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Duga mracna noc

best Croatian movie I've ever seen
This is the best Croatian movie I've ever seen. It not only shows the beginning of the second world war and how people change over this event, but goes on afterwords without letting you think that now the war is over everything is fine. It tells the touching story of a guy who tries to live as straight forward as his father did teach him. He has his opinion and he lives according to his morals, in spite of everything that's happening around him. That's how he gets stuck between a Jewish and an Ustasha (Croatian fascist) friend... This movie deals critically with the Croatian past and asks a lot of questions which aren't as easy to answer as one should think. Some people who lived through that time period and thought it so much better than today should watch this movie and ask themselves if they ever noticed that this was also happening, and if this regime was really as good as they think.

Das Leben der Anderen

story about the relationship of a GDR Stasi-Spy and the one he spies on
This is a topic not yet really explored by filmmakers or authors. There are a whole bunch of stories about the GDR, but nobody ever thought about what effects the spying had on the spy and how it changed him.

In the opinion of some people, who really experienced the GDR there are some major mistakes in the story, though it really depends on where one stood back then. For example: a Stasi-general could not easily command to spy on a loyal GDR-citizen just because he wanted to have his wife. The Stasi was corrupt in some ways, but a lot better organized than the Nazis where in the 3. Reich, and a case like this would have been a big exception.

So the movie is maybe not the best to show how things really were, but it tells a story which could have happened,too, nicely made into a good to watch event. The actors belong to the best in Germany and show a typical piece of German film-making which really fits the story. wonderful

Das fliegende Klassenzimmer

A movie not only for kids
"Das fliegende klassenzimmer" ("The Flying Classroom") really caught the spirit of the book. If you think from the title it's only a kid's movie you're wrong. The story reaches all generations. Universal ideas like friendship and loyalty are some of the themes.

Finally a movie the whole family can watch without being afraid that there's something some kids shouldn't see.

Though it the main part plays in Leibzig the inside of the boarding school was filmed in the "Landesschule Pforta", a school which once was a monastery. The old bathroom they show is not in use anymore though... just as a secret way to get away from the teachers and visit people in other rooms...

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