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When the Sky Falls

Worth while
This movie has great potential, and is in itself a fairly good piece, however, the one main flaw with this movie is the end. For anyone who's seen it, i'm sure you would agree, that the end is far to abrupt and leaves the viewer with little to no resolution. I'm not sure if it was the filmmakers intent to make it thus to forward a point, but personally i think it would have been better to at least have some sort of montage showing the resolutions to all her actions like the convictions of the various gangsters, instead of a small paragraph saying 'they' were arrested or whatever. (this is just to fill up space so don't bother reading this thanks)

ITV Saturday Night Theatre: Catholics
Episode 9, Season 6

Antique but amazing
This is a really good film as far as subject matter goes. It's a product of it's times dealing with the turmoil in the Church during the Vatican II period. The film is thought provoking, yet simple enough, not going into too many complexities of dogma and so forth. How ever, the quality of the film, because it's old, is not as good as it should be, maybe it's just the DVD version i have (Legacy) but as far a quality of the film itself (like colour, sharpness, static etc... not the filming) i was disappointed, however that being said, it's is a very good movie, and definitely a should see if your into religion, and so forth. I rate the movie itself a good 7.5 - 8ish, but quality is like 3 - 4ish (don't let that discourage you)

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