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I Am Not Okay with This

Had to add my review
Got to the end of episode 2 and thought "I'm hooked, hope they renew this" so yeah ... I'm ok with this, was looking for something to watch, bored stupid then I found this, bring on more!


It was like Big (1988) but with Super Heroes and stuff
What a blast, some stupid kid with an attitude and no parents becomes this last hope of some grizzled old wizard dude, then the kid says the magic word and he's big like an adult, but stupid like a kid, like Tom Hanks in that movie Big where he makes a wish to some wizard in a box and gets big and stuff, and stuff happens and the kid makes his co-foster friends big and super and they fight and eventually win and the first big guy who was a kid pulls this ugly bald dudes crazy eye out of his head and stuffs him up and stuff, I liked it!


Another fun and fantastic show GONE
Just watched this epic and thoroughly engaging show, and as I do after watching the last available episode of a recently released show I checked to see when or if another season is planned, how disappointed was I when I read on variety's web site that the show has not been renewed, gone the way of Firefly and Dirk Gently, lets hope someone fights for another season.

The Orville

Space Comedy, the final frontier, 30 odd years after Red Dwarf, too long to wait
These are the voyages of a Starship Captain who sounds like a cartoon dog, It's Multi Season Mission (Make it so ... please) to explore strange new worlds and sometimes laugh at them ... To seek out new life and new civilizations and maybe end up enduring some crazy things like wars or offending some people or something, and boldly go where no man has gone before! except Red Dawrf (1998) beat yas by 30 odd years, so yeah ... it's time for more of this.

House M.D.: Chase
Episode 12, Season 8

Chase this one down
After over 160 episodes and several viewings of house over the years both while new and in renrun I now have all the episodes to watch when I want, and find I have missed several over the years, this being one of them, and to my surprise I find this to be the most engaging episode I've watched, being Australian you'd expect I'd align with Jesse Spencer, but not so much, not that I found him erksome or a character I disliked, I have come to appreciate him more over the later end of the show, but this episode has to be the best episode of of what I have come to realise is my favourite show of all time.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

In 1969 "Valerian and Laureline".took French Comic Book readers to the satrs
Ship in this look familiar? many might think "Millennium Falcon" rip off, however, this movie is based on the French 1969 "Valerian and Laureline" series, the artist depictions in many cells show images we may feel are similar to the "Star Wars" series, yet Valerian and Laureline was created several years earlier. Worth watching and worth investigating the history of this little known French Comic which now has something cinematic based on it.


What a blast, loved it completely
It would seem most of the films that I have watched and enjoyed of late have had both those who rated the production highly or vehement detractors, I will in future be less interested in the IMBD rating and just dive in and watch then decide for myself. This was truly different, and compellingly so ... The theme, the characterization, the overall feel and it was not your normal Hollywood offering in many ways, and perhaps this is what some people reject about productions like this ... each to their own! Hong Chau's character was a complete surprise, bring on more of the likes of this! The dialogue Hong Chau's character, Ngoc Lan Tran was as witty and unique as any I've heard ... possibly since "The Golden Child"

Do yourself a favour, watch this and hopefully you will find a gem as I did 9/10

What Happened to Monday

Phenomenal, had me totally enthralled
What Happened to Monday is the best thing I have had the luck to watch for a very long time. I was skeptical considering the title, but the ability of the lead actor to play the parts she did had me immersed and enthralled as the plot unraveled, I had little idea of what to expect, except that I had read it was a future where the world population had grown to unsustainable levels. I am a fan of the genera, I was hoping this would be good, and it is! Watch it and enjoy.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

They alive ... dammit
Ermagherd ... this extremely witty and well written comedy series takes it's inspiration from something dark, the entrapment torture and sexual abuse of women incarcerated by someone who is considered the worst type of human, and most closely resembles the 3 women entrapped in that woeful 10 to 11 year saga a terrible dead committed by Ariel Castro who suicided 2 weeks into his life sentence, the show had me think about those people who were held captive and I went and looked into the latest news and reports concerning them, a lot of recent stuff has been produced about them, go look if you care, the opening sequence of each episode of this tittle is based on the interview and then rap production of the interview with Mr. Charles Ramsey of Cleveland Ohio, which is a very funny take on something very dark, though Mr Ramsey was an entertaining character, the series is fast paced, so fast that I sometimes have to rewind and even look up the dialogue to get the jist of it, I find myself Laughing Out Loud then worrying about annoying my neighbours, I'm not normally a loud person, and also at times find myself almost covering my eyes and yelling "NOOO" at some of the more awkward and embarrassing scenes and then end up laughing at myself, The main character "Kimmy Schmidt" is a person unaware of the idioms and much of the cultural change during her 10 years in captivity in a bunker and is in many ways still the young person she was when taken from normal society, which gives the writers free reign to write jokes about her naivety, which is a common theme in many comedies, but this has the twist of her interactions in flashbacks with 3 others who were also captive with her and the self professed reverend who kept them captive, this is truly a gem, watch it if you have a sense of humor!


Does there need to be another positive review!?
Don't take your eyes of this action SciFi mystery thriller for too long, you will miss key moments, it truly is a complex series that keeps you enthralled, found myself muttering and exclaiming to myself and to my friend when pivotal moments or plot twists occur, direction, action, script and most every facet of this series is exemplary. watch and enjoy!

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Someone created something awesome for TV from Douglas Adams' work, about time!
Not that the 6 part series made by the BBC of "Hitch Hikers" some years ago wasn't good, it was fun, the movie ... less so, movies/shows based on novels rarely satisfy those who have read the works, personally I've enjoyed some things and less others, What the people behind this adaptation have done is something else, something brilliant, the casting is good, the direction is good, the acting is good the screenplay is good, the whole thing is awesomnes, I enjoyed the first series, I found the second series so good I watched it twice, I feel, it's a new cult classic, those behind this found a way to bring adams' work to the screen in a good way, just maybe, this might inspire someone to do the same with "Hitch Hikers" something we fans of his can say "Yes Finally"


A truly satisfying Sci Fi Romance
Lucky me was able to purchase cheap tickets to see "Passengers" at an Advanced Screening in Centennial Park's out doors cinema in Sydney Australia on the 30th of Dec 2016, a few days before the official release, had read the critics reviews, was expecting a lackluster movie ... being a Sci Fi nerd I wanted to see the movie regardless, plus I enjoy Fruit Bats making noise, flying over head and pooping on me while watching movies :)

Enjoyed this movie so very much, and so did the crowd, a hearty cheer and clapping was heard at the end ... Passengers is a good movie, do yourself a favor and see it while it's still on the big screen.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Closer to the book but not as sweet as Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
So much to live up to, Johnny normally shines in off beat rolls, but whether direction or personal choices let the Willy W character be far less sweet in this attempt.

The use of CGI must have saved quite a lot of time and effort as well as $, and in my opinion brought something to it that the original had no access to, though the original used what was available to a far greater extent and wins hands down regardless.

The actors were either better actors or better directed in the original.

Found it far easier to get lost in the original.

Certain scenes lacked the the brilliance brought to the original by Gene Wilder, especially when gene got spooky and intense.

Watch them both, they are both enjoyable, but the 1971 offering still wins easily.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

The force had a big nap
In 1977 I was 17, I attended a Cinema in Sydney Australia and watched the new release of "Star Wars (1977)" now with the added words "A new Hope" ... Already a fan of Sci Fi I found the movie to be excellent fun.

On the 17th Of December 2015 I went to the Cinema here in Sydney and watched what I consider to be a revamp of that 1977 movie.

This new offering was fun and visually exciting.

The thing I found myself thinking during the movie were, couldn't we have a new plot with our new actors?

Yes, as I said, good fun, and I did enjoy it a lot, though the fact that I had thoughts that I'm sure many others had and will express here means that for all the $ spent of the movie a completely original plot was not worthy of such spending, and this meant I was noticing those things instead of being absorbed in the movie, so my hope to find 2hrs 15min of total escape from my mundane life did not happen.

So, we have a promise of more movies, this plot line can no longer be used again ... I hope, surely the next movie will not be based on "The Empire Strikes Back"!


Excellent crowd funded Sci Fi!
Just finished watching the first three, and to this point (10th July 2015) only episodes available, this as an Australian Kickstarter Production, "Farscape" is the only Australian Sci Fi I to date have found noteworthy, Farscape was at the time of it's cancellation the most popular Sci Fi production airing on the "Sci Fi Channel" and was canceled due to poor management. Hopefully if this offering stays at least as watch-able as the first episodes were it's fate may be better! Please, if your into this kind of show, pay for it and support productions like this so we have a greater amount of content available, I wait impatiently for the next episodes!


More of this please?!
Farscape has what few episodic surrealistic Sci Fi shows were able to produce.

Plots that rarely let you down, characterisations that other Sci Fi shows rarely were able to supply (Bar Firefly) puppetry that set it apart by supplying beings that differ from the norm yet are believable, sets that were like none other!

John Crichton, an International Aeronautics and Space Administration (most commonly referred to on the show as IASA) astronaut who, in the opening few minutes of the pilot episode, is accidentally catapulted through a wormhole across the universe and then drawn into the docking bay of a (to him) alien ship, the only Human Being in the series, obsessed with wormholes and the plight to get home, something which seems out of reach to him, yet so desirable that he is driven to search whatever the cost, Although Crichton is a heroic and unwaveringly loyal character, he is also a mischievously comical one, so much so that he is the primary source of humor for the series.

Sebaceans, the closest thing to a Human, physically similar so that differentiation is difficult to ascertain, in this Universe where the Sebaceans are known, they are referred to as "Peacekeepers" due to their role as the Hired Guns or Mercenaries of their part of the Universe, The main Sebacean character is Aeryn Sun who through circumstance is separated from her Peacekeeper life, yet through much of the series her Peacekeeper upbringing and training dominate her every action and thought.

There are characters such as Rygel the XVI one of two permanent Muppets portrayed in the show, the deposed Dominar Of Hyneria, this little guy who is less than a metre tall rides around on a chair that floats, he is both cunning and resourceful but also focused almost entirely on his own personal goals and wealth, he could be referred to as the "Doctor Smith" from the series "Lost in Space" in personality if nothing else, and Jim Henson has proved time and again you can't keep a good, or bad Muppet down!

The other permanent Muppet character in the series is "Pilot" a being from a race of that can, if they choose to bond permanently with a Leviathan, this Leviathan known as Moya, is a living ship and the vessel the main characters travel on and inhabit, Pilot is a formidable sight, large and definitely a show piece of what Jim Henson's genius can achieve!

Ka D'Argo is a Luxan warrior, with tattoos on his face and large appendages that cascade from the back and front of his head, D'Argo (as he is often called) carries a weapon known as a Qualta Blade, a heavy broadsword that can transform into a Qualta Rifle, he is large and often imposing and at times given to Hyper Rage, though he is also loyal and a staunch defender of his crew mates.

Amongst the original crew is Zhaan a Delvian by species, Zhaan is blue, bald and tall, though bipedal and similar is appearance to humans, she is a plant that loves bright light, a Pa'u (priestess) in the Delvian religious order.

John is perused by a succession of characters, mostly Peacekeepers, mostly obsessed with achieving wormhole technology, Scorpius being the character who from his first appearance till the Peacekeeper wars torments, threatens and even inhabits John's mind.

There are several characters that arrive and stay on Moya some longer than others, none more noteworthy than Chiana played by Gigi Edgley, she is a street-smart, savvy, and mercurial type of character who is willing to scam or steal for an adventure and risk her life for the people she loves. Chiana is a Nebari, a blue/grey-skinned race governed in a "1984" style, anyone who refuses to be guided and have their thoughts and actions set by the governing hierarchy are cleansed or reprogrammed, Chiana's character was set to be killed off after a few episodes, but after the instant popularity she gained by viewers the character was kept till the end.

One of the benefits the writing and characterisation of the series is that none of the characters were without fault, none were the stereotype of cute and endearing. If you like shows such as the ill fated Firefly, the longer running Star Treks or Stargate you should find this series to your frelling liking.

My Place

An Australian Gem!
"My Place" presents episodes with the story told in the person of the children who have lived in this certain house in South Sydney over the period of 260 years, I can only imagine that future episodes will be based in the future as Australia has only been colonised since 1788. I caught an episode recently by accident and am now hooked, each and every episode keeps me enthralled, the directing is superb, the periods recreated brilliantly, the acting amongst the best I've seen! Aired on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Australia's public broadcaster, I can only imagine this series is not gaining the audience levels it deserves. One of the best, do yourself a favor and watch this while it's screening. JM


A new and better Bond
James Bond is now Human, His Seemingly Superhuman ways, aided by freeky technology have diminished, he is now shown to be a man that can be broken, and hasn't this brought light to a franchise that could have faded.

The rugged and believable Daniel Craig plays this well, though there was the odd moment I felt the scene was a tad cheesy, Judi Dench is the best "M" ever, showing a chequered past and a need "In the end" to redeem herself, and what a great choice Javier Bardem was, well played as the head villain, could see more of that level of casting, directing and scripting.

Bring on more of this "Bond"

Hot Tub Time Machine

Outrageous, Ridiculous and Funny
This romp in "Bizzaroland" is "Road Trip (2000)" Marries "American Pie (1999)" then has extra marital partner swapping with "Better Off Dead... (1985)" and "Back to the Future (1985)" while coated in sticky illegal Russian energy drink. There were even references to "Better Off Dead... (1985)" when someone walks by the 4 main characters and says "I still want my two dollars" References to Michael Jackson and the dead pan delivery of "This must be some kind of Hot Tub Time Machine" by the character played by "Craig Robinson" sum the fun mood and brilliance of this movie, and the welcome inclusion of "Crispin Glover" as Phil, the Ski Lodge Bell-hope and Ice sculpture come hero come crazed one arm angry man was wonderful, we need more of him! If your a fan of "Over the top" in your face entertainment, this will not disappoint!

Miss Potter

Renee is Miss Potter!
After viewing this film I was reminded of such actors as Dorothy McGuire, Both Renee and Dorothy are actors that Hollywood needs more of (needed in the case of the late Dorothy McGuire) This movie is not a biography of Beatrix Potter's life, but is somewhere close and a worthy adaptation. Since it's release in 2006 it has become a Christmas favourite and airs on or around the 25th of December, when emotions and nostalgia often run high within many of us, and well worthy of the tear it may bring to ones eye. Every performance in this movie was of such quality that it was easy to find myself captivated and released from the everyday realm, as has Beatrix Potter with her works for countless of children and adults since she first self published in the first few years of the 20th century, remembering that her works are still the highest selling children's books of all time, that she personally saved with her own money a large part of the most beautiful English country side and donated that land to the National Trust upon her death, it is only worthy that her life be betrayed with such quality as this film affords.

Mystery Men

Mystery Men (and woman) are less of a mystery than the tittle claims
Mystery Men is the movie that brought William H Macy to my attention, I now look for his work and have enjoyed much of it. The movie centres around a group of general mis-fits that attempt to be Super Heroes, most of them have nothing more than a keen desire to go out and defeat crime with the talents they have. What makes this movie worthwhile is the earthiness of the characters, they are not bound up with standing o street corners with their hands on their hips looking proudly outward at the world they have just made a better place, but are busy trying to find situations to "Set Justice" to. And with nothing more than the idea that the things they are fairly good at will get them through their crime fighting ordeals.

Janeane Garofalo as the bowler certainly adds depth to this movie and Ben Stiller is wonderful as he always is when he shows his rage , as is Hank Azaria with his ability to do accents and play odd ball rolls, and the rest of the troupe are excellent, especially the invisible kid :)

Watch this if you are after some light heated fun.


Star Trek

As my customary farewell would seem oddly self serving, I will simply say... good luck
From the opening scene through to the credits, this entry in the "Star Trek" franchise was worthy and well worth the wait. Rumours abounded and fan sites were a buzz with word that a new movie was on the making, the word was the movie was "B" grade and may not be worthy. How crazy joyous were we when we sat and watched as young versions of the original crew appeared and we were drawn into the plot.

Crazy Australian (Erik Bana) plays Crazed Romulan bent on revenge. (I'm Aussie, .. yes he is crazy .. if only people from around the world could have seen him in such shows as "Fast Forward or "Eric"

Young Kirk (Chris Pine) is as always unable to accept defeat.

Spoke (Zachary Quinto) once again struggles with his human and Logical self.

Uhura (Zoe Saldana) is sexier than ever! (Back in the 60's our jaws dropped at those short skirts)

And Scotty (Simon Pegg) is busy giving her all she's got.

And the rest of the regular bridge crew is there, Bones, Sulu and Chekov amuses once again with his accent.

The movie draws from previous movies and the series to produce scenes and quotes to keep any trekkie delirious with delights.

If your a trekkie, this entry will not fail you!

Bring on the sequels!

Two Tickets to Paris

Worth a look for "The Twist" Joey performs
If your feeling like early 60's nastalga, enjoyed "The Twist" and the swing era, this movie will hold something for you. The movie seems nothing more than a vessel for "The Starlighters" and their songs, which were charting well. The dancing by Joey Dee is a treat. The rest of the movie is a "B" grade, wholesome affair, the acting is bearable, though once I got a few minutes into the movie and picked up on the plot I was able to look past the self conscious acting and started to enjoy where the movie was taking me.

Jeri Lynn Frazer was cute in her first of only a few rolls in movies, and her only leading roll.

Charles Nelson Reilly was at his wacky best, if not a few notches past.

Throw in some crooners, music from the era, some dancing, a boat trip and what should have been good jokes, ordinarily delivered and you have "Two Tickets to Paris"

You may enjoy this if you were around at the time and remember the culture.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

First book of one of Australia's Best Fiction series Comes to the big screen
"Tomorrow When the war Began" is the First book in the Series known as the "Tomorrow Series", a series of seven books and a further series known as "The Ellie Chronicles" by Australian Author John Marsden.

This Book was Year ten English reading for many Australian schools in the late 90's and early 00's

Tomorrow when the War Began concerns itself with seven Australian teenage friends from a rural town who go on a camping trip to "Hell" (the name given to the destination), and while on this camping trip find the way to an area many thought myth, a place well hidden, while camping in this newly found place Australia is invaded by an unnamed country, changing their lives forever.

The Movie does live up to the books, though it is ten years since I last read them, I still choke up at the thought of several of the scenes depicted in the book, and seeing them on the big screen, depicted as well as I could have hoped has left me yearning for the rest of this series to be as well done.

I will be purchasing the DVD as soon as it comes out.

Good work.

10 out of 10!


Cowboys and Indians in Space
Or perhaps Cowboys and Indians on the Moon (Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)though the later was a comedy.

Breathtaking visuals, amazing concept and more than enough to cover the age old smaltz of good guys versus greedy bad guys (with one of the bad guys being a cyber double agent) This is truly Cowboys and Indians in Space.

Perhaps a Muppet version to come.

Seriously ... if you like entertainment ... this movie has liberal doses ..... it's eye candy with latherings of sweets to make Willy Wonka lament the sugar trade .... and a chocaholic die of choco poisoning ...

If you are looking for entertainment .. can cope with Sci Fi meets a western ... this is the one movie not to miss!

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