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Tommy: There Are No Strangers Here
Episode 2, Season 1

Give it a chance
The first episode had promise but was a bit rough. Second week the characters are beginning to form more clearly. Enjoyed both, and think the show could be enjoyable if it continues along this path. The relationship between Tommy and her daughter needs to smooth out, but we enjoy her relationships with her staff and others.

The Orville: The Road Not Taken
Episode 14, Season 2

Amazing plot
If one has not watched the show in order, this episode will make no sense. But if you What a fascinating plot line. Not perfect, I admit, but unique as is the whole show, I hope this show is renewed. One of the best in years

The Orville: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
Episode 13, Season 2

Love this show
Such a good combination of good sci fi and light humor. Well done. Unusual stories. Very good show

Castle: Hunt
Episode 16, Season 5

One of the best episodes to date.
Wow. Just got done watching this episode, and it was fantastic. The acting from all, including a great job by James Brolin, was top notch. Hope to see him on the big or little screen again soon. The screenplay and production was just spot on. Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn...terrific. The direction was such that is kept one on the edge of one's seat, and somehow was believable... not sure how it did not go over the edge to "jump the shark", but it did not. One has to remember this is fiction... like James Bond or Bourne... and within that, it rang true. I hope Rob Bowman and Andrew Marlowe continue to collaborate for this show for a long time.

Mr. Sunshine

So disappointed
Perhaps I watched a different pilot from the other reviewers...but I thought this was just awful. I was never so disappointed as with this show. I was looking forward to seeing Matthew Perry on a series again. Loved him in Friends, and in his short-lived but so well written Studio 60. And Allison Janey! How could you have agreed to this schlock.

I did like Matthew's character and the way he played him, but that was the only redeeming thing in the whole show. For the most part it was childish, sloppy, foolish humor. Allison could have been given so much better material with which to work, as we know she is capable of great things.

A waste of good talent.

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