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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now

SJW nonsense
I really was hoping for some flimsy group of comic book leftovers to preach social justice to me. Complete garbage.

Can't wait for the next episode of gay cavemen and trans aliens that make us all feel better.

They killed off Ronny Raymond to have a politically correct Firestorm. Good luck with that. Angry, tiny black kid tries to sound tough by mispronouncing words.


The Kingpin is autistic
This show is terrible. Daredevil is a crap 4th tier hero at best. Frank Miller took it over to show what a genius he is. It took a herculean effort from him to make Daredevil interesting.

Daredevil literally gets half his stomach ripped open and a few stitches later is out fighting some super strong retarded guy, who is a savant that makes Kevlar suits for the kingpin.

The Kingpin himself is autistic or at least has Asperger's Syndrome. Two episodes are spent with him waiting for his girlfriend in the hospital. It's quite clear that this super crime lord is a virgin and probably only got to second base, outside the shirt, with his new cougar girlfriend.

Why does Hell's Kitchen look like it's in the 70s? This is supposed to be contemporary, after Avengers 1. Hell's Kitchen doesn't have poor Puerto Rican ladies living in slum projects. Can't Captain America or Spiderman come in and take out these people? They need some blind guy, who gets the crapped kicked out of him by ninjas?

I'm really interested to see if Foggy and the plain looking female get together. That would really make the show interesting. The whole Moonlighting, Cheers sort of will they? won't they?

I'm not sure what show the rest of you people watched, but I can't wait to not watch this dreck next season.

For those who have not seen this, do yourself a favor and watch reruns of 'I Love Lucy'.

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