with Dany, even though the only sign he showed was a slightly incredulous expression at the end of season 7 when Dany and Jon were doing it on the boat, was for whom exactly? It made us all cringe.

8. What was the point of bringing Arya to King's Landing in the last episode (while making the fatal attempt of ruining her character arc along with everybody else's) and then having her escape out of *fear of death* and then having her come back to King's Landing again in this episode and doing absolutely nothing *AGAIN*?

9. What was the point of the scene where Dany makes the grand entry and the camera work shows her as a dragon with wings? Was it supposed to imply that all dragons are bad? Is that why Jon was pushed as a good guy? Is that why Drogon didn't go on a mass murder throughout Westeros while lamenting his mother's death? Oh wait...

10. Lastly (because I don't have all day to list every damn problem with this episode), the worst thing the writers could've done was make Bran the King and actually have Lords vote for him!!! First off why is no one questioning why he didn't warn everyone about Dany burning King's Landing beforehand when he clearly had visions of that in S04E02 and S06E06? It's not like no one knows he can see the future. He literally says to Tyrion "Why do you think I came all this way?" and had said earlier (in S08E01) that he is "waiting for an old friend) while expecting Jaime to arrive. Why did no one ask his help in making strategies for the attack on King's Landing? The writers seem so desperate to get from the good-Dany to bad-Dany arc that they completely stripped the writing of all sense to force her to break bad within one episode.

The most tragic thing about this season is that it was the most hyped one of all time and more people were watching than ever before (about 1 Billion according to some estimate). The way it has disappointed, it has set another record for this show. This time for being the worst season and the worst series Finale for any series ever!

Game of Thrones: The Bells
Episode 5, Season 8

The writing on the show is abhorrently and irreparably bad.
Does Dany have mad impulses? Yes. It's been pretty clear that she tries to exude power by fire and blood. Does Dany know how to control them? Also yes. The woman has the strongest will. She doesn't shudder. Even Arya, the silent assassin and winner of death, lost her nerve when she came face to face with the wights for the first time while Dany went all mighty with her three dragons, ready for the kill and didn't back down even when she lost one of her dragons there.

Yes, I hear a lot of chatter about her being the Mad Queen and how it was about time but let's focus on how this has been dealt with on the show. When Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King tried to burn the city, he was paranoid and vulnerable, about to lose his throne. He screamed "BURN THEM ALL" in defense. He had an unjustifiable reason, sure, but it could still be explained. When Cersei turned Mad Queen in the season finale of Season 6, she had a reason for it too. She wanted to cast aside those who were threats for her (Margery, Septon, etc) while also taking revenge from the civilians who insulted her, spat on her and threw excreta on her during her walk of atonement on the same road. So, again, an unjustifiable reason, but it could still be explained.

What Dany did in King's Landing today had absolutely no reason altogether, except for the writers being desperate to reach the plot point GRRM had told them about and letting the die hard fanboys and fangirls of the show do the dirty job of coming up with a justification for them. Dany burning up the iron fleet (what an absolutely nonsensical scene was that by the way?) and all the scorpions was still understandable to a certain extent. Her blowing open the entry for the siege of King's Landing was again justifiable. When she started burning up the Golden Company instead of allowing them a fair fight against her army, things started turning sour but these things were still explicable. Her turning up with Drogon screaming and instilling fear in the hearts of the Lannister army was a smart move to make the surrender. In fact at that point I felt like laughing at all the Dany-is-the-Mad-Queen propagandists. The bell rang. It was all fine. Cersei had lost. Out of nowhere, Dany started flying and deliberately burning the civilians. This was not only completely out of character but also completely unjustifiable from every point of view. Even if Dany had charged to Red Keep and turned Cersei, Mountain and Qyburn to ashes, it could have been explained. It would have been dishonourable and unfair, but it could've been explained with "well you killed Missandei". The fact that she suddenly decided to burn all the innocent civilians with her army raving and raping along the way made absolutely no sense at all.

It's possible that Dany would go for a similar arc in the books as well because it feels like a plot point GRRM would've told D&D and those clowns mindlessly and desperately wanted to reach that plot point somehow. This was one of the many problems this episode (and the entirety of season 7 and 8) have had. Every single character's arc has been ruined beyond repair by the makers. Be is Sansa turning from a strong woman who overcame her hurdles and assaults to become a powerful and smart woman who could outdo Baelish or Jaime whose character arc had finally taken the turn it deserved. Be it Arya who seems to be the most powerful treasure of Westeros and yet ran away on Sandor's one command or Jon who has become the powerless, spineless man. Guess they are going to force me to pick up those long, unnecessarily descriptive books of Martin so that I could get a closure.

Game of Thrones: The Last of the Starks
Episode 4, Season 8

The writing just got worse
First let's discuss the good. I'm glad they didn't rush the episode. They put time into showing the farewell to the martyrs of the Battle of Winterfell and its aftermath. Daenerys playing politics was fun to watch cause lately she had been pushed into a love struck character. The tensions between various characters was shown well in the first few minutes but D&D are clearly pushing things at this point. Arya's character arc has come to an end, it seems and I like where it's winding up. Jon was always a fool torn between duty and love it was nice to see him torn between love (for Dany) and love (for his family). Brienne and Jamie did it at last. Good for her. Tormund going back to the North of the Wall seems like the right thing to do now that the Long Night is over. Varys' characterization remains intact. He has always been the betraying snake to every ruler ever and he loves to fool himself into thinking that he's 'serving the realm'. Cersei's game is still going strong while she tries to pass off Jaime's child as Euron's. The turn brought by Rhaegal's death was also pretty saddening but done well. Now let's look at the bad. They still haven't explained the lose ends of the last episode like what was Bran doing warging into the ravens during a goddamn war. Why was he not aiding anyone with information? It doesn't make sense why Sansa still doesn't trust Daenerys. They have turned Sansa into an adamant character who has gone from being a stupid, gullible girl to being hard-brained. Additionally Sansa betraying Jon's trust to watch Dany's claim get taken away sounds very Cersei-like. When Arya was anyway going to kill Cersei why couldn't she have just joined Jon and Dany? I understand Dany's impatience but she should've still waited longer and let people heal. They JUST fought a huge battle. Rhaegal was still injured and clearly couldn't handle more injury from the battle. How did Dany (and her advisors) not take precautions against the Scorpion when they had already seen it in a battle earlier and knew the kind of damage it can do? While I agree that Euron took them by surprise I still expected Dany to have trained her dragons to know how to dodge the spears flying at them, the way Drogon always does. The worst part of the episode goes to the characterization of Daenerys. How could a woman who literally gave up her fight for throne to fight for the living knowing it might mean sacrificing her entire army, her dragons and probably even herself transform into being a mass murderer within a single episode. I understand that she's at her most vulnerable at this point but her fight has always been for the people. Plus where is all the advisory? It seem that at this point all Varys and Tyrion are doing is being hindrances in Dany's arc instead of actually giving any proper advice on what alternative they can choose to bring down Cersei. D&D have never written Dany very well. They have kept her character a bit confused but this was the worst turn they have given to her character so far. I hope they come up with more war strategies than giving in to the whim of Dany haters and letting her transform into the Mad Queen.

Game of Thrones: The Long Night
Episode 3, Season 8

The Greatest Battle in the history of Television
One of the things I've always loved about Game Of Thrones is that it doesn't shy away and it doesn't do fan service. It does what is in the plan irrespective of how fans may be disappointed by that. Clearly this 10/10 episode has disappointed hoards of fans of Jon Snow because his entire arc culminated into nothing. Arya Stark on the other hand steals the show once again! The problem with people finding this disappointing is that they expect the show to be just another mainstream show where everything is predictable and hero worshipping could be done in their predictable sacrifices *ahem* Avengers *ahem*. However Game Of Thrones can end your entire build up in a blink (like they did with Red Wedding or Ned Stark's death) because that IS life. The best part is whenever the show is about to do this switch up, it gives a foreshadowing well in advance as well, most just fail to see the inevitable. Of course some characters are annoying. We see Sansa taking charge as a leader and protector of Northern interests for 2 seasons only to find her escaping and hiding and letting women and children die when the dead rose in the crypt. We see Jon Snow proving himself to be utterly useless ONCE AGAIN. We see Dany not taking the Mad Queen arc that many people have been expecting her to take for many seasons. We see Tyrion and Varys becoming utterly useless but all of that's just the audience not being able to digest things not going as they want. Everything does remain in character. What however does go lose in this episode is what Bran was doing warging into the crows when he didn't even provide any aid in the battle, strategically. Why were Jon and Dany not in co-ordination while fighting the Night King. Why didn't the two dragons have the satisfying Fire Vs Ice War (although that's just for the visuals). Talking about visuals, we couldn't have asked better. Miguel's battle direction was top notch. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and found it to be one of the best. Right up there with Winds Of Winter and Rains Of Castamere.

Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour

Taylor Swift slithers her way to the top again!
Taylor Swift has always been a perfectionist. She never leaves a single stone unturned and this tour is a marvelous example of the same. Performing hits after hits mashed up along with the songs off her latest album which was the highest selling album of 2018 in US, Taylor Swift really showed why she's a force to be reckoned with. From captivating visuals to firecrackers to ginormous stages to intricate details to amazing choreography to live instruments and vocals (something we rarely see in pop culture anymore), Taylor Swift impressed the millions she played to on this tour and now she's impressing millions more with the new netflix movie. Watch this 2 hour movie and get lost in its marvel!


A Rarity in Bollywood
Movies like these rarely come in Bollywood and I really applaud their marketing tactics. They released the film on the day of announcement of the film being sent for Oscars, which was a good gamble. There's no way a lot of people who have seen this movie, and made it a success, would have watched it otherwise.

There is a much needed class and subtlety in this movie. I specially like the suggestion they made with the shopping mall scene. Nothing was said but a lot was done! Something that is a big rarity in Bollywood. The movie tackles a serious, controversial and conversation-sparking topic with extreme good care. They managed to make people laugh while making them aware about a lot of things going on in the country.

The director needs to be applauded for this one. He has a very firm grasp on Indian culture and it's nuances. He chooses to portray it really well. No unnecessary dramatization was done. Minimalistic approach of the director makes the movie appealing. The cinematography is brilliant and refreshing.

The screenplay is smooth and never feels abrupt nor slows down to boring at any point. The film has been edited well enough to make it an engaging 1-hour-46-minutes experience.

When you have Rajkummar Rao in the movie, you do not doubt the acting skills but even he has bested himself with this one! The typical character nuances, speech, diction, blinking of eye, he perfected literally everything!

Final verdict: A MUST WATCH. I really hope people would make this a bigger success (chances are scarce) so that the producers would start shifting their focus from unbearably stupid movies like Judwa 2 to classy satirical movies like this!

Judwaa 2

This is Bollywood hitting the ROCK BOTTOM
This is as awful as Bollywood can get. Starting with the issue of nepotism, this is literally the biggest example of it. A terrible movie, that was a product of collaboration of people brought into the industry by nepotism in the first place, is being remade, just to build on the earlier fame, by the collaboration of yet another people who were launched solely because of nepotism. To add to this, the movie stars the son of the director!! *Slow but thundering loud claps*.

The movie that was already unbearably stupid originally has been brought back to indulge the modern and slowly changing approach of Bollywood and has thrust it backward once again, selling brash and blunt, racist and sexist slurs as jokes! There's literally no story, no script, no acting, no direction, NOTHING! This is the worst thing to happen to Bollywood. Even KRK and RGW movies were better. I am going with 1-out-of-10 because IMDb doesn't allow me to give -infi.

Final word: I strongly urge people to wake up and start boycotting movies like these, which are a curse on the industry and humanity and going for movies like Newton instead.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall
Episode 6, Season 7

The shower of blood
That scene will be one of my takeaway scenes from this show, long after Game of Thrones is over. That scene. That deadly, blood- curdling, predictable, yet heartbreaking scene that happened in the second half of this episode where a shower of blood drenched me in sulkiness. More on that later.

To be honest, this episode is heavily flawed. The raven flying to Dragonstone from the Wall (about 2500 km far), Daenerys dressing up and rushing to her dragon and flying all the way to beyond the wall in about 24-36 hours is utterly nonsensical. They made it appear like there was no other way out, but with a better story structure, there would have been. The Night King choosing to kill Viserion, a flying, smaller, harder to hit target, than killing Drogon, a bigger, stationary target is another balderdash. Some worshipers of this show have argued that he is a greenseer and was already aware that he'd be able to kill Viserion or that Viserion was causing more harm than Drogon. To them I say, please wake up. The show has lost it's complex and realistic storytelling. The writers are just pushing in surprise elements, awesome CG and spellbinding direction and cinematography.

If I have so many complaints, then why have I given it a 10/10? Sure, the show's storytelling is extremely sloppy now and one can feel the lack of a writer is driving them to take ultra amounts of liberty, turning the intellectual audience away. But what it loses in there, it makes up for in the shocking scenes, which are predictable yet give a chill up the spine. This episode was full of them.

I couldn't hold back from cheering out loud when Daenerys arrived to save Jon's ass and burned away the wights. Ramin's music just gets you going! I had the whole episode spoiled for me, yet I couldn't help but scream in terror when the Night King was about to kill Viserion... and then it happened, the shower of blood, the screaming of Viserion, the screaming of Viserion's brothers, Dany's expressions, the silence. It was all truly epic. Game of Thrones successfully adds another scene to its Hall of Memorable scenes which boasts of Ned Stark's beheading, Red Wedding, Night King's gesture of rising the dead at Hardhome, Dany's proclaim as Mhysa, Jon Snow's rise from the pile of the dead, blow up of the Sept of Baelor, etc.

The CG is remarkable, the music indescribably good and the direction awesome (I do miss Miguel, though). Only if GRRM could be brought on board from Season 8's script writing, it would be the epic show it was, again!

Game of Thrones: Eastwatch
Episode 5, Season 7

Buildup for the Great War
The Great War is here. The war that episode 6 features will be of many types. Jon's war to prove himself right about the army of the dead. The war of the two Stark sisters. The war of the conflicts (Mormont Vs Tormund, Gendry Vs Brotherhood). The war of truce between Dany and Cersei. And the perennial war of good Dany Vs bad Dany.

This episode, however, was nothing but a resolution of Spoils of War (the interesting part) and buildup for the Great War (mildly lackluster).

The interesting arc of Dany keeps getting better and better. Her transcend into madness, Varys being the disloyal, realm server that he is, Tyrion's complicated dilemma all are dealt with in this episode. Though Daenerys claims she is not Cersei and though it is right to kill those who oppose you in times of war, Dany is going to be at the receiving end of the flack because of her attempt to look strong and her cruel burning punishment. It is true that she isn't 'mad' mad, but she has the need to prove herself strong. That need comes from how she was raised- oppressed and with despair. From that point of view, it seems right, but now that she clearly has the upper hand, the recklessness only shows she's not much different.

Jon isn't a bastard. We know that well now. Yes, we knew he isn't a Snow, but there was a chance that he might be Rhaegar's bastard, but with the thinly veiled revelation of Rhaegar's annulment with Elia and secret marriage with Lynna, it's clear Jon is a true (S)Targaryen.

Another interesting plot is how Baelish manages to spark a war between recently reunited Sansa and Arya. They never liked each other anyway but one would think that as grownups they would. Let's see where this goes.

I do not understand why the episode was renamed from 'Blood of Dragon' to 'Eastwatch.' One brilliant thing about Game of Thrones is that the name of the episode often effectively represents its theme. Eastwatch just represents a minor part of this episode that isn't even clearly shown. Blood of Dragon, however, would have indicated Jon's parentage, Drogon's affection towards him and of course the obvious. Another big complaint is the amount of time leap they took in this episode. The direction was terrible this time around. Normally before showing the time leap, another storyline should be intercepted so that one may adjust to the teleportation conundrum. Hopefully, next episode onward, when the focus on Night's King increases and the Wall starts to crack and Arya-Sansa equation progresses, we will get a better breakup.

It was a disappointing followup to the brilliant 'Spoils of War'. However, it was a necessary buildup, so I am going with 7-out-of-10. It is, thus far, the weakest episode of the season.

Game of Thrones: The Spoils of War
Episode 4, Season 7

Easily one of the best episodes of the show.
I can't begin to describe how thrilled I am to see GoT in it's former glory of unpredictability, albeit with some big plot holes. I'll start off with the one big issue season 7 has. Timing. They're literally taking such huge time leaps that it becomes unconvincing, if not too convenient. Dany dropping on High Garden just moments after igniting the sparks between herself and Jon seems unsettling.

But that doesn't mean it wasn't entertaining. Every single storyline was at its best. Just when I thought Ep 3 might be the mid-season peak, Ep4 comes leaking forward. I remember finding myself unable to digest how tables turned upon Daenerys even though she had the strongest case at the beginning of S7. But one must not mistake her silence to be her weakness. But more on that later.

-The episode kicks off with the Tyrell gold being packed off to King's Landing. Jaime is sulking over his dilemmas and learning his lessons like the tragic bad guy that he is.

-Arya returns! Arya has really grown to be one of the most interesting characters this season. Her return to home will leave you teary- eyed. Her fighting expertise was breathtaking. We see another throwback this episode with Arya being turned away by the guards at the gate of winterfell, a lot like she had been at King's Landing back in season 1. Also, let's not forget "Chaos is a ladder", which is not merely a throwback but also a warning to Baelish.

-Bran 's storyline is the only one that seems sloppy to me at the moment. He is the three-eyed-raven. He knows some important facts that he must inform Sansa. He can start with how Baelish betrayed Ned. He is fully aware of how Baelish is constantly trying to get into Sansa 's head. Maybe a little warning would do. I don't see a reason why he needs to wait for Jon's return to do so, except for the reason of packing season finale with every big info possible.

-Jon and Dany is going to happen. Jon is interested, Davos will tell you that. Dany needs some reacquaintance with love. Jon discovers how Dany has been chosen by her people just as much as he has been chosen by his. Both have earned their names.

-Now the best part. Timeline jumps to weeks later and Jaime is lazily taking his troops to King's Landing, unaware of the screamers and fire emitting beasts coming his way. If you thought Hardhome was mesmerising, wait till you see the giant dragon flying through the air with his wings wide open covering a large chunk of screaming Dothraki hordes. This is easily the best battle scene ever directed on Game of Thrones. The amount of CG used on this pays off. Dany alone finishes off half the Lannister army. Thus episodes throws fan armies into battle. Jaime Vs Dany and Tyrions dilemma through all of this shows pretty much how neutral fans must be feeling.

Overall, this episode approaches perfection as much as it could with the minor fixable plot-holes. Hopefully, they will fix the misses soon.


Game of Thrones: The Queen's Justice
Episode 3, Season 7

The song is about to begin!
The season just got interesting! Who would have expected things would turn out this way. When Daenerys set out for Westeros at the end of season 6 with allies from Dorne, Iron Islands and Highgarden, who would have thought she would lose them all within two episodes and everything will go into dumpster fire. Daenerys seemed to be the clear winner, with the rest of the bystander kingdoms despising Cersei. Three episodes down and the game has completely changed. Cersei has won the battle so far, defeating and forming ally with Iron Island and Reach. Dorne hangs away.

Cersei always enjoys sudden moments of highs. She had an absolute low for the nine episodes of season 6 and then she rocketed her way to glory in the finale. Here again she jumps to top. It's interesting how Tyrion's plans failed even though all we've gotten this season was just throwback and repetition of the master plans that we had seen before. That is disappointing because it shows that Tyrion, as smart as he may be, still isn't smarter than Cersei, regardless of what he had said about her smartness in season 2.

Even though Jon-Dany's union was supposed to be the most sought after one, the episode is so delightfully packed with action that it just seems another big piece in the pudding. The meeting of Jon and Daenerys was, thankfully, realistically portrayed instead of doing fan service and quickly throwing them into each other's arms. The song of ice and fire will take some time to start playing. The arguments from both the sides were fun to watch while Tyrion tried to play the role of the mediator.

Cersei's revenges are always worth watching, irrespective of whom you are rooting for. The way she gets back at Ellaria (who by the way acted amazingly well this episode), is another great throwback to season 5. Even though she might most certainly still not win the war against Daenerys, it seems interesting what she is planning to do with Euron if the battle is indeed won. He is not going to be fooled to death that easily.

It was funny to see how there were in total two battles in this episode and yet they finished both off within 10 minutes. The budget constraint could be one reason. Another being the importance these battles hold in the narrative. As interesting as these battle sequences could have been, their ending was predictable. It's good to see them focusing more on the storyline.

Small mistakes aside, one complain that I am having with this season is the pace of the show. It is going too fast now. This leads to thinning down of the plot. Every battle is happening everywhere. It would be better to show them in a complex way rather than continuing to haste it to the end, keeping the audience in the pretence of the same old GoT feels.

Special mention - Sansa-Bran reunion. The stark theme always gets you.

Foreseeing- Sansa-Bran-Arya reunion is imminent. Probably the next episode will feature that. Jon-Dany bond will strengthen as Dany chooses to fight the battle in the north before heading towards Cersei.

Overall, a brilliant episode which concluded a lot of story lines while building up towards finale simultaneously.


Game of Thrones: Stormborn
Episode 2, Season 7

Stormborn is a storm
To be fair, this was a great improvement from the previous episode. This episode literally featured no filler scene. What seemed like a filler/buildup was nothing but a callback sequence and was entertaining all the same.

Like we did for the last episode, lets run down from the best to the worst.

1. Arya-Nymeria. Arya, to me, is a clear winner again. In fact this episode proves that one doesn't need shocking murders to steal the spotlight. Arya-Nymeria is the second reunion this season (after Arya-Hot Pie, which took place in the same episode) and it has been one of the longest awaited ones. The direwolf mirrors Arya's character. Arya was never meant to marry a high lord and spawn a lot of children. She is a fighter. An assassin, who has killed the human inside and seeks only revenge for all that her family has gone through. All we had gained in the last season was that Arya is dead inside but she proved it wrong when she chose to head home instead of going to King's Landing. She showed she still has the basic human emotions. But here is why Nymeria sequence, though heartbreaking, is very crucial. It reminds Arya that she is not the little girl who wanted to head home. It reminds Arya that she currently has a To-Kill List and there is a name that sits right at the top of it, powerful and in all glory. She might head South again after all. Let's see.

2. Samwell-Jorah. I find this to be the most underrated sequence of the episode. We don't take much back from this sequence in terms of content but in terms of psychological interpretations, it hits a home run. We learn more about Sam's benevolent nature here. The direction (probably in only this scene in the whole episode) is marvelous and Jorah's acting is beyond words.

3. Daenerys. I was disappointed by the last episode because it featured three words from Dany despite the episode being called Dragonstone. Here, of course, Dany plays the most important role. There is a certain thing about Dany's tone that is bothering. Even though we know what she is saying is reasonable and probably right, the rudeness and arrogance takes away the validity from it. It looks like, even though she is gentle and caring deep down, she is trying very hard to exercise power. Not in a Joffrey kind of way. No, she is not a freak. But in a forced Mad King sort of way. Her sequence with Varys was interesting. I know she may receive a lot of flack for that, but then so should Jon for being rude to his 'saviour' Baelish. What is wrong with Dany is that she is surrounded by fools whose main motive is revenge, not justice. They don't care about how many people die for the purpose of their mindless revenge. But I believe as long as Tyrion is by her side, she will remain sane because she really does listen to him.

4. The siege. The battle, though mildly surprising, could have been better directed. The camera movements were way too sharp and quick and not at all smooth, possibly because of usage of body doubles, which made it look more disturbing than exciting. Yet it was a good turn of events and leaves us hanging to wonder how Tyrion and Dany are going to deal with this sudden turn of events. Finally, after two blatantly predictable seasons, the old Game of Thrones-level complication might have returned. It also showcased how Tyrion, who had been rather flawless in the Blackwater battle's scheming, has been outwitted by Euron.

5. Jon-Sansa. To be fair, this scene showed another development and we're finally headed towards the much sought after Jon-Dany meet. People have been waiting for 7 years for this to happen. Watching Jon fight for it, though for entirely different reason, was definitely a treat. Dany's "He sounds like quite a man" was also quite entertaining. Baelish seems to have lost his grasp. We will discover the truth of it in the next episode. Jon-Sansa tension seems to fading out already.

6. The scissors. Missandei-Greyworm sequence, though placed for the 'necessary' nudity, also plays a crucial role in human-ization of the mechanical Unsullied.

7. Cersei. *sigh* As she had become in season 6, up until the finale, Cersei has become a dull-dud, mere-words woman. Her scenes have become blatantly boring and it seems like the writers and director(s) are at a lack of imagination on how to make the viewers stay hooked to what she is saying. Even though Lena is still doing a good job, the character has lost its evilness that made us hate her, yet want to watch her. This sequence is one of the major disappointments of an otherwise brilliant episode.

Overall, a good, engaging episode with a lot going on. Keep more of this coming D&D. I'm going with an 8/10.

The Prestige

Nolan's sloppiest flick!
Now, this might probably be the most unpopular opinion. So if you are a Nolan fan who gets easily offended, just scroll away. If you are still here, let's start.

Nolan is a magician. He truly is. His work has a pledge, a turn and an applaud-worthy prestige. He captures everyone's imagination really well. Except for the critics, who are actually not there to be fooled. Yes critics still desire to be fooled but something as sloppy as this just can't.

Now I am not saying this movie is a mess. It is well crafted. It's narration (running in three timelines) is a piece of art. Some people may have found it annoying but lets be honest that is what his distraction was in this magic show. If you look carefully, however, you might not get distracted. Now, I had already received the spoiler about Alfred Bordon. It didn't take me long to know who Fallon was and why some day Alfred meant his "I love you" to his wife. However other turns are well placed. Christopher talks about presentation in this movie and why a great magic piece will not receive as many claps as a sloppier one presented in a classy suspenseful way. That is what Nolan is great at. Now, to find out that Cutter was right about the Transported Man trick all along would have been painfully disappointing for the viewers who were at the edge of their seat to find out about the 'greatest trick ever!' But how well did Mr Nolan knit his story around the whole thing? He included personal conflicts, professional conflicts, self-conflicts, career politics, romantic drama all in the turn and presented a 'lame trick' in a classy way and I am not disappointed.

So what did disappoint me? How Nolan let go of some untied pieces. Now, Cutter and Angier have keen eye for magic secrets. Cutter is an ingenieur who has identified some of the most intricate tricks with great ease. How then did they not recognize who Fallon was when they kidnapped him. How difficult was it to identify a fake demeanour for some of the best magicians? Additionally, from the maker of some of the best science fictions ever released, it was definitely not expected that he would mess up a simple 9th grade basics about clone. I let go of the technicality behind the cloning process because "it is a fiction" but how did the clone created have the same memory and same experiences? Every kid, who has basic knowledge of biology, knows that clones just have the same DNA, their behaviour and memory are entirely different.

Such major mistakes in what could have been one of his best flicks, took away from the movie. I am terribly disappointed but for the Nolan's art direction I am going with a six-out-of-ten. It is still worth a watch.

Game of Thrones: Dragonstone
Episode 1, Season 7

Decent but not up to the hype
Premiere episodes are never groundbreaking, we all know that. But given the fact that the seasons are shorter now (even though it's a long winter!), one expects them to tell something we don't already know. Let's see one by one from best to worst:

1. Arya's scenes were applaud worthy. The transition from Recap to Prologue of the season was so smooth that for a moment I thought they were showing a flashback sequence. The dialogues were sharp and the characterisation smooth. Her bit with Ed Sheeran was well shot too. There was an attempt to show the other side of Lannister army. Not all Lannisters men are like the Mountain.

2. Jon-Sansa-Baelish scenes follow close. One gets a deeper insight into the budding troubles in their relationship. Jon could very well meet the same fate as his uncle, aunt and cousin and he did very well meet it at the end of season 5, all because he lacks the shrewdness and authoritative attitude that is needed to be a ruler. But he has Sansa to teach him that, only if he listens. The scene is well written and well shot. Baelish is creeping his finger little by little into Sansa's mind. Let's hope she doesn't disappoint.

3. Samwell's scenes, as usual, were a catalyst to move the story forward and propel the story towards the long awaited albeit inevitable Jon-Dany union. The attempt to showcase how routine and dull his life is and how he has fewer friends here, despite being amongst his kind was nice, but nothing we haven't already seen before.

4. The Hound and the Brotherhood scenes were way too stretched and whatever impact that they were aiming at was lost because of this. From killing a man who hosted him well when he was hungry in season 4 to burying the dead innocent people who died of winter, Hound shows a spectrum here.

5. Cersei-Jaime scenes were predictable by far. Jaime's reaction may have been disappointing for some but I had stated multiple times before that he was on the darker side of grey. The fact that he couldn't as much as be angry at Cersei for doing something for which he killed Aerys Targaryen shows his fickle nature. Ned Stark was right. He serves people well, when serving is easy. The fangirls might as well calm down now. Cersei-Euron story line seems stretched and probably exists just so that there can be a fair war. But I am ready for a surprise here because you can clearly see an evilness in Euron's eyes.

6. Daenerys' scene was the worst in the whole episode. One would think that after a wait of 6 seasons, they would start her off with a bang right from the premiere episode of season 7, but they disappointed. Hopefully, the next episode onward she will have good matter. It looks like they are solely delaying her story line so that they get time to bind other plots together.

I was disappointed to see the Baratheon stag on King's Landing in the opening theme, even though she had been proclaimed as the Protector of the Realm as Cersei of House Lannister at the end of season 6.

Overall, it is a decent premiere building up for the rest of the season and the pace might hopefully go uphill next episode onward. 7/10.

The Big Bang Theory: The Holiday Summation
Episode 12, Season 10

Stuart is a part of the group now?
If Raj being annoying wasn't sufficient, it seems like they have brought on Stuart too. Raj's scenes have become more and more skip-worthy every passing season and now with addition of Stuart to the group , given the amount of screen-timing he's getting, it looks like we'd be skipping half the episode.

The only good scene in the whole episode was the one at Sheldon's home in Texas.

The writers have completely run out of story and comedy. The show had always been sort of a nerdy rip off of FRIENDS but now with that scope going out of the hands too. It's important that they end this show soon.

Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter
Episode 10, Season 6

The Best Episode of Season 6. The Best Episode Ever!
Winds of Winter, a nod to the upcoming novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, declares multi-level story lines. It marks the end of a lot of plot lines (High Sparrow, Freys, Jon's parentage speculation) and marks the beginning of a lot more (Dany setting for Westeros, Cersei forcing herself to be the queen, Arrival of winter!). It also portrays this pun in the sense that we find Jon and Sansa remembering Ned and his words (Winter is Coming) and sharing a happy family moment, while in reality the arrival of winter is probably the most survival-threatening thing that could happen to the world of Game of Thrones.

This is one rare episode where finding a flaw is tough. I'd quote Tyrion,

"I've been a cynic for as long as I remember. I said no thank you to belief. And yet here I am. I believe in you (Miguel Sapochnik)"

After the spectacle that Hardhome was, the spectacle that Battle of Bastards was, I believed in him, while maintaining the cynic in me for I trusted Miguel for treats to eyes, not treats to the grey cells. There weren't going to be visual thrills in Episode 10, it was all about unwinding of plots and yet he pulled it off with utter perfection.

Before I start with objective appreciation of this episode, I'd like to bring to everyone's attention that even though the episode may appear a little skew, the thing is that it is spread over a larger span of time than you think. No, Arya didn't reach the Freys when Jaime was still there! No Dany didn't set sail for Westeros just a day after Varys appeared in front of Lady Olenna. It all happened over a large duration of time condensed in 67 min 58 sec.

Here's how I rank the best scenes of the episode.

1. R+L = J confirmed. No surprises here yet all of us found ourselves letting out a "FINALLY" when we saw the Tower of Joy scene again. The scene was pulled off very well. The fusion of the baby's face with Jon's was a poetry to adore.

2. Daenerys setting sail for Westeros. Another "FINALLY" moment here. We've been waiting (and going back and forth) on Dany's sail to Westeros. We've seen her grow into a proclaimed (both self and others) queen and we know she's worth it. A better season finale scene wasn't possible.

3. Arya and the Frey Pie. I had really been hoping for this. She avenged the Red Wedding. It was said in the show (I don't remember by whom) when someone kills off their guest, Gods punish them brutally. To kill someone at the wedding is a crime so heinous, you will be tortured to death and that's exactly what happened here. He ate his own sons before getting his throat slit by Arya Stark of Winterfell! A scene pulled off with perfection. Added bonus, we know now that Arya has learned all the skills of the faceless men.

4. Tyrion becoming the Hand of the Queen. Tyrion finally getting what he deserves was one emotional moment in the show. He never got what he deserved. He was made the Hand of the King and towed around like a toy till his father could arrive on the scene. His governance was mocked at by the people, whom he saved from terrible fate (who by the way got burned by the Queen, whom they were siding in Tyrion's trial).

5. Burn them All. This scene was moving. It had me in dilemma. Consuming the first 22 minutes of the show, it was executed in the best way possible, making the audience go from hating Cersei to feeling good about the burning of the hypocrites yet feeling sad about the destruction of Tyrells to Tommen's anticlimactic suicide to the hateful Cersei atoning the Septa. I liked irony of how the idea of burning the cities got the Mad King slayed, while pulling the same off put the Mad Queen on the Iron throne. Jaime's love for her is over now. We're arriving at the Valonquar scene.

Honourable mentions, the Dorne scene. As much as we hate the actors, I loved how the director shut them up through our favorite Lady Olenna. Varys forms the Targaryen-Dornish allies, just like I had predicted earlier! Multi-sided attack at Westeros is about to come.

Lady Mormont is like a strict but well-wishing teacher. The youngest in the room full of old and wise, scolds and brings everyone to the senses. Sansa proclaims Jon as the King in the North and Lady Mormont asks everyone to echo her thoughts.

We're going to see two battles in the next two season. The Game of Iron Throne and Battle of Ice and Fire. Be ready for surprises, while keeping in mind that certain characters may return to trigger them.

-Euron Grejoy and Gendry Baratheon haven't exactly been utilized yet. -Bran Stark hasn't come to Winterfell to inform Jon of his parentage and also help fight the war against the White Walkers. -Sansa-Littlefinger has been sent back and forth in this episode. She denied his proposal but that look on her face later on shows that she might reconsider his offer. If she does, the Clash of four Queens (Yara+Dany vs Cersei vs Sansa) will come together. -Killing the Freys couldn't be the only purpose of Arya's training, she's coming to Winterfell and her real adventure will now begin.

I'm totally looking forward to the next season!

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards
Episode 9, Season 6

Expectedly Awesome
Game of Thrones is known for hair-curling suspense, mighty action sequences, unexpected revelations, emotional rollercoasters and saddening deaths.

We found them all in good proportions in this episode. Every season's ninth episode ends up being the most hyped and loved one. Be it the Red Wedding or Baelor or Blackwater. The thing about these episodes is that, despite focusing on multiple story lines, each plot shows an eyebrow-raising and/or satisfaction-inducing scene. Battle of Bastards lives up to the standards.

The episode opens with Daenerys' angst and revelation of her Mad King father-like tendencies. But we find a positive light. We see that she is strong, confident and power-loving, but she is also understanding. She is open to criticism, opposition and learning the politics and policies. She understands when someone is intelligent and listens to their counsels. But she also has enough fire in her to gain control of the situation.

The way she burns the attacking party is a spellbinding spectacle. Dragons finally in action, Grey Worm's badass selective killing of the masters, Tyrion's expertise in policies, Yara's to the point proposal all make the Meereen scene perfect. Despite the excitement for the Winterfell scene, the audience will find themselves buying the Meereen plot with full satisfaction.

Coming to the Winterfell plot, Sansa and Jon's argument is very well portrayed. The director aces the expression of Jon's experience hindering his sight of Ramsay's techniques very well. Sansa holding strong, despite the knowledge of high plausibility of Rickon's death has been very well acted.

Then comes the battle scene. Indescribably good. It's Miguel Sapochnik. You can trust the man. The multiple deaths were predictable, yet saddening. The arrival of Knights of Vale was predictable, yet their attack on the Ramsay army was thrilling.

The end of Ramsay was reminiscent of the end of Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight. The psychopathic laughter and the overconfidence and then his own hounds eating him up, expected and satisfying.

So, in the North scene, nothing completely unexpected happened, but whatever did was satisfying and I wouldn't have wanted the stream to flow any other way.

Hence a 10/10.

Friends: The One with Rachel's Other Sister
Episode 8, Season 9

One of the Best
Amy, Rachel's other sister is a Pandora's box of laughter. Her immaturity, lack of regard for other people's feelings all wind up forming such a tight pack of laughter that make your lungs pop. The one liners and phrases like "crazy plate lady" or Amy's blatant description of Ross and Monica are purely hilarious.

Every punch in this episode cackles you up. This is one of the rare episodes in the history of World Television where the whole comedy surrounding the characters connect and there are no tributaries to the mainstream and yet they pull off a closed and neatly knit script and manage to make their audience laugh, and that very well. Easily one of the best episodes of the legendary show FRIENDS.

Game of Thrones: No One
Episode 8, Season 6

Good Theme but wasted screen time.
The episode definitely took off at a very good note, staying true to it's title "No One", but faltered and seemed too stretched out at quite a few places.

The Highs:

1. Arya Stark Plot. Not so surprising given that the episode is called No One, it's main story-line had to be it's forerunner. Arya's struggle, battle and final realisation are what I had expected from her plot. They gave nice touch to it. The exchange between Jaqen H'ghar and Arya at the end of the episode was powerful and chilling. Her heading to the Winterfell shows another piece falling right at it's place. Well dealt with. Couldn't have given this subplot a better ending.

2. Cersei and the King's Landing. Yes, the exchange between Cersei and Qyburn seems to be about wildfire. We're heading towards the third prediction the witch had made about Cersei. With Riverrun part dealt with Jaime will be heading to King's Landing, but finding out that the love of his life has turned into a Mad Queen will finally make him put an end to her life. All hail future Queenslayer.

3. Meereen Plot. The tension has built up. Although, this plot seems to be stretching Daenerys stay in Meereen (and hence her aim for Westeros will, once again, be delayed to the next season), the tables have turned quite a lot. A lot of people were throwing pot shots at Dany for being incompetent, inexperienced and slowly getting converted in to the madness that she might have inherited from her father. All of seems to be burning down now. With the best mind (Tyrion) in politics failing to keep the peace at Meereen intact, it seems that the problem is not in the policy or the jurisdiction, the problem is in the whole set up. The Essos are free cities (quite contradictory to the fact that they are full of slaves). They are not accustomed to being ruled. THAT is the biggest problem. This is what needs to be solved now. It remains to be seen how the Mother of Dragons deals with this situation now.

The Lows:

1. Riverrun Plot. The whole plot seems to have been wasted by thin story-line, horrible writing (with poor aim in mind) and naive execution. Definitely didn't expect another plot to go wasted after what they did with Dorne. Hopefully, the Dorne plot will revive soon and have a proper ending, but this plot has seen the end of it. The only positive outcome was the exchange between Jaime and Brienne. Their relationship complexity was well expressed.

2. Blackfish's Esteem. Somehow this part seemed pretty hollow to me towards the end. Catelyn, who believed in fighting for justice instead of brainlessly giving your life, seems to have taken nothing from her uncle Blackfish, who seemed a lot like Ned Stark.

3. The whole trip of Brienne. Utter waste of footage. Apart from the part mentioned above, which is such a thin plot. Way too much screen timing was wasted on this.

4. Clegane and Brotherhood. The plot seemed way too easy to me. They could have done so much better than this. I'm glad Lady Stoneheart didn't return, though. (I hate the return plots. They just seem to be easy solutions when ideas don't come to mind).

Overall, the episode was a decent one, yet faltered way too much as one of the major plot - Riverrun, was a huge let down.

Extra point: The theme No One seems to have run through the Arya's Plot(her conclusion that she is not No One after all) and through Jaime-Brienne tension.


Bajirao Mastani

Extremely well directed and performed, Bajirao is more than a visual treat.
Bajirao Mastani, one of the most awaited films of the year, clashed with a movie with a bigger hype when it released this 18th December. The story is based on Peshwa Bajirao and his second wife Mastani, the daughter of the king of Bundelkhand. The salient feature of this film, very unlike others, is that it doesn't feed opinions to you. As tempted as a person would be to think of Bajirao and Mastani as the real couple before watching the film (given the name of the film), the film, not for a single frame, puts a finger in that direction. Where on one hand it shows the deep love of Bajirao and Mastani, it also showcases, thanks to Priyanka Chopra's extremely good acting skills, Kashi Bai's pain and longing. The movie, in a very classic way, leaves the job of conclusion to the audience.

The story if based on the Marathi novel 'Rau'. The screenplay is tight in the first half but extremely lose in the second half. The first half has every ingredient necessary for a classic. It has a well written script, hard hitting dialogs, seamlessly fused entertaining and narrative songs. All of this keep you engaged so well that your level of expectations increase a lot for the second half.

The second half of the film, however, falters. The movie does showcase some good dialogs and good visual poetry, but there isn't much going on. Had the film been 30 minutes shorter, it would have become a classic.

The songs are soulful and don't interrupt the narrative, the background score was well worked. Editing could have been better. Performances are excellent, each actors plays their roles so well that it is hard to find a flaw. The supporting cast also plays a very good role.

Overall, this film is a must watch for every movie buff. With the holiday season at the rise, this should definitely be the film in your movie list. It a well knit film, with a flawed second half.


A scatterbrain; definitely the worst by Shahrukh!
Dilwale, the most hyped release this year, is supposedly a romantic thriller with extremely predictable turns, dialogs and frames. The film follows such a repeated and tested routine that it falters to engage the audience and enthrall them.

The movie is all about the entry scenes of various actors, dumb car chase scenes (Rohit Shetty does one good thing and he fails at that this time around), annoying performances, repetitive annoying dialogs.

The plot can't be described because it doesn't exist.

This is the lowest Shahrukh's career graph could dip in terms of quality.

I am going with 3/10 solely because of the SRK-Kajol chemistry, which is barely visible in some scenes. Their pair deserved a much better comeback than this.

Final word: Don't go, unless you are a crazy fan.


A classic
I realized that one of the closest things to my heart is going to end forever, six episodes before the last. So much so that despite being a contained person as myself, I began posting constant whatsapp statuses about it, talking to all my friends everywhere, how it was all going to be over for me, forever.

Then came the second last episode, two days later. After watching that episode, I couldn't bear to watch the last one. Not just because all of it was going to get over, but also because the way it was supposedly going to get over. I knew Ross and Rachel would end up together, but Monica's house would be gone. The group won't be hanging out any more. At least not as often as they used to. Everyone was getting settled in their life.

I had come to terms with the fact that it was going to end. But this way? I can't even imagine them beyond the series? When Harry Potter series ended, it was devastating for me. But at least it ended on a note that gave me the thread to extend it post the ending. To imagine how their daily lives might be like. The second last episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, however, made me immensely sad.

Two days later, I shut my room and saw the last episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It was the best ending ever.

I will tell you how. I will avoid the spoilers. Those who know the ending, know how perfect it is, despite all the fears that accumulate on watching the second last. Apart from that, I cherish the fact that now they are a part of my life. Now I have the chance to re-run the whole series (which I am doing currently) and watch it from the perspective of different characters and I must tell you, it is just as funny and light hearted as it was when I watched it for the first time.

It won't be a hyperbole to call F.R.I.E.N.D.S a classic. It is, hands down, the most famous series ever made. 21 years post it's pilot, people are still watching it and enjoying it more than the current running series. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the scale. The quality of other series are measured in comparison to it's standard.

Despite it's yesteryear limitations of technology (they were using flip mobile phones in their last season!), guest roles that would hardly excite the current generation, the storyline, theme and dialogues of the series are so timeless that they have achieved eternity. And so you still find Taylor Swift, Adele and many other major artists talking about watching the series, like it were something still being telecast for the first time. Just likes it's eternity making it cut through generations, it is a series which, no matter how many times you watch it, will make you feel the same way it did for the first time. It is the best stress buster. It is F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

Very rarely do we see a suspense thriller which are as boring as this!
Detective Byomkesh Bakshi attempts to create a suspense thriller and that with the old age sincerity. The movie was never going to do well, the promos had clearly stated that, but the movie's attempts to blur the line between art and bore have failed miserably.

The performances are brilliant no doubt. But is Sushant Singh Rajput a winner? Not really! His fine acting ability was more conspicuous in Kai Po Che than this flick. The film tries so hard to create suspense that it gives everything up to someone who is a lover of fiction.

It's high time that Indian directors realize that creating the vibe of a classy film is not sufficient, you need a tight script and well executed performances too.

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